National Youth Day is celebrated on the second Saturday of October every year all over India. In recent years, celebrations have also been held internationally. There are a number of reasons to celebrate this day but one such reason for celebration would be because it was on National Youth Day in 2017 that Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the decision to make 2018 as International Year Of Sustainable Tourism For Development (IYSTFD) by 2019
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National Youth Day is a national holiday in India on the first Sunday of June. The day is celebrated to commemorate the contributions made by youth towards nation building and development.

National Youth Day in India (Date, Importance, Celebration)

Read more about India’s National Youth Day, including its history, significance, and Celebrations, in this article. This occasion is commemorated in honor of Swami Vivekananda. This inspiring essay is almost 1000 words long.

a brief introduction (National Youth Day in India)

Every year on January 12, the birthday of Swami Vivekananda, National Youth Day is observed. In 1984, the Indian government made the decision because it wanted young people in India to follow Swami Vivekananda’s ideal beliefs, think optimistically, and strategically to help the nation progress.

Swamiji’s ideas and principles, for which he lived and toiled, were deemed to be a major source of inspiration for Indian youth, according to the Indian government’s reference statement. Since 1985, on January 12, National Youth Day has been observed in this manner.     

National Youth Day’s History

Swami Vivekananda was born to a rich family in Calcutta on January 12, 1863. Narendra Nath Datta was his given name when he was younger. He was a Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa disciple and a giant philosopher who served as a source of inspiration for young people, as well as the personification of Indian heritage and cunning.

He was spiritually inclined and started meditating at a young age. He was a voracious reader who enjoyed reading about philosophy, religion, history, social sciences, art, and literature. Hindu texts piqued his curiosity as well. Swami Vivekananda was a man of many talents. He was a superb athlete as well as a good learner. He was also schooled in Indian classical music and was a brilliant learner.

Swami Vivekanand was a pivotal figure in bringing the Indian philosophy of yoga and Vedanta to the West. He was dubbed “Messenger of Indian Wisdom to the Western World” after his address at the World Religion Parliament in Chicago in 1893. It is credited for helping to elevate Hinduism to the status of a major international religion in the late nineteenth century.

Swami Vivekananda was well-known for his spiritual discussions on culture. He was particularly interested in the formation of youth organizations and initiatives involving renewable youth. As a result, today is an excellent day to commemorate this tale. His beliefs were a source of inspiration for young people not just in India, but all throughout the globe.    

Swami Vivekananda influenced millions of young people throughout his lifetime, and he continues to do so now. Vivekananda’s ideology and objectives were regarded by the government as a good source of inspiration for Indian youth. “Swamiji’s ideas and values for which he lived and toiled were believed to be a major source of inspiration for Indian youth,” the Indian government remarked in 1984.

Vivekananda, who died at the age of 39, had a profound impact on many people’s lives. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, his teacher, and the Indian spiritual tradition inspired him. Swami Vivekanand’s lectures inspired many young people and the organization. The book “The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda” collects his views.             


Every year, Swami Vivekananda’s birthday is commemorated at a number of Ramakrishna Madh and Ramakrishna Mission facilities. During the celebration of Swami Vivekananda’s birthday, spectacular mangal aarti, religious music, meditation, religious lecture, and sandhya aarti are performed.                  

Parades, speeches, narratives, songs, youth conferences, colloquium, yoga, awards, essay writing competition, music, speeches, recitations, processions, sports, presentations for seminars and games, and other events are held at schools and colleges to commemorate National Youth Day.

The base of stimulation is Swami Vivekananda’s writings and talks, which get their inspiration from Indian spiritual tradition and his Master Sri Ramakrishna’s wide frame of view. It inspires a number of youth organizations, scientific organizations, and youth initiatives.  

In Uttar Pradesh, Mission Bhartiyam hosts a two-day event for people of all ages. This occasion, known as Basti Yuvo Mahotsav, comprises a number of events, and the day is commemorated in various ways by the government, non-profit organizations, and business groups.       

The pooja for Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi, Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, and Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa begins early in the morning. Monks and worshippers do pooja at the Great Pohuki. The devotees then perform pushpanjali and aarti to Swami Vivekananda’s statue. Prasad then distributes.

On this occasion, numerous events are being held across India to encourage young people in the domains of education, art, and culture, with the goal of instilling moral values via inner soul enlightenment. On this day, Mission Bhartiyam hosts a two-day large event for young people in Uttar Pradesh, India, with a variety of courses for all ages. BASTI YUVA MAHOTSAV is the name of the event.

The “unforgettable” discourse of Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda made history on September 11, 1893, when he delivered a talk before the World Religion Parliament in Chicago.

“Rising in response to the warm and friendly welcome you have given us fills my heart with immeasurable delight,” he remarked. Thank you on behalf of the world’s oldest monastic order. Thank you in the name of the mother of religion and in the name of millions upon millions of Indians from all walks of life. [Swami Vivekananda’s Universal Brotherhood Speech in the United States]  

National Youth Day is celebrated with great delight and excitement at numerous Ramakrishna Mission centers, in addition to schools, universities, and government-sponsored activities. Because of the visionary thinker’s significance, the day is commemorated not just in India but also across the world.

In Toronto, the Vedanta Society is commemorating the day by spreading Vedanta’s message as the world’s oldest religious philosophy. Swami Vivekananda’s talks, quotations, and teachings continue to inspire millions. National Youth Day is a time to show thanks and commemorate the great thinker’s beliefs.                           

Swami Vivekananda’s theories, teachings, and ideas are among India’s most valuable cultural and historic treasures. Young people are picked first because they are a vital component of the nation that leads the country, as influenced by Swami Vivekananda’s beliefs and values. Every year, National Youth Day is observed to encourage and inspire India’s youth. Schools and universities are adorably decked up to passionately commemorate this occasion.   

Swami Vivekananda was a magnificent guy who believed in the youth’s ability to lead and nurture the country’s historical culture while also making the necessary development.

“National Youth Day in India” is a day that is celebrated every year on the third Saturday of August. The importance of this day, is to celebrate youth and their contribution to society. This day is also known as “youth day taiwan“.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of youth day in India?

A: Youth day is a day that celebrates the recent successes and achievements of young people. It was created by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2006 to help celebrate Indian youth, and their future goals

What is the importance of National Youth Day?

A: This is a holiday in many countries around the world that serves as an opportunity for young people to have their voices heard. In some countries, its called Youth Day and there are different celebrations with music and sports competitions.

When did National Youth Day start celebrating in India?

A: National Youth Day was first celebrated in India on the 31st of March, 2015.

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