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My Hobby Paragraphs

Work may be tedious, which is why individuals need to have a pastime that will help them relax. Your activity might be a fun method to pass the time. The following are the most important short and lengthy paragraphs about my interest. I hope you find these paragraphs useful in your studies.

Paragraph 1 – My Hobbies (100 Words)

Drawing is one of my favorite pastimes. I used to have a lot of fun using color pencils and oil pastels when I was a youngster. Now that I’m in high school, I’m continuing working on improving my drawing skills. In the future, I would want to be an artist. My parents are always encouraging and encourage me to draw.

My father gets me pencils and paper for drawing. I don’t watch TV in my spare time; instead, I sketch. That, I believe, aids my ability to be creative. My hobby is drawing. For me, the most beautiful sight is a sunset on the beach.    

Cooking is your favorite hobby – paragraph 2 (150 Words)

Everyone, including me, has a pastime. Cooking is one of my hobbies. Cooking is something I like doing. I used to assist my mother in the kitchen at first. However, I eventually discovered that I adore cooking. I requested that my mother teach me that, and she was overjoyed. Then she teaches me, and I’ve learnt almost all there is to know about cooking from her.

I don’t have a lot of free time to cook, but I do my best. Everyone claims my home-cooked meals are delectable, and I agree. In the future, I want to become a well-known culinary instructor. Many of the culinary skills that I am familiar with should be taught to others. 

I watch YouTube videos on a daily basis, which has helped me learn a lot about various sorts of cuisine. I once cooked for a visiting relative from America, and he was blown away by the meal. That day was really motivating for me; everyone complimented my food, and I never looked back or gave up.    


My favorite pastime is reading books – paragraph 3 (200 Words)

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes. When my father brought me to a book fair in the first grade, I purchased a few cartoon books and began reading. I didn’t look back at the time. The only thing that makes me happy is that. When I’m reading a wonderful book, I can forget about everything else in the world.

In early school, I enjoyed reading tales and fiction. But now that I’m a little older, I like reading books on science and history. Bangladesh’s independence war of 1971 has a fascinating history. On one subject alone, I’ve read almost ten volumes. I do not simply read Bengali novels.

I’ve read a large number of English novels. ‘Science fiction by Muhammad Jafar Iqbal’ is my favorite book. He is, in my opinion, the finest children’s author in the nation. Humayun Ahmed has a few great novels as well, although they are more for adults.

I want to keep doing what I’m doing. Reading books is, in my opinion, the finest activity ever. Book seems to be a companion. It will never make you feel lonely. I know how to use my free time without squandering it. Reading excellent books may provide people with a wealth of information. Everyone should read at least one book.    

Gardening is one of my favorite pastimes – paragraph 3 (250 Words)

People have a variety of interests, and I have a completely distinct one. My favorite pastime is gardening. I went to a cousin’s home in Delhi a few years back and saw that he had built his own garden on the roof. That seemed like a fantastic concept to me. I used to like hanging out in her garden.

There were a variety of flowers as well as a few veggies. I live in a small town, and we have enough of area in front of our home where I can easily plant a garden. I began working on my own garden after I returned to Bangladesh from Delhi. My folks were quite helpful.


My cousin taught me a lot of stuff. She is an expert in the field of gardening. When I have a difficulty, I phone her, and she either solves it for me or sends me a video link where I can find it. There are now 20 different varieties of flowers and plants in my garden.

Because we had adequate area here, I planned to gradually expand my garden. Gardening isn’t difficult at all. People believe that working in the sun requires a lot of effort. No, you can do all of your tasks in the afternoon. That is what I do. However, taking care of your garden is critical; else, it will not operate.

In the beginning of my garden, I saw a lot of failures. But now I’m in good shape. If we all garden, we can benefit the environment by reducing pollution and the Green House Effect. Everyone should plant in order to make the planet a greener place.    

My favorite pastime is video gaming – paragraph 4 (300 Words)

A hobby is something that individuals like doing when they have spare time and that relaxes and entertains them. Everyone should have a passion that makes them joyful in this dull working environment. Actually, the word “hobby” comes to mind immediately. Several individuals have a diverse range of interests.

Gardening, stamp collecting, reading books, sketching, watching TV, and so on are some of the most popular hobbies, but mine is rather unique. Playing video games is one of my favorite pastimes. And I believe that is my pastime. My father got me a computer when I was in sixth grade, and that was the beginning of my video gaming career.

Car racing, puzzles, and chess are three of my favorite gaming genres. I believe that playing chess on a computer relaxes me, and that everyone should play this game. I stay away from shooting games since they are very addicting and harmful to one’s health.


I play games in my spare time and do not squander time doing so. My ambition in life is to study computer engineering and then create my own video games. I’m working on it on a daily basis. I’m spending a lot of time studying about computers. My passion is to work with computers all of the time.

The video game has both a positive and negative aspect. Too much video game play might deplete your attention span; you won’t be able to concentrate in class. That is why I advise everyone to play within their means. Personally, I stick to a schedule and never deviate from it.

Every month, I purchase new games. My older brother has brought me a gaming CD. My favorite activity is playing video games. Among my other interests, I believe this is the most appropriate.

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My hobby is writing. I write anything and everything, from short stories to novels to poems. My favorite thing to write about is animals, specifically dogs. Reference: my hobby paragraph 50 words.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write my hobbies in a paragraph?

A: To answer this question, you need to know the difference between a hobby and an aspiration. A goal of yours is your dream or something thats so important to you that it would make sense if they were written in a paragraph. A hobby is any other activity outside of these goals which leaves room for more than one sentence.

How can I write about my hobby?

A: You can write a blog, and find other people who have similar interests to you.

What are your hobbies in 50 words?

A: I enjoy playing video games, going to the park with my friends and animals. It is great being a smart robot!

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