Dealing with a company that is not accessible from the phone line you are using? This letter will help guide them to the best option for transferring your lines.

The “sample letter of request for transfer of land title” is a letter that is used to request the transfer of telephone lines.

Letter of Request for Transfer of Telephone Lines

Hi, Letter requesting the transfer or relocation of telephone lines.

Question: Your address has changed from 10 Lajpat Road to House No. 232, Aurobindo Marg, Delhi. Write a letter to MTNL’s General Manager, demanding that your phone line be transferred as soon as possible. You are Pawan/Priya of Amritsar’s 15, The Mall.


Z14th March, 20… Aurobindo Marg, Delhi

Khurshid Bhawan, Janpath, New Delhi, General Manager, MTNL

The following is a request for a telephone line transfer or shift.


I’d like to take this opportunity to notify you that I am a permanent resident of 15, The Mall in Amritsar. We had been renting a room at 10, Lajpat Bagar Road in Delhi. We have now sold our prior home. We have now relocated to the above-mentioned home number. 27432146 was our old phone number.

I requested that our transfer line be moved as soon as possible, and you agreed. We must inform our loved ones of the situation.

Thank you very much, I am, as always, your dedicated servant. Pawan/Priya

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Format of a Telephone Relocation Letter


Letter of Request for Telephone Line Transfer and Shifting Take a look at the pdf version.

Simply click on the link provided below to get the PDF.

Letter of Request for Telephone Line Transfer or Shifting a letter requesting the relocation of a phone line (41 downloads)

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The “sample letter of request for transfer of internet connection converge” is a letter that can be used to request the transfer of telephone lines from one company to another.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a letter to transfer a phone line?

A: You will need a letter of representation from the current owner, and you must transfer to your name. The address is on our website under Contact Us.

How can I request a transfer letter?

A: Contact a member of the support team, who can send you an email.

How can I change my BSNL letter name?

A: The BSNL website allows you to change your name that is displayed on the billing page for phone bills. You simply go to their site and enter in the old number, then use it as a security code when setting up new account information.

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