The letter advocates for reducing overcrowding of school buses and improving safety measures through a number of solutions, including the use of more efficient bus routes.

“School bus safety for students” is a letter that was sent to the Mayor of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The letter talks about the overcrowding of school buses and how it can be dangerous for students.

Letter on Overcrowding of School Buses and Safety of School Children

Greetings, Friends! For classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, we’ll show you how to draft a letter/application concerning concerns about overcrowding on school buses and the safety of schoolchildren.

Write a letter to the Superintendent of Police (Traffic) about the overcrowding of school buses and the safety of children on them. Make recommendations for preventing accidents involving cars used to transport schoolchildren. You are Mohit/Meera from Lucknow’s 10/B Gold Shepherd Road.


Lucknow, 5th August, 20xx, 10/B, Gold Shepherd Road Lucknow’s Superintendent of Police (Traffic)

Subject: Overcrowding on school buses and schoolchildren’s safety


The fact that the cars transporting the schoolchildren do not respect and follow traffic laws and regulations has been a source of serious worry for all of us. In general, they are overloaded and overcrowd the buses to the point of suffocation, all while disregarding the safety of schoolchildren. We often hear about bus accidents, which result in a significant loss of life as well as property. This goes against established health and hygiene standards. The drivers, too, operate their buses at a high rate of speed and, as a result, lose control. Accidents occur as a result of their carelessness.

In this respect, the following recommendations are made for everyone’s safety:

  1. The buses should begin with a set timetable that allows for some time to be lost along the route.
  2. They should have two conductors on each gates and a well-experienced and mature driver.
  3. Before getting on the bus, make sure everything is in working order.
  4. A responsible instructor should accompany the school.
  5. Extra caution should be used at crossings, culverts, and congested areas.
  6. The bus does not have to carry any more pupils than it has seats for.
  7. The bus driver should be vigilant and follow all traffic laws and signals.
  8. The use of private buses should be discouraged since it demonstrates a lack of commitment to their responsibilities.

I’m hoping that these suggestions will go a long way toward preventing mishaps.

Sincerely yours Mohit/Meera

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Letter on Overcrowding on School Buses and Schoolchildren’s Safety Overcrowding on School Buses and School Children’s Safety (30 downloads)


The “are school buses federal transportation” is a letter that was written by the National Transportation Safety Board. The letter discusses the safety of school children and how overcrowding of buses could lead to more serious accidents.

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