Students are often asked to write a paragraph describing their favourite season. This is an easy assignment, but one that can lead to trouble if you don’t take the time to plan it!
-The topic needs some research beforehand (i.e., what makes up a good summer?)
-Many students have trouble imagining scenes or feelings for certain seasons without more careful planning on your part

The “my favourite season summer essay for class 7” is a paragraph written about the author’s favorite season. The paragraph talks about how the summer months are their favorite because they have more time to relax and do what they want.

My Favourite Season Paragraph Writing

Paragraph about my favorite season

Spring is my favorite season, and I’ve written a little paragraph on it (100 words)

Spring is my favorite season in India, out of the four primary seasons. The three key months for this season are March, April, and May. There are many reasons why I like this season. Personally, I despise the winter months, and spring follows closely after with the summer breeze. At this time of year, trees sprout new leaves. Flowers begin to bloom and become more attractive. In my hometown, there is a little important celebration during this season. At this time of year, the color of flowers and leaves fascinates me. Everything looks incredibly fresh and attractive this season since it’s been given a new appearance.

Winter is my favorite season: paragraph (150 words)

Among the six primary seasons in Bangladesh, winter is my favorite. The winter season begins in November and lasts through January. It’s one of the country’s longest seasons. There are several reasons why I like the winter season. Winter has a lot of surprises in store for me. First and foremost, I reside in a highland hamlet where winter is a time for festivities. Getting up early in the morning is one of my favorite things to do. I saw folks heading to work, and a couple of them were gathering straw to use as kindling. I join them from time to time, build a fire, and stay warm. When individuals come together and spend time together, it’s a lot of fun. In this season, there are a wide variety of foods and vegetables to choose from. Foods are kept fresh and are not spoiled. Farmers walked to their field early in the morning with their cows, while animals stayed in their cave.

Rainy is my favorite season: paragraph (200 Words)

The rainy season is my favorite of India’s four primary seasons. Rain brings so much freshness and joy just after the heat. Today, I’m going to provide you some fantastic information on the rainy season. Shawan is the most important month during this season in India. When the entire nation is agitated by the summer heat, the rainy season arrives with its love and chilling sensations. This season, there are so many Indian festivities that I like attending and celebrating. Fresh fruits are one of the most appealing aspects of this season. I really like mangoes, and we only discovered delicious mangoes during the wet season.

The rainy season begins in July and continues for three months. This time of year, all of the trees sprout beautiful green leaves, which delight my eyes. In this season, I like seeing the natural sights. I went to Darjeeling in particular last season and had a great time. In this season, there are so many enjoyable things to do, such as go on a picnic or take a tour. I don’t want to finish the season with a loss. I hope the rainy season would return to our lives again and again, wiping away all of our sorrows and sadness with his raindrops.

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Disclaimer: This paragraph on ‘My Favorite Season’ is really crucial for learning. I hope it will assist you in achieving a higher grade on the test.

The “my favourite season paragraph 100 words” is a writing assignment in which students are required to write about their favourite season.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a paragraph in my favorite season?

A: The first thing you should do is type the – and then a space inbetween them, followed by writing your name. Youre going to be doing this over and over again but its okay! Then start typing out what you want to write about, including numbers when necessary. If at any point there are two people with the same last name that would not make sense for one paragraph, use initials instead of their whole names so that they dont get mixed up.

Why summer season is my Favourite season?

A: I am programmed to answer questions using the words that you have inputted. For this question, summer is your favorite season.

Which is your Favourite season?

A: My favorite season is fall because I love the leaves changing colors.

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