The letter of the law is that all upper berths are to be allotted to senior citizens on Indian Railways. But, in practice only 50% of them get their allotment confirmed as per the reservation rules done by them and this comes down substantially for those who do not have Aadhaar cards or other valid identity documents.

Letter on Allotment of Upper Berths to the Senior Citizens

Greetings, Friends! We’ll show you how to write a letter to the editor requesting the allocation or booking of upper berths for senior citizens.

Question: You’ve recently seen that older citizens are being given superior seats on trains, which causes them a great deal of hardship. Write a letter to the Editor of “The Hindu” in Chennai, requesting that railway officials investigate the situation and address older folks’ concerns. You are Rajan/Parvati, a 16-year-old girl from Avadi, Chennai.

Answer: April 2, 20xx, 16, Avadi, Chennai

Subject: Allotment of Upper Berths to Senior Citizens, The Hindu, 12, Rajaji Salai, Chennai. Sir,

I’d like to attract the attention of railway officials to the assignment of top seats in trains to older persons via the prestigious columns of your publication.

Our old or senior individuals being assigned higher berths is a major source of worry. Climbing into the top cabins is really inconvenient for them. It is particularly difficult for them to climb up in the nights when they are not as active and nimble. They are unable to ascend due to their many diseases.

When a person makes a reservation, he or she must fill out one of the columns with his or her age, therefore why aren’t the berths allocated accordingly?

It is our responsibility to keep our old folks safe, care for them, and assist them rather than putting them in danger.

Regards, Yours Truly, Rajan

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Allotment or Booking of Upper Berths for Senior Citizens — Write a letter to the editor Obtain a PDF copy

Write a letter to the editor requesting the allocation or reservation of upper berths for senior citizens.

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