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The “how to order books for library” is a letter that can be used when placing an order of books. This letter will help you understand the process of ordering and shipping your books.

Letter for placing an order of books

Satish/Sonali, you’re the student Prefect in charge of the library. A request has been made for you to make an order for children’s story books (ages 10-13years). Place an order for the books by writing to M.S. Book Depot, Rama Nagar, Bikaner. Make a list of all the information you’ll need.


You’re the librarian at Kolar’s T.H.S.S. School. Send a note to Messers Vikas Publishers in Chennai, requesting books for your school’s library. Mention the titles of the books (at least four) and inquire about the purchasing discount.  

The letter below is connected to Letter for putting a book order.

  • As the librarian in charge of your school’s library.
  • Bookseller.
  • To a bookseller who is making a small order.
  • A bookseller places an order for books for your school’s library.
  • The school library’s publisher. 

Raja M.S. Public School, Jaipur, tenth of July, twenty-first…. Ram Nagar, Bikaner M/s M.S. Book Depot

Order for Library Books is the subject of this document.


This is to place an order for the following Children Story Books for the school library with your company. Our school has chosen to hold a Book Fair on the occasion of Independence Day. As a result, please provide the books listed below as soon as possible. Our Principal has previously discussed this with you over the phone.

1. Ruskin Bond’s Little Angles Story Books 25 copies
2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: The Complete Series  03 sets
3. Dr.R. Prasad’s Brave Deeds of Women During the Freedom Struggle 10 copies
4. C. Rajgopalachari’s A Road to Fascination  10 copies

The books should be wrapped and laminated correctly. Please provide a reasonable discount for genuine libraries on the bill.

Thank you, Yours Sincerely

Student Prefect/Librarian Satish/Sonali

Letter for making a book order in PDF format

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Letter for placing an order of books Letter for making a book order in PDF format (153 downloads)



The “formal letter format” is a type of letter that can be used for placing an order of books. The formal letter should include the sender’s name and address, the receiver’s name and address, the sender’s contact information, the receiver’s contact information, the purpose of the letter, any attachments, and a signature.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a letter to order a book?

A: To order a book, you would go to the website of the author or publisher and find their contact information. You could also use their address on Amazon to send them your letter.

Which type of letter do we write if we have to order some books?

A: You would write a SIR.

How do you write an order placement letter?

In the letter, you would describe what you are ordering and why. For example, Hi! Im interested in purchasing a PSVR bundle with my gift card for $299. Would your store be able to help me out?

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