The idea of a lost complaint letter does not sound like something that would be found in your average police station. However, this is the standard way for people to report their loss or theft of important property and seek help from law enforcement agencies in countries such as Canada

The “report lost of mobile phone to police” is a complaint letter that you can use as a sample. The letter includes the formats for your information and what you need to provide, such as contact number, name and address.

Mobile lost complaint letter to Police with Sample formats

We’ve included several example templates for writing a mobile lost complaint letter to the police on this page.

While traveling, my phone misplaced my complaint letter to the police.

If you feel your phone has been lost or misplaced, go to the nearest police station to the location where it was forgotten or lost and enroll in a Daily Dairy Report (D.D.R.).

In the event of cognizable offences, such as violent offenses, an F.I.R. is kept, but in the case of non-cognizable violations, a D.D.R. is kept. In the event that the lost phone is mishandled, the D.D.R. may serve as proof of your identity (a desirable goal).

Example of a complaint letter for a misplaced phone while traveling


X.Y.Z… (Applicant Name) mno… (Your Contact Address) 0123456… (Your Contact Cell/Phone Number), which is active [email protected] (your e-mail id.)



Address of the Police Officer in Charge ( Regional Police station)

Respectfully, Sir,

I lost my mobile phone bearing No. along with (name other records if any) while walking from (place) to (place) via bus/train. (If you suspect or anticipate a loss in an approximated region, you may include it in your request.) Sir, in order to prevent any theft of my aforesaid ___________, I respectfully want your assistance and request that you enroll my F.I.R. in the subject area.

I’ve included it for your convenience.

(a) phone specifications, including the phone’s IMEI number (b) version of for I.D verification.

I’m hoping you’ll take action as soon as possible.

Regards and thanks

Regards, Sincerely

During train travel, my phone misplaced my complaint letter to the police.

We have included a sample Complaint Letter that must be sent to the Railway Police as soon as possible if your mobile phone is stolen (pickpocketed) or lost while traveling by train.

Along with this letter, you must also provide a copy of the invoice (Mobile Purchase), which includes the IMEI Number. If you don’t have an IMEI number, the police will not register your complaint.

A sample structure for a letter to the police about a phone that was lost while traveling by train.



abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc ab [email protected]… (your contact address) 0123456…(your contact mobile phone number/Phone number), which is active… (Insert your e-mail address here.)


Railway Police Station’s Sr. Inspector of Police

Sub. : Cellphone / Mobile Phone Loss


I’d like to inform you that on (date) at (time), I was traveling by local train from (starting station) to (destination), and my cell phone was with me when I boarded at the Railway Station, but when I disembarked at (Station), I discovered that my phone had been misplaced.

I state that in spite of my meticulous attempts, I have been incapable to locate my Mobile No. ________ & Mobile No. ___ (in issue of dual SIM card) Model No. ____________, IMEI Number. _________________.

I’m filing this report with the Railway Police Station about the loss of the above-mentioned mobile phone. Please investigate this situation and return my phone as soon as possible.

Thank you very much,

I am, as always, your dedicated servant (Your Name)

The “find my device” is a tool that allows you to locate your mobile phone or tablet. It can be used in the event of theft or loss. The “find my device” feature is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I write a letter to police for lost mobile?

A: The best way to write a letter for lost items is to contact your local law enforcement agency. You can find information about the location of your nearest police station on any given citys website, or you can visit Blue Lives Matter and search their locator tool.

How I write a letter to FIR to police station for mobile and SIM lost?

A: To write a letter to the police station for mobile and SIM lost, please fill out the following form.

How do you write a police complaint letter?

A: I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you an answer.

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