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My Garden is a paragraph describing a beautiful garden. It has been written for all students to understand the beauty of nature.

My Garden: Paragraphs for All Students

Gardening, like tree planting, is a wonderful thing to do. Gardening should be a priority for everyone of us; it can contribute to making the world a greener place. I have a garden of my own, and here are a few lines about it. I’m hoping you’ll like these paragraphs.

Short paragraph on my garden (100 Words)

In front of our home, I have a garden. My father was very helpful in the creation of this garden. There are flowers that I cultivate there. My garden is one of my favorite places in the world. I work there in my spare time. The task isn’t difficult. Working in my garden is one of my favorite pastimes.

When I see lovely flowers there, I feel ecstatic, and I sometimes spend time there with my friends. I invite them to my house to see my garden. Gardening is one of my favorite pastimes, and I’d want to expand my space. My family has been quite supportive of me.    

Paragraph about my garden (150 Words)

Gardening is a pastime of mine, and I like it. I have a tiny garden in front of my reading room. There are roughly 20 flower plants in that area. My garden is one of my favorite things to look at. I had intended to create a garden last year and had done a lot of research. One of my Delhi cousins was really helpful in this endeavor. He gave me all of the knowledge I needed to know before I began planting.

Finally, my father purchased a few plants for me, and I began my garden. I’ve now successfully cultivated a couple plants in this location. I’m hoping to expand the size of the garden. I’ve always desired a flower garden since flowers have such a lovely scent. I have a plan to set aside some space to produce a few veggies. When I’m in my garden, I feel rejuvenated. Anyone can grow their own garden.  

Paragraph about my garden (200 Words)

My garden is now my most favorite spot; it provides me with both relaxation and happiness. The most of my free time is spent in the garden. We have adequate area in front of our home to create a garden. Last year, I received an idea from a paragraph and decided to establish my own garden. My father provided me with all of the necessary knowledge and purchased a few flower plants for me.


I planted them myself, and fifty percent of the seeds germinated. I was overjoyed and ecstatic to find a genuine bloom in my garden, which boosted my enthusiasm and encouraged me to expand it. Then I planted a bunch of veggies, which I adore. My garden is really lovely, and many of my friends and family come to see it on a regular basis, thanking me for it.

The scent of flowers is wonderful, and I’m in a great mood. I am a nature enthusiast, and I am hoping to expand and beautify my garden. I spend all of my free time working in the garden. Gardening isn’t difficult at all. It’s something that everybody can do. You should give it a go if you like gardening.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a garden paragraph?

A: First, you need to think of a topic that is related to gardening. For example, gardening tips. Next comes the introduction paragraph. This should give an overview of what your article will be about and introduce your point-of-view into the discussion before continuing with any subsequent paragraphs in which more details are being added on top of previous ones. The body needs to contain three major parts: facts or information (if this was just one sentence), opinions/advice on how best to approach subjects like growing plants and dealing with pests, and finally conclusions regarding possible future directions for research within the field based off certain aspects such as those mentioned above.

How can I describe my garden?

A: My garden was a small area of land with grass, flowers and a few trees.
I am sorry but I cannot answer this question because it is too vague.

How do you introduce your garden?

A: We have a variety of plants, that become dense and take over any available space. It is very difficult to introduce new plants into the garden because we are so densely packed with vegetation already.

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