Notice writing is the process of creating a document that tells students what they should expect in school and how to behave. It can also be used as a form of communication between teachers, parents, guardians or other adults who are responsible for helping the student with their education.

“Notice writing questions” is a type of essay that students can write to give an idea about the topic. It is a good way for students to understand what they need to know for the assignment.

Notice Writing for class 6, 7, Tips, Topics, Format, Examples, Questions

What is the definition of notice writing?

Definition: A notice is a written communication intended to reach a wide group of people by posting information on a noticeboard. It’s frequently used to provide details about an upcoming event or program. It may also be used to track down misplaced items.

CBSE Writing Instructions 

Remember the following while composing a Notice:

  1. In a box, write the note.
  2. At the top center, write the word ‘NOTICE’ in BLOCK and BOLD characters.
  3.  The notification should be written in the third person. (Avoid speaking in the first person.)
  4. Mention the date and the issuing authority’s name/designation.
  5. Include all pertinent information, such as the event’s time, location, and date.
  6. Stick to the word limit specified on the question paper. 

Topics for Writing in Class 6, 7


Please take note of the writing format and marking scheme.


For students in grades 6 and 7, here are some examples of questions to use when writing notices.

Hello, kids, here are three example questions for class 6 notice writing. Read the Samples/Examples attentively to enhance your ability and get a higher grade on your tests.

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Example 1

As the Editor in Chief for Students of the school magazine, prepare a note requesting pupils to contribute pieces to ‘Sagarika.’





The Search for Talent

All budding authors and poets are encouraged to submit unique, fascinating articles, poems, and short stories.

Please submit stories, jokes, and other material for the school magazine ‘Sagarika’ to the undersigned by February 7th, 20xx. Only one side of white papers with black ink must be used to write the articles in clean handwriting.



Editor in Chief for Students

Example 2

On the occasion of ‘Children’s Day,’ a painting competition will be held at the school. It is open to students in grades VI through VIII. As the Art Instructor at Ganga Public Schools, draft a message notifying pupils of the situation and providing pertinent information.




10th of October in the year 20xx

Competition for Painting

To commemorate Children’s Day, a painting competition for kids in grades VI through VIII will be held.

Date: November 13th, 20xx

9.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.

Playground at the school

Students are required to bring their own art supplies. On the spot, the subject will be announced. The winners will get attractive rewards. Please contact the undersigned for additional information.



Art Instructor

Example 3

Take a look at the following conversation between an instructor and a pupil.

Astha: Good morning, ma’am. Is it true that you requested my assistance?

Teacher: Come to Astha, of course. I needed to visit you for a very essential reason.

Astha: Ma’am, what is it about you?

Teacher: Astha, as you are aware, our schools are hosting a Week of Culture this year, and information about it is posted on the bulletin board.

Astha: Yes, ma’am. What should I write in it, though?

Teacher: Please note that auditions for dancing, singing, and theater will be held in the conference hall on the 10th of this month from 8 a.m. to 8.30 a.m. for those who are interested.

Astha: That’s good, but who should the volunteers’ names be given to?

Teacher: Instruct the volunteers to fill out their home captions with their names, contact information, and the activity they wish to participate in. 

Astha: Okay, ma’am, I’ll take care of it. 

Write the note on Astha’s behalf. Make a list of all the information you’ll need.




November 2nd, 20xx

Week of Culture

The purpose of this letter is to advise students in grades VI through XII that the schools are hosting a week-long Cultural Extravaganza for which auditions will be place in the Auditorium on November 10, 20xx between 8:00 am and 8:30 am. Students that are interested in participating in dancing, singing, or theater should contact their respective House-Captains. 



Captain of Culture


the first question

You are Pradeep/Pradeepti Mehta, a Venkateshwar International School student in class VI. Prepare a message to be posted on the school bulletin board encouraging students to purchase your used textbooks in good condition.

2nd question

 You are CPH Public School’s Head Boy/Girl, Arush/ArushiTandon. An Inter-House English Poetry Competition is being held at our school. Prepare a note to be posted on the school bulletin board informing pupils of the situation. Make a list of all the information you’ll need. 

Question three

Raghav Pandey is a sixth-grade student at AVB Public School in Delhi. You must post a notice telling students in grades VI-VIII about the upcoming winter event that will be held at your school. Make the notification.

4th question

As Mrs. Namrata, Bal Bhavan School’s School Librarian, has informed the pupils, an old book sale will be place in the A.V. Room on the coming second Saturday during school hours. Parents who want to purchase books are welcome as well. Prepare a note on Mrs. Namrata’s behalf, including all pertinent information.

5th question

A large number of pupils at Pune’s Gravity International School are returning to bunking. As the school’s Head Boy, Jai Gupta, drafts a message sternly advising them to refrain from such behavior or face grave consequences.

6th question

You are N.P. School’s Cultural Caption, Mohit/Mahika Gupta. Prepare a message inviting the prefectorial team of the school to a meeting to discuss Teacher’s Day festivities. Make a list of all the information you’ll need.

7th question 

You are Ashish Jain, a student in Gaziabad’s VI-C Exford Public School. You misplaced your Science practical registration while playing basketball. Make a public announcement about it and offer an appropriate prize to the finder.  

8th question 

Your school, Rose Valley High School in Nainital, is hosting an Inter-School Speech Contest on the theme of “India.” As secretary of the school literary club, Chitra Nagpal, drafts a notice inviting pupils in grades VI to VIII to participate in the competition.

9th question

M.B. International School’s yearly middle school inspection will take place on August 18, 20xx. The classes will be inspected by the education board’s vice-chairman. Prepare a note informing the pupils about the inspection and requesting that they be prepared. Tushar/Tiah, you’re the Head Boy/Girl.

the first question0

The datasheet for the half-yearly examination of the middle classes of Bal Bharati Public School, Kolkata, has been somewhat revised because to a change in the Eid vacation. Draft a proper note for the same as Siddarth/Shivani Lahoti, School Prefect. 

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The “paragraph writing topics for class 6” is an article that has a list of paragraph topics to write about. The list includes topics such as the “Notice Writing for Class 6, 7, Tips, Topics, Format, Examples, Questions.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a Class 6 notice?

A: A class 6 notice is a letter of recommendation from someone who knows you and supports your application, but does not have any official connection with the school.

How do you write a notice question?

A: A notice question is a question that asks the user to provide information on what they think their note means.

How do I write a class 7 notice?

A: A class 7 notice is written when you are going to serve a summons, subpoena or other legal process on another person. Your court may provide instructions for how the document should be drafted and served.

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