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The “notice writing questions” is a question that is asked in the cbse class 8 and 9. The topics can be found in the notice format.

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Short Definition: The purpose of a notice is to provide information.

It is critical that knowledge be conveyed correctly in every setting, whether it is an institution, a school, or an industrial or business one. A notice is a formal method of communication that entails making a public notification about an upcoming event. It’s short and sweet, and it’s aimed squarely at the intended demographic.

Writing an effective notice: some pointers

  • Name of the organization/school/institution
  • NOTICE is a term that means “take notice” ( in the second line and in the center)
  • The date on which the notification was sent out is the date on which the notice was sent out
  • Caption / Headline / Title that is appropriate
  • What is the purpose of drafting the notice?
  • Schedule specifics ( date, time, venue, duration)
  • The individual issuing the notice’s signature, name, and designation.

Notice Format for Classes 8 and 9



Date of Publication

  1. Title/Caption/Headline
  2. What is the purpose/event for which the notification is being written?
  3. The event’s date, time, and location
  4.  Who should I contact?


The name of the person who has issued the notification. 


Notice Writing Types, Topics, and Different Purposes

Notices are used for a variety of reasons. Read and comprehend.

  • Notice of Appeal
  • Notice Has Been Ignored
  • Notification of discovery


Notice of Appeal

This includes the notice of an event that clearly states the event’s name, organizer, occasion, date, time, location, activities, contact information, and so forth.

 Prepare an announcement for the school bulletin board about a four-day vacation to Madhya Pradesh. Consider the requirements.

Silver Place School is a private school located in Silver City,


September 15th, 20xx

Madhya Pradesh, a four-day trip

The school is organizing a Madhya Pradesh, a four-day trip for Classes VIII to XII, form 15 October 20xx to 1The date is October 8, 20xx.. Submit the letter and cheque to the undersigned.

Sanyal, Amrita

Head Girl

Notice Has Been Ignored

This kind of notification provides information about a lost object, including the date it was lost, any identifying markings (if any), who to contact, when, and where.

You are Clas VIII B’s Jasmine. You’ve misplaced your wallet, which included some cash and your identification card. Request that the finder return it to you by posting a notice on the school bulletin board. Promise a certain prize. 


Strawberry Fields School is a public elementary school located in Strawberry Fields


The date is October 8, 20xx.

Purse Is Missing

A rectangular pink leather handbag measuring 8cm by 10cm has gone missing. It holds critical papers as well as cash up to Rs. 550 and an ID card. The finder will be awarded with a tasty treat from the school cafeteria. Please contact the undersigned, Finder.

Sharma, Jasmine


Notification of discovery

This kind of notice announces the discovery of an object and includes information such as the location where it was discovered, the goal of the notice (to identify and claim the piece), who to contact, and when and where to contact them. If complete information about the discovered articles were provided, everyone would come to claim the article.

Rajnish from Class VIII A is your name. In the school library, you discovered a pencil box. Write a message to be posted on the school bulletin board, requesting that the true owner come pick it up. 

Pinewoods Public School is a public elementary school located in Pinewoods,


September 4th, 20xx

Found a pencil box

The school canteen has been raided for a wooden pencil box. Some pencils, an ink rubber, a scale, a protractor, and a compass are included. The owner is invited to pick it up, but only after presenting acceptable confirmation that it is his or hers. Please contact the person listed below.

Rajnish Singh is an Indian businessman.


Writing Questions for Students in Grades 8 and 9

the first question

Your school has put together a health camp. Write a note to the other pupils telling them of the situation.

2nd question

The Drama Club at your school is putting on a play. Invite kids to join in the play by writing a message to be posted on the school bulletin board. Declare yourself the Drama Club’s secretary.

 Question three

In the first week of November, your school is hosting a Social Service Camp. Adults are meant to be educated by you. Invite kids to volunteer by writing a note to be posted on the school bulletin board. 

4th question

Invite friends to the Annual Day Function, which is hosted by your school’s Drama Club. Make a list of all the information you’ll need.

5th question

A carnival is being planned at your school. Make a public announcement requesting students to contribute old clothes, books, and other items to be sold during the carnival. Sign up to be a member of your school’s social club. 

6th question

You’ve discovered a school blazer on the playground. It has money, a handkerchief, and a watch in its pockets. Write a message to be posted on the school bulletin board, requesting that the owner of the blazer come pick it up. 

For students in grades 8 and 9, a notice writing pdf is available.

Notice writng for class 9, 8 pdf download Download pdf (885 downloads)


Notice writing is a method of communication that is used in schools. It can be used to communicate information, instructions, or warnings to students. This text will include topics and examples of notices. Reference: notice writing for class 7.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a class 8 notice?

A: A class 8 notice is a formal notification that you intend to officially terminate an agreement with someone. You will need to file this form at the county office in order for your termination to be official.

How do you write a notice question?

A: You can not use the word notice on your question.

What are the examples of notice?

A: The following are some examples of the notices you may see when using Beat Saber PSVR.
Notice! Your controller connection is overdue, please reconnect your controllers now or the game will have to be reset.
Notice! You must sync your headset before playing this title. Please plug in and turn on your headset now or else this game will start without any music being played through it.
Notice! This song has no audio data for a given controller, please try another one if possible

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