Our high school experience is much different today than it was in the 1800s. Nowadays, we have one less hour of class time a day and homework takes up our weekends instead of extracurricular activities. In this essay, I will discuss how the modern-day American high school has changed from what people experienced many centuries ago to what you would find if you could travel back in time 900 years.

Narrative essays are a type of writing that tells an event or story from the perspective of one person. The “high school narrative essay examples” is a great example of what a narrative essay should be like.

Narrative Essay on High school in 900


High school is perhaps the most enjoyable period of our lives. Many people think their college years are the finest, but I think my high school years are better since there is more fun and less work. It’s the point at when we’ve lost our infant skins and are entering our adult bodies. We’re now young adults. Our bodies are through a series of transformations. Boys mature into young men, while girls blossom into attractive young ladies. We’re old enough to comprehend our interests, passions, and anything else we need to know about ourselves at this stage.

Our parents relax their grasp on the rules a little, and as a result, we test a lot at this time. And when we get ourselves into trouble, everyone will always rush to our rescue and say, “But they’re only teens.” Don’t worry, everyone has to go through this section. They’ll be adults in no time.” As a result, we get away with a lot during this time.

It’s impossible to recollect all of the unforgettable moments. In high school, I met my closest pals, with whom I am still in contact. We’d attend graduations, themed parties, homecoming celebrations, and house parties, among other things. The proceedings were not hectic since we knew one other so well. The only issue we ran into was the host’s parents arriving before the party was ended.

Another hilarious thing my pals and I did was dress up in the same outfit for Halloween. We had intended to wear the nicest costume and completely outshine everyone at the high school Halloween party. We’d swap folded notes on all the newest gossip stories at school during the monotonous calculus classes. We’d giggle our way through all of the dull classes, completely oblivious to what was being taught.

The highlights of high school life were sporting events. When a sports event was scheduled at our school, everything came to a halt. Everyone would turn out to support our sports teams, including parents, professors, students, and friends. All of the yells, applause, jeers, sighs, and other noises you can think of are gathered in one spot.

As a result, high school is the most formative time in a person’s life. The kids receive a taste of how the actual world operates, and the notion of life becomes evident. High school life, like real life, may be divided into two categories: fun and working/studying, with a grey region in between for activities, interests, and hobbies.

Teenagers have no feeling of duty other than studying, thus it is a joyful time in life. They have all the time in the world to enjoy themselves. They start by forming little groups with other people who share their interests. Reading groups are formed by geeks, musicians establish bands, athletes form teams, actors polish their skills in theatrical organizations, and journalists operate the school magazine, among other things.

There is going to be rivalry and competitiveness when a large number of individuals are housed in the same institution. In a classroom setting, competition can be beneficial. It may also be risky when kids attempt to get into college by cheating. These contests make it easier to establish pals and foes.

Allies come to the assistance of their friends and can defend themselves against dangers. Opponents are rivals who will attempt to steal anything from you, such as your reputation, girlfriend, or even lunch money. At this age, teenagers begin to realize that not everything happens as they expect. They win and lose on a regular basis. This is how things are in life. They must get up and go on after being given a severe blow. There’s always tomorrow to fight on.

This is when individuals first learn about the notion of love. Teens demonstrate bravery by approaching females they like, while girls get firsthand experience in finding partners. The majority of individuals fall in love for the first time in high school. They get to experience how wonderful it is to have someone who thinks you are unique and wants to spend time with you.

Teenagers seldom discuss their emotions with anybody other than their closest friends. As a result, the majority of them must absorb all of the anguish of their heartbreaks. When individuals carry the baggage of high school breakups into adulthood, it’s discouraging. Individuals who can’t get the fortitude to let go of their unpleasant past have poor self-esteem and find it difficult to trust others.

Geeks, who encourage one other to get high marks, are an example of positive peer pressure. Athletes are another group that has a good influence on its members. They train together and strive to be the best on the field.

When it comes to studying, high school is the most demanding stage of the educational process. Beginning in the morning and ending in the evenings, students spend the whole day in classes. They must also cover a broad range of subjects that they will not explore further in the future.

Furthermore, pupils are subjected to stress from a variety of sources. They must perform at this point or they will not be able to attend college. And they are constantly told that if they do not attend college, they would be worthless in life. At this moment, everyone is putting in a lot of effort to guarantee their future. They aggravate the situation by determining which institutions they must attend and which degrees they must study. The majority of parents are unaware of the problems that their high school students face.

They believe that all they do in school is study; however, this is not the truth. They must balance their studies with the problems they face at school. The truth is that the confines of a high school facility are a reflection of life in the actual world.

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Narrative Essay on High school in 900. The “narrative essay about school” is a narrative essay that looks at the high school experience in the year of 2009.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a high school narrative essay?

A: First, you need to choose your topic and brainstorm a list of ideas. Then, pick one idea and create a rough outline that includes the points in your essay. Finally, write each point out separately until you have an entire draft for your paper.

What is a narrative essay high school?

A: A narrative essay high school is a public secondary education institution in the United States. They are found mostly on Eastern seaboard states, and offer students an opportunity to study writing through academic essays.

How do you begin a narrative essay?

A: The best place to start a narrative essay is with an introduction. This should generally take up the first paragraph of your paper, as it sets out what youre arguing for in the rest of the work. From there, you can move on to explaining particular details about your topic and then begin stating general claims that support this idea throughout its entirety.

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