Bank manager asked to review a transaction, but the employee did not answer.

The “letter to bank manager for bank statement” is a letter that can be used as an example of the most common formats for letters.

Letter to Bank Manager with Sample formats

On this page, you’ll find instructions for writing a letter to a bank manager. We’ve also included some example letter forms for you to use.

1- Letter to the bank manager requesting account transfer to another branch

Branch Manager’s Name, Bank Name, and Branch Location

Account Transfer Request Letter from One Branch to Another (Subject: Account Transfer Request Letter from One Branch to Another)

Mr. Sir,

I respectfully request that you move my bank account from the current branch to your branch in (Address and area name). Because I just moved (City name to City name), it will be more convenient for me to manage my accounts from the above-mentioned branch. (Explain your true rationale and situation.)

I have no outstanding liabilities with the same branch, so please expedite the transfer of my account to minimize any inconvenience in my regular business operations.

My account information is as follows: The Account’s Name: Number of Accounts: 000-111-222-333

Your prompt response would be much appreciated in this respect. Thanks.

Name, address, phone number, and signature

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Sample format 2- Authorization letter to deposit cash to bank management

Name of the Account Holder Date of account holder’s address


Manager of the Bank Bank Branch Address of the Bank Manager of the Bank Branch Address of the Bank Branch Address

Sub: Make a cash deposit to account number 123-456-89.

Mr. Sir,

As I am not feeling well, I am writing to authorize my son, (name), to deposit a sum of INR 40,000 in my bank account number 123-456-78 with your esteemed bank on my behalf. My son’s Adhar Card number is IND112233, and a self-attested photocopy of it is attached to this letter.

The following are the currency details:

INR 40000 = 500 X 80

With this letter, I also grant permission and accept the Bank debiting my account number 123-456-78 without notice in the event of a shortage due to false cash or counterfeit notes.

I thus declare that I will not hold the Bank accountable for any ECS, dishonor, or check that may be lost as a consequence of the shortfall amount being recovered. I acknowledge that the Bank will adhere to the regulations and procedures regarding fake money and counterfeit notes.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries (mobile number).

Please make a deposit on my behalf.

Thanking you in advance Sincerely, Name of the account holder

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3- Write a letter to the bank manager to shut the account.


The Branch Manager, the Name of the Bank, and the Address of the Branch

Subject: Savings Bank Account No. 0000000000 Closure

Greetings, Sir/Madame

You are thus asked to cancel my Savings Bank Account number 0000000000 since I am unable to handle it owing to unforeseen circumstances. My checkbook, passbook, debit card, and credit card (if applicable) are included.

Please refund my balance sum by demand draft or transfer the balance amount to my other bank account via NEFT as per the following information:

Name of the Account Holder:

11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 IFSC code: IFSC code: IFSC code: IFSC code: IFSC code:

Please expedite my request since I am in desperate need of finances and would appreciate it if you could cancel the account and transfer the monies as soon as possible.

In advance, I’d want to express my gratitude.


Your Signature (Your Name& Signature) Date:

The “how to write a letter to zenith bank manager” is an example of how you can write a letter to your bank manager. The sample formats are provided for you to use as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a letter to a bank manager?

A: You would need to contact the bank directly.

How do I start an application letter to a bank?

A: You cannot start an application letter to a bank. Bankers do not accept unsolicited applications for such things as loans, mortgages or other types of financial services. This is because any legitimate business requires the applicant to have a certain amount of information and experience in order to be considered worth taking on as client.

How do I write a letter to request for bank statement?

A: To request for your bank statement, please contact the customer service department of the institution that manages your account.

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