There are more than 100,000 different animal species alive today. These animals provide a lot to the earth and all of them are unique in their own way. This essay will explore some possible reasons for these amazing creatures and what they have done or can do for us as humans.

My “favourite animal short essay” is a 100-word essay about my favourite animal. My favourite animal is an elephant because they are big, smart, and have long trunks. They can be found in Africa.

My Favourite Animal Essay 100 Words for Kids

Essay about My Favorite Animal in 100 Words 

My Favorite Animal: A 100-Word Essay for Classes 1, 2, 3, and 4

A cat is my favorite animal. My family and I have two cats. They have a special place in my heart. I thought they were pretty lovely. I came across a homeless cat on the side of the road a few years back. I requested my mother to bring it with us. We eventually brought it home after she consented. As a result, we now have two cats. Cats have some of the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen. Their teeth and nails are razor-sharp. It has a gorgeous tiger-like long tail. They can also keep an eye on things at night. I’d want to adopt a couple cats as pets. Because they are very affectionate. My kitties are my favorite animal and I adore them.


In 100 words, I’ve written a very brief essay on my favorite animal. This essay is just for students in grades one, two, three, and four. This brief article is simple for them to understand. It’s a crucial subject for the test.

Additional 100-Word Essays:

In this essay, I will talk about my favourite animal. My favourite animal is the elephant. Elephants are very large animals that live in Africa and Asia. They have a trunk that they use to eat leaves and trees. Elephants also have big ears with which they can hear things from far away. Reference: my favourite animal essay for class 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write an essay about your favorite animal?

How do you write your favorite animal?

A: My favorite animal is a cat.

Why my Favourite animal is a dog?

A: This is due to a combination of your location, age, and gender.

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