A letter to the editor about problems caused by roadside vendors.

“problems caused by street vendors” is a letter to the editor regarding problems created by roadside vendors. The author of the letter discusses the difficulties that they have been experiencing with these vendors, and how it has affected their quality of life.

Letter to the Editor regarding Problems created by roadside vendors

By putting their items on display, roadside sellers take up the majority of pedestrian pathways. Pedestrians are unable to walk since there is no available space. They also sometimes encroach on the road, resulting in less room for cars to move and, as a result, traffic congestion. We’ll go through how to draft a letter/application about roadside sellers obstructing traffic flow.

Question: Roadside sellers take up the majority of road area, disrupting traffic flow and posing a hazard to pedestrians. Write a letter to the editor of a major newspaper expressing your concerns and offering solutions to the situation. You are Rohit/Rachna from Delhi’s 15 Navkunj Apartment.


15, Navkunj Apartments, Delhi, October 8, 2000… The Hindustan Times, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi, The Editor

Subject: Vendors on the side of the road causing problems


I’m writing to voice my deep worry over the abuse of road space in the columns of your prestigious newspaper. The majority of the area is taken up by roadside sellers. The steady flow of traffic is disrupted. Even pedestrians face severe hardships as a result of it. Almost every day, several accidents and quarrels occur. During peak hours, traffic grows out of control, causing daily disruptions to office workers and schoolchildren. They are late, psychologically agitated, and uptight. Is one of the victims on a regular basis.

Please ensure that the appropriate authorities discipline merchants who dare to take roadside space.

In this regard, I hope that my views will be respected.

I sincerely thank you, Yours lovingly, Rohit/Rachna

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In response to roadside sellers disrupting traffic flow, I sent a letter to the editor.

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