With the increasing demands on thesis writing, students have to work harder and harder just to get a passing grade. As teachers are always looking for ways to improve education quality, long-term conversations between two friends could be an idea worth considering.

The “conversation between two friends about study” is a long conversation that goes on for hours. It’s a very interesting story, as it goes from one topic to the next.

Long Conversation between Two Friends about Study

Two friends had a long discussion about studying.

Sneha and Sabila are two buddies discussing their present academic predicament. This is a lengthy exchange between the two of them. This chat will assist you in better understanding and learning English.

Sneha: Hello, Sabila. How’s it going with you?

Sabila: How are things going for you?  

Sneha: It’s all right. How about your research?

Sabila: It isn’t really excellent. I’m experiencing some difficulties with math.  


Sneha: Sorry for the inconvenience. But why don’t you ask the Math instructor for assistance?

Sabila: I’m going to seek his assistance. However, I am very concerned about this. You know the test is approaching, and I am completely unprepared for this topic.  

Sneha: You still have plenty of time to resolve your concerns. I believe you are capable of doing so; you are an excellent student.  

Sabila: Thank you, sweetheart. I really hope so.  

Sneha: So, what’s the deal with English?


Sabila: I’m almost ready for English, and I’m certain that I’ll perform well in it.  

Sneha: That’s fantastic.

Sabila: So, how about you? How’s it going with your studies?  

Sneha: Yeah, things are going well. I’m devoting some more time to science. You know how weak I am in this area.

Sabila: Oh, I hope you perform well in this topic as well. In a day, how many hours do you study?  

Sneha: I spend about three hours a day in my reading room after lessons and tuitions. You know, I have to spend the majority of my time relying on my instincts.


Sabila: Oh, I see now. I study for around four hours a day and do not attend any classes. Do you think I should read some more?  

Sneha: If you’re paying attention in class, I believe that’s sufficient.

Sabila: Yes, I believe so. Do you have any thoughts or pointers for improving my study focus?  

Sneha: I like studying first thing in the morning. You can do that as well if you can get up early. That, I believe, is the perfect moment to concentrate on anything.

Sabila: That is an excellent idea. I’ll give it a go. Thank you very much for your helpful advice.  

Sneha: You’re more than welcome. I’ll see you later.  


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start a conversation with two friends?

A: You have to start by asking them a question. Then they can ask you one in return and the conversation will flow from there!

How do you start a conversation with a friend?

A: There are several ways to start a conversation with friends. You can either text each other, call them on the phone or meet up in person.

What is the distance between two friends in conversation?

A: The distance between two friends in conversation would be measured as the length of a line that connects their thumbs, when one is holding up their thumb and pointing straight forward.

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