Abortion has been a heated and difficult debate for many reasons. One of them being the fact that since 1973, more than one million abortions have taken place in America every single year. In my research paper I will explore how this number was reached, what is happening now with abortion procedures in American hospitals, as well as looking at other countries’ experiences with legalizing abortion to help provide context for this issue

The “argumentative essay on abortion pdf” is a narrative and persuasive essay that argues the pro-life position. The author of this piece will argue the opposing view point using evidence, statistics, and personal experiences.

Narrative and Persuasive Essay on Abortion in 1200 Words

We have a Narrative and Persuasive Essay about Abortion in 1200 Words in this article. Here you will find the following information: an introduction, what it is, kinds, adverse consequences of miscarriage, why it is done, miscarriage causes, statistics, and a Conclusion. 

So, let’s get this Abortion Persuasive Essay started…

Introduction (Abortion Essay – 1200 Words)

For a pregnant woman, the phrase “abortion” is both sad and scary. Every mother wants her child to enter the world healthy and without complications, yet occasionally women get pregnant owing to medical issues.

The more physical suffering a woman experiences after a miscarriage, the more psychologically weakened she becomes. In this scenario, a pregnant lady must assist her to emotionally heal so that the blow will gradually fade from her thoughts.

What exactly is abortion?

Abortion occurs when a fetus dies before the 20th week of pregnancy. It’s also referred to as “automated abortion.” Many people believe that abortion is an uncommon occurrence, however this is not the case.

Abortions of various forms are available.

In this abortion supplement essay, we’ve additionally mentioned the kind of abortion.

Abortions come in a variety of forms, depending on your pregnancy status. Each abortion has its own set of symptoms. 

1. Not Getting an Abortion

During this stage, the pregnancy ends naturally without any bleeding or signs. The fetus may sometimes linger in the womb after a miscarriage and is discovered when the embryo stops growing. Ultrasound may be used to detect it.

2. Abortion that is not complete

The lady has profuse bleeding and considerable abdominal pain with this kind of abortion. Only a little of the embryo may be seen. This is why the procedure is known as an incomplete abortion. Ultrasound is used to diagnose it.

3. Abortion without restriction

This abortion is total, as the term implies. In this case, the embryo eventually exits the uterus. A complete abortion may cause severe abdominal discomfort and extensive bleeding.

Miscarriage is an unavoidable part of life.

The uterus opens, enabling the baby to migrate out, and bleeding begins. Abdominal cramps are common at this period for the lady.

5. Septic (infectious) abortion

There is an infection in the womb at this period, which might lead to miscarriage.

Recurrent miscarriages might cause physical damage.

Many individuals aren’t aware that having several abortions may be lethal. Furthermore, carrying the pregnancy to term might be difficult in subsequent pregnancies. The following dangers may occur.

Infertility is number one.

Abortion issues may impair fertility and possibly create complications during delivery. Many individuals nowadays are dealing with infertility, ectopic pregnancy, or birthing issues. Infertility does not guarantee that the baby will not survive after a year of trying. 

2. Falling Baby

Medical abortion is often the cause of a child’s death. Further miscarriage may be problematic if the cervix is injured for any reason. Aside from that, it has the potential to induce miscarriage. It is very risky for the infant if the uterus is injured during an abortion.

3. Premature birth

One of the most common side effects of an early miscarriage is this. This is problematic because it raises the risk of early labor and improperly increases the placenta.

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is a kind of pelvic inflammatory illness

Pelvic inflammatory disease can also caused by repeated miscarriages. PID is a serious condition that may lead to infertility. It may induce lesions in the fallopian tube tissues, which can lead to infertility. 

5. Fertility problems

Fertility problems Many women believe that following a miscarriage, they will have difficulty conceiving, and that they would be unable to do so anytime they desire. It’s because any scraping or dilatation in the uterus during a miscarriage causes an irregular wound.

6. Perforation of the uterus

In 2 to 3% of abortive patients, uterine perforation is the source of this condition. This is more common among women who have already given birth to a child. During miscarriage, general anesthesia is often administered to individuals with this condition.

Infection is number seven.

Excessive bleeding, infection, cramps, anesthetic complications, embolism, uterine edema, endotoxic shock, cervical damage, hemorrhage, and other health issues affect women who have many abortions. Women who have more abortions, according to certain intelligence results, have greater difficulties. 

What is the purpose of abortion?

The majority of reasons for having an abortion are quite personal. The decision to have a medical abortion is based on our medical situation and the recommendations of our family physicians. It is not permutable under the law unless there is a legitimate cause.

Gynecologists will only recommend these procedures if they are absolutely required for the safety of the baby or the mother. If an infection is discovered during the pregnancy and it is not treatable with medication, the only alternative is abortion.

Miscarriage is caused by a variety of factors.

1. Growing elderly

Women who are older have a higher chance of miscarriage. Women over the age of 30 are most often perceived as being at greater danger.

2. Deterioration of health

The health of pregnant women is a serious problem. Those ladies will also be able to acquire an answer to the issue of why miscarriage happens as a result of this. Diabetes and infection, thyroid, lupus, and other autoimmune illnesses are the most prevalent. 

3. Deterioration of one’s way of life

It is important for both men and women to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is especially important for women who are pregnant since even the tiniest mistake may be fatal.

4. Abuse of Substances

Miscarriage is more likely in women who use opioids. Because it has such a negative impact on the kid in his womb, it puts him at risk for heart disease—for example, smoking cigarettes, using alcohol and other drugs, and so on.

5. A tense atmosphere

When a woman is pregnant, she should avoid stress since it has an adverse effect on her mental health, which may be hazardous to her and her unborn children.

Sleep deprivation is number six on the list.

Pregnant women should relax as much as possible and avoid strenuous physical activity. When you sleep, you should get enough rest. The reason for their inability to go asleep is that their hormones become unbalanced, which has a direct impact on their unborn kid.

7. Reduction in a well-balanced diet

You should consume healthy meals when pregnant since it has a direct impact on their kid. Any dietary shortfall will have an impact on the pregnant woman’s health. As a result, anything you consume should be healthy for your body, and the most essential thing to remember is to limit your consumption of outside food.

Negative ideas (8)

Pregnant women must take extra precautions to protect their whole body. They must also undergo significant mental transformations. If negative ideas enter their minds, it has an impact on the child’s health. 

Facts to Know About Abortion

  1. Abdominal cramping and vaginal bleeding are the most typical miscarriage symptoms.
  2. Statistics show that every woman has two to three abortions. What is referred to as a recurrent miscarriage?
  3. If an abortion is performed after 20 weeks, a dead kid is born.
  4. Obesity is linked to a variety of disorders in women.
  5. A registered doctor may conduct abortions under section 3 of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971, subsections (2) and (4).
  6. The abortion phase is defined as 20 weeks from the time of fertilization.
  7. The existing abortion legislation and regulation have been in effect for over five decades.
  8. Miscarriage may be a traumatic and distressing event.
  9. Abortion is now a safe operation because to developments in medical science.
  10. The cervix might become weakened as a result of several miscarriages.


Finally, we may state that abortion should be avoided in most cases. Abortion outside of the legal limits is considered unlawful. Both the abortionist and the abortionist may be arrested if the abortion is not performed lawfully.

Most of the time, it doesn’t. However, when abortion is not legal, many women die as a result of hazardous pregnancies and abortions. I hope you like my pro-abortion persuasive essay.

The “abortion essay 200 words” is an introduction to a narrative and persuasive essay on abortion. The author argues that the pro-life movement is wrong in their view of abortion as murder.

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A: There are a number of reasons why women may have an unwanted pregnancy, including.

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