What is the process for a teacher to issue an official warning or detention in class 4 and 5? The process for issuing warnings, detentions and suspensions.

Notice writing questions are a type of lesson plan given to students in class. They can be used as examples, questions, or even as homework. The format for this type of document is different from other types of documents.

Notice Writing For class 4 and 5 Examples, Questions, Format

A notice is a brief, printed or handwritten piece that may be seen or taken note of.

The following guidelines must be followed:

    1. It should be typed in a nice, clear, and strong font.
    2. It must be succinct and to the point.
  1. The person reading the notification should be able to understand precisely what you want in as few phrases as feasible.

Every school has a bulletin board where the principal, teachers, and even students post announcements. These should be written in large letters on a clean piece of paper.

CBSE class 4 and 5 format

Note writing for classes 4 and 5 with images will assist you in understanding how to create a notice for What was lost and what was found. In the second photograph, a girl named Ankita has misplaced her tiffin box in the ground and has written a sign requesting that anybody who finds it return it to her.



Topics for writing in CBSE classes 4 and 5

Various types of notice are used for different objectives.

  • Notice of Appeal
  • What was lost and what was found
  • Notification of discovery


Notice Writing for 4th and 5th Grades with Answers

Example 1

You’re Ankita, and you’ve misplaced your lunchbox on the playground. Post a note on your school’s bulletin board.


My tiffin box was misplaced near the swings in the playground. It has two compartments and is red and blue in hue. On it is a Tom and Jerry sticker. Please return it to me if you locate it. 



Example No. 2 

You’re Rahul, and you’ve forgotten your water bottle at school, but you’re heading to Route No. S-22 in the afternoon. Post a note on the school’s bulletin board. 


I misplaced my water bottle at school, but in the afternoon of January 22, 2013, I found it on Route No. S-22. It has a Donald Duck sticker on it and is green in color. Milton is the manufacturer. Please return it to me if you locate it.

IV-A Rahul

Writing Questions to Consider

the first question

In school, a recitation competition must be organized:

  1. Decide on a date. 
  2. Auditorium at the school
  3. Competition between the houses
  4. Post a note on the school’s bulletin board.

2nd question

You have found a cricket bat in the playground. Post a note on the school’s bulletin board.

Question three

 You’re the sports captain, and you’d want to arrange a basketball game between the various sections of Class VI. Post a note on the school bulletin board asking interested participants to submit their names for consideration in the match. 

4th question

You want to donate or give away your set of textbooks with class notes of class-VI. Post a note on the school’s bulletin board.

5th question

Your school is collecting old clothing and used toys for underprivileged children. You’re in charge of the monitor. Post a note in your classroom instructing interested pupils to bring anything they can by April 23, 2013.  


Notice writing is a way to communicate with students about the upcoming changes in class. It can be done through any number of ways, but it’s important that the format is clear and concise. Reference: notice format.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a class 4 notice?

A: To send a Class 4 Notice, you will need to complete the following steps.
1) Contact your local council and request permission from them to begin construction on the area in which it is possible that work may cause an unacceptable noise disturbance; this must be confirmed by letter or email. 2) After receiving confirmation of permission for development, contact your nearest planning department with details of where and when works are expected to start (at least 7 days notice). 3) Submit a site-specific Noise Abatement Plan including information about how much traffic there will be at peak periods and around what times during weekdays/weekends etc., how any additional roadworks being planned could reduce noise levels further if necessary, whos responsible for ensuring that all relevant permissions have been obtained before beginning work, who has responsibility for monitoring each day throughout construction; the plan should provide dates as well as forecasted numbers of people expected so they can manage their workload accordingly
4) Once final approval is received from both parties then you can get started!

How do you write a notice question?

A: This is not a question.

How do I write a class 5 notice?

A: A class 5 notice is a form of notification that the landlord gives to you and your neighbor. If one of you is going through with construction, then this will be given so both parties have time to discuss their schedules in order for the work not to disrupt each others activities too much.

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