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The “motivation to achieve your goals essay” is a narrative essay that discusses the journey of achieving a goal. The author shares their thoughts on what it means to them and how they got there.

Narrative Essay on Achieving a goal in 800

This example will teach you how to create a Narrative essay on reaching a goal.


So you’ve set some objectives for yourself, but you can’t seem to achieve them. Aren’t you irritated? So, what makes it so difficult? Is it true that only a few individuals are able to achieve their goals? No…

It’s all about devising a clear strategy and putting it into action.

There are three major reasons why individuals do not achieve their objectives:

  1. To begin with, people seldom establish achievable objectives.
  2. They haven’t made any preparations.
  3. People are incapable of taking any type of rational action.

Do you believe Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were lucky or did they have a strategy? You had better believe they had a strategy — a long-term vision. After that, they worked hard and followed a clear, concrete plan to achieve their goals. They didn’t simply ‘take it for granted.’ They were the ones who’made it happen.’

How to Reach Your Objectives

I’ve accomplished a lot of my own objectives throughout the years. And this is the method I utilized in every occasion. It’s real and well-implemented, and I can assure you that it will help you achieve your objectives as well. There are four basic stages to follow:

  • Set achievable objectives.
  • Plan and strategize.
  • Make a move.
  • Examine your progress on a frequent basis.

Let’s take a look at each one individually.

Set achievable objectives.

You may climb the ladder as quickly as you want, but it will be a complete waste of time if you reach the top and realize you’re resting on the incorrect wall. You’ll need to get this stage right if you don’t want to waste your time working toward objectives you don’t want to reach. We humans have a tendency to bite off more than we can chew, which causes us to get agitated and upset.

It’s pointless to try to acquire the whole globe in a single day since we only have so much time. You may set objectives to be a great guitar player, a great basketball player, a great football player, lose weight, be financially wise, make $15,000, and join the general public speaking club all at the same time. Is it, however, reasonable or achievable? It doesn’t make sense to me. When you’re juggling everything, how can you expect to thrive at anything?

So the first step is to figure out what you want (1 to 3 items). Also, make sure you understand why you need these items. Otherwise, you will get bored.

Plan and strategize

Here are the basic methods you’ll need to keep your motivation burning and your development moving in the correct direction:

a) Post your objectives wherever you’ll see them every day – If you don’t have reminders, you’ll likely forget about them and get easily distracted by other stimuli. So print them out ten, twenty, or thirty times and put them up in the most obvious areas of your home, business, and so on.

b) Make a visualization board — Our minds view the world in pictures for the most part, and we recall visuals better than text and statistics. A vision board is a large bulletin board with clear photos of your desired outcome. This might assist to evoke strong sensations that will keep your motivation going.

b) Forms a small mastermind group – This is essentially a support group that agrees with me that this group is critical to your success. The group may have any number of members (at least 2), but the most important thing is that everyone in the group shares comparable aims. It doesn’t help much when you’re attempting to drop 30 pounds and the other members of the group want to start their own business.

A mastermind group makes it easier to hold all of its members accountable. Even if lethargy gets the better of you, this will help you retain consistency in taking action.

d) Create a daily plan with actionable activities – Every morning, think and write down actions that will help you achieve your objectives. Try to come up with three little actionable tasks every morning and complete them before retiring to night. Make them a top priority and include them in your schedule.

Breaking down your objectives can help you avoid the sense of being defeated. Keep the short-term duties in mind while you create your action plan, rather than obsessing on the long-term outcome. Stress is created by obsessing on long-term results. It’s much simpler to conceptualize in terms of short-term objectives.

Take action now.

This step does not need any more explanation. Simply put into action the daily action plan that we prepared above! More than anything, achieving any goal is contingent on your decision to fully immerse yourself in the process of getting things done — in other words, taking action.

Make a deadline for yourself.

You’ll also need to Make a deadline for yourself. on your goal. A long-term goal without a deadline will not instil any experience of urgency in you. Having a deadline offers you something to look forward to.

Regularly assess your progress.

During a typical flight, an aircraft deviates from its planned course 70 to 80 percent of the time, yet the pilots maintain steady control to land it in the exact area they choose. How? It’s fairly simple. They make a little modification every time they stray off the path.

Regularly reviewing your objectives can help you assess your progress and determine if any changes are necessary. Similarly, keeping track of your progress will almost certainly motivate you to try even more. When we experience favorable results, we prefer to move more so that we may see more positive results.

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The “educational and career goals essay examples” is a narrative essay that discusses the author’s experience of achieving a goal in 800. The essay was written by an English major who has been going to school for four years.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start an essay about your goals?

A: There are many ways to start an essay about your goals, but the most reliable method is by introducing a familiar situation where you were faced with opposition and describing how that experience taught you a valuable lesson.

How do you set goals and achieve them essay?

A: You set goals and you achieve them.

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