In our letter from the President, we noted that a student had been given an insufficient product by a supplier. The company claims it gave her one of the cheapest options available. We ask for your opinion on this matter and how it affects you as students at UC Davis

The “complaint letter for faulty equipment” is a letter that can be used to write a formal complaint about defective and insufficient goods supplied.

Letter on Defective and insufficient goods supplied

Defective and inadequate supplies were delivered, according to a letter. You are Aman/Anita Sharma, a physical education teacher at KLM Public School in Ambala. Last month, you made an order with Messrs Pioneer Sports in Meerut for the provision of a few sports products. When you received the supply, you discovered that certain things were in insufficient supply and that others were faulty. Write a letter to the supply company explaining all of the shortages and flaws.


Ambala’s KLM Public School 8th of July, 200xx M/s. Pioneer Sports Meerut Sir, Sales Manager

Sub. : Delivered items that are defective or inadequate

We acknowledge receipt of a package you sent in response to our order No. KLM/17/2012 dated June 12, 20xx. We regret to tell you, however, that upon opening the shipment, the following goods were discovered to be faulty and in limited supply.

Bats for cricket 3 (short)
Gloves 6 pairs of shoes (defective)
Leg protectors 4 pairs of shoes (defective)
Cricket bats and balls 2 cartons (short)

We find it difficult to comprehend that a reputable company specializing in sporting products for decades would make such a blunder. In any case, we require that you replace or refund the above-mentioned goods as soon as possible at your own expense.

I’m hoping to hear from you as soon as possible. Sincerely yours Sharma, Aman/Anita (P.E.T.)


A complaint letter is an official document that informs the recipient of a complaint about defective and insufficient goods supplied. The letter should be written in formal, business-like language. Reference: complaint letter format.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a complaint letter about a defective product?

A: The United States Federal Trade Commission has a complaint form on their website.

How do I write a quality complaint letter?

A: A quality complaint letter is a type of document that an individual can write to express dissatisfaction with the work or product.

How do I write a claim letter to a supplier?

A: To write a letter of complaint, youll need to gather the relevant information about your claim. This is easy enough if you have all the facts and documentation from the incident that caused damages or losses in order for you to claim compensation for what was lost.

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