You may be wondering, why don’t I have a regular program on career counselling? It simply means that our current curriculums are not equipped to offer you the skills you will need in your future career. This is because we only teach information and theories related to work without providing practical experience. In order for a student’s education to become meaningful, they must get hands-on practice with what they learn through internships or job shadowing programs. That way students can make informed decisions about their careers which could lead them towards fulfilling lives instead of stressful jobs

The “sample letter requesting career advice” is a letter that would be used to introduce a regular program on career counselling. It includes what the program will offer, and how it can help students in their future careers.

Letter to Introduce a Regular Program on Career Counselling

Hello! Today we will learn how to prepare a letter/application requesting the introduction of a regular career counseling program for grades 6, 7, and 8. This example letter can assist you in preparing for your test.

Many kids may not have access to assistance on their future job or course choices in high school or college. Write a letter to the HRD minister suggesting that he establish a regular “Career Counseling” program for all students in the nation.


V&PO Sadhrana, Distt-GUrgaon, Haryana 8th July, 20… Hon’ble Education Minister, HRD ministry, New Delhi

Request for the establishment of a regular program on “Career Counseling”


Please allow me to call your attention to the concerns of the majority of students in India’s schools and institutions.

The choice of topics in the +2 level is the first step in a student’s career. The majority of the pupils are kept at bay. They don’t seek professional advice on their future careers. Most students are influenced by peer or cultural pressure to pursue science. They lack enthusiasm for and knowledge of the things they are studying. As a result, many students work part-time or are jobless. They are unable to get the necessary credentials for their positions.

The issue requires immediate attention and can be bettered. Students must recognize their interest and be appropriately directed toward a good future. As a result, I respectfully propose that you establish a career counseling program. Students will be able to acquire suitable counseling and create a professional path as a result of this. Our workforce’s quality will likewise increase as a result of this. Employees will be less stressed since they will be working for a cause they care about.

As a result, I respectfully suggest that you examine this immediately and implement a career counseling program as soon as possible for the sake of both the student community and the country.

Thank you very much, I am, as always, your dedicated servant. Vashishtha Har Narayan

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Download the Letter of Request to Establish a Regular Career Counseling Program in PDF format.

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A letter for guidance is a letter that the student writes to their counsellor, introducing them to their regular program on career counselling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write an application to the principal for arranging a career counseling the school?

A: This is a job application. The school has to decide if the applicant meets their qualifications and what they need in order for them to be accepted into the position.

What are the key components of successful Career guidance and counseling programs?

A: The key components of successful Career guidance and counseling programs are the levels of support, a clear plan for students to follow in their careers, professional services that can help students identify employment opportunities, and making sure everyone is on board with what is expected.

What is a Career guidance program?

A: A career guidance program is a way of helping students plan out their futures. They often include topics such as college selection, course selection, and job prospects.

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