I am a student, who is learning about the teaching of writing in schools. In order to come up with an introduction for this essay I looked at some text books and found specific sections on how students should be taught to write essays. What follows is my opinion of what makes a good essay and why it would benefit students if they were more often instructed using these methods.

“My Grandmother Essay in 100, 150, 250, 300, 400 Words for Students” is a blog post that discusses the importance of writing about your grandmother. The essay will include a brief introduction paragraph and then four paragraphs with varying lengths.

My Grandmother Essay in 100, 150, 250, 300, 400 Words for Students

Here are some lovely 100, 150, 250, 300, and 400-word writings on my grandma. These writings are simple to understand for any learner.

Short Essay about My Grandmother (100 Words)

We are a large family that shares a home. My grandmother is the family’s matriarch. She is the most senior member of the group. She is adored by us. Rabeya Khatun is my grandma, and she is 78 years old. She is still capable of doing a lot of her own work at this age. My grandmother is a wonderful lady.

She gets up early every day and begins her day with prayer. She exhorts us to pray more often. Because Mom looks after all of us, she is the busy person in our family. She enjoys cooking and spending time in the kitchen. My granny is someone I adore.

Short Essay about My Grandmother (150 Words)

My grandma is our family’s oldest member. She has made several sacrifices for this family. She now deserves our respect and affection. She is a favorite of all of us grandkids. We used to spend the most of our time together. The most fascinating aspect of my grandmother is that she tells a lot of wonderful tales.

The tales of ghosts are most frightening to us at night. However, we like hearing these tales. She is over 80 years old, yet it is inappropriate to call her that since she has no idea when she was born. She has never had a birthday party. However, she can still move like other young individuals at her age.

She has such a strong and positive outlook. She is a kind lady who looks after the whole family. She has the demeanor of a large bus driver. We adore our grandmother.


Essay about my grandmother (250 Words)


Grandparents adore, and they adore their grandchildren. Today, I’m going to tell my grandmother about my encounter. She is the most amazing lady I have ever seen in my life. We, her whole family and relatives, like and admire her. I believe that we should respect and adore older folks like her. This will benefit them and their families.  

My grandmother says to me,

Sunita Mehta is my grandmother’s name, and she is 75 years old. She began her career as a teacher at an early age. My father and uncles used to tell me a lot of tales about her when we were little. They discuss how she has made several sacrifices in her life for this family. She was a dedicated, industrious lady who really wanted to improve the lives of her family. She came out to aid my grandpa when he was having trouble with his career as a teacher. Aside from that, she has done a lot for the family.  

What she does is this:

She is a devout Christian. She devotes the most of her time to prayer and Puja. She sat with us in her spare time and told us many tales. Her tales are quite addictive, and we’ve become fans of hers as a result. She still goes to the kitchen and does the cooking at this age. She was a fantastic chef.  



My grandmother is adored by my mother and aunts. They admire her and assist her in all of her endeavors. We all attempt to love her as well. She is the most incredible lady I have ever met.    

My grandmother says to me, Essay (300 Words)


The eldest member of the family makes up the majority of the family. As the oldest member of our family, we have passed down our grandmother. For the whole family, she serves as the leader and guide. We always seek her permission before doing anything. It’s all about how much you care about her and how much you respect her. She has made several sacrifices for the family throughout the years. Today I’m going to tell you about my encounter with Grandma.  

My grandmother says to me,

My grandmother’s name is Nazma Ahmed. She is around 70 years old and is still able to walk and move normally. She’s a fascinating individual. She is an extremely chatty person who enjoys telling us tales. My cousins and I are quite interested in spending time with her.    


Her Everyday Routine:

She rises early every day and begins her day with Morning Prayer. She is a devout follower of the Christian faith. She urges everyone in the family to pray more. She still goes to the kitchen at this age merely to take care of the cooking issue. She was a fantastic chef in her day. She bathes at 1 p.m., just before the midday prayer. She sat with all of us in the afternoon and taught us for a while. She hasn’t had any serious health problems yet.  

How Much I Care About Her:

I’m a big fan of hers. She reminds me of a close buddy. I’ve spent the most of my time with her since childhood. Not only that, but we have a few young cousins who we are parenting together and spending time with. She has always shown a great deal of affection towards us. Her whole family adores her.  


We respect her since she is the most senior member of our family. She has done so much to make our family a better place for us.


My grandmother says to me, Essay (400 Words)


Every family’s oldest member is the grandfather or grandmother. My grandfather is no longer with us, but my grandmother has stepped in to fill the void left by Grandpa. Today I’m going to talk about how much I love and miss my grandmother. She is the most amazing lady I have ever seen in my life.  

My grandmother:

Ruksana Ahmed is her name, and she is 74 years old. She is still physically capable at this age. She can walk and do a few minor tasks. She is still responsible for the whole family at this age. She is, as is customary, the family’s most significant member. Everyone respects her choice and consults her before making any big decisions. She is a devout Christian. She used to spend the most of her time praying. She instructs us on the Quran, the Islamic holy book. She used to educate me and a handful of my relatives together when I was a child. She no longer has decent vision, but she can read with her glasses.  

In a few words, her life:

My grandmother’s life was full with color. My father and uncles have told me a lot about her. Her wedding to my grandfather was marked by a large and spectacular event. She was the most attractive girl in the neighborhood. Grandpa falls in love with her and proposes to her father.


They married after both families consented. The most poignant aspect of her life is that she and her family had financial difficulties. She began working as a substitute teacher at a public school. She put forth a lot of effort. It was quite difficult to sustain the whole family, since there were several home chores to complete after teaching at the school.

However, she was effective in completing these tasks. Her efforts paid off, and she was able to make the world a better place for future generations. We have a lot of affection for her. She was a fierce opponent.  

My cousin’s closest buddy and I:

She is one of my closest friends. Not only did I spend the majority of my time with her, but so did several of my relatives. She adores us as well. She never turns us down for anything. She enjoys telling us tales and teaching us minor lessons. She is a really pleasant person.  


After all, she is adored by the whole family. She has made a significant contribution to this family. They never let her down because of this. Everyone reveres her as if she were a god. I adore my granny as well.  


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My relationship with my grandmother is where I learned a lot of things. She taught me how to be grateful for what you have and how to care for the people around you. Reference: my relationship with my grandmother essay.

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How do I write an essay about my grandmother?

A: Just start writing! I will help you out with the rest.

Why do I love my grandmother paragraph 100 words?

A: I am a paragraph. Paragraphs are very important, as they provide structure to paragraphs and give them personality. They also come in handy when trying to make an argument or tell a story that is strong enough for your audience without sounding like youre trying too hard; although these arguments can often be quite fun if you go through the trouble of saying something clever with each one!

How can I describe my grandmother?

A: My grandmother is a kind and loving woman. She would do anything for anyone she cares about.

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