This lesson plan for nouns is designed to help teach the vocabulary and definitions of a variety of different words, from animals to countries. The worksheet can be used as an assessment for your students or just as a tool for review.

The “noun exercises with answers pdf” is a worksheet that helps kids learn nouns. It includes a list of common nouns, their types and examples.

Noun for kids, Types, Examples, Worksheet, PDF

Hi, This article is written specifically for children; if you are a teacher or a student looking for noun for children, you have come to the right place. I have written everything about noun for children, including types of noun in English grammar, and here you will find a complete explanation of all types of noun, along with examples, to help you understand the topic better. I also publish some worksheets or activities that you can use to test yourself or your students, and you can get the PDF by clicking the link below.

What is the definition of a noun?

A noun is a term that is used to name something. Things, people, places, and emotions are all categorized as Nouns.

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Types of nouns

In English grammar, there are four sorts of nouns.

  1. Noun that is often used
  2. Noun (proper)
  3. Noun for a group of people
  4. Noun in the abstract
  5. Noun of a substance


Raghav, an upright guy, is in charge of the army.

In the above sentence, Raghav is a Noun (proper) Man is a Noun that is often used army is a Noun for a group of people honesty is an Noun in the abstract.


Noun that is often used

Definition:  In a simple way, a Noun that is often used refers to the name common to all persons or things of the same kind, e.g. boy, girl, city, book, etc. Noun that is often useds are so common it is generally referred to as a name and describe a class of person things animals etc. like we call a boy it stand for the whole community of boys it may be Ram, Shyam, John or any other boy. as we call river so will show the whole rivers so it is a common word for all rivers like Ganga, Amazon, Nile, etc. Examples:- Boys, Girls, Rivers, Mountains, etc.

10 examples of the Noun that is often useds for kids.

  1. I saw a little youngster trembling from the cold.
  2. The cat chased down the mouse.
  3. The boys are out on the field.
  4. Sharda is a voracious reader.
  5. My umbrella is rather pricey.
  6. Fruit comes from trees.
  7. Cows produce milk.
  8. Water is beneficial to one’s health.
  9. Butter is a must for survival.
  10. Jaipur is the Paris of India. (important sentence ‘In this sentence Noun (proper) convert into a Noun that is often used.’)

Noun (proper)

Definition: Noun (proper) refers to the name of a particular place, person or thing, e.g. Taj Mahal, Ganges, New Delhi, etc.

10 examples of Noun (proper) for kids.

  1. Akbar was a magnificent ruler.
  2. Agra is home to the Taj Mahal.
  3. Mr. Ratan is an expert in his field.
  4. Aman is the owner of this property.
  5. Ashoka was an unflappable ruler.
  6. Ram is a close buddy of mine.
  7. I now reside in Delhi.
  8. She looked up at the night sky.
  9. Riya pines for her college days.
  10. London is a lovely city.

Noun for a group of people

Definition: Noun for a group of people refers to the name of a group or collection of many taken together, e.g. crowd, herd, fleet, etc.

10 examples of Noun for a group of people for kids.

  1. The hall was packed with people.
  2. In the fields, a group of sheep were grazing.
  3. A musical ensemble.
  4. A corporation with a board of directors.
  5. A slew of ladies, girls, and policemen, to name a few.
  6. A bunch of grapes, a key, and so forth.
  7.  A hay and stick bundle.
  8. Merchants, pilgrims, and travelers form a caravan.
  9.  A mountain range or series of mountains.
  10. A singers’ choir.

Noun in the abstract

Definition: Noun in the abstract refers to the name of a feeling, state of mind or quality, something which cannot but only felt, e.g. honesty, bravery, childhood, etc.

Note: Noun in the abstracts can be formed from adjectives, verbs and Noun that is often useds by adding a ‘suffix’ to them.

From Noun that is often used Verbs are derived from Using adjectives as examples:

Slave – Slavery – Slavery – Slavery – Slavery

Heroism is a term used to describe a person who acts heroically.

Friendship is a term used to describe a relationship between two people.

Choose wisely.

Create – To make something.

Know – Understanding

Laughter, laughter, laughter, laughter, laughter, laughter, laughter, laughter, laughter, laughter

ecstatic – joyous 

Enjoy – Pleasure

Kindness is the quality of being kind.

Wise is a word that means “wise.”


10 examples of Noun in the abstract for kids.

  1. I told him how grateful I was.
  2. The best policy is to be honest.
  3. It is in the eyes of the beholders that beauty exists.
  4. His rage obliterated everything.
  5. London is a lovely city.
  6. Her acts caused her parents a great deal of humiliation.
  7. Beauty is a nine-day phenomenon.
  8. The best medicine is laughter.
  9. Poverty is the worst affliction.
  10. Certain individuals seem to have an easy time achieving success.

Noun of a substance

Definition: Noun of a substance is the nouns that refer to the names of materials or substances out of which things are made or the name of something which is tangible.

10 examples of Noun of a substance for kids. 

  1. Gold is a costly metal.
  2. Cotton is a naturally occurring fiber.
  3. Water is necessary for our survival.
  4. Copper is a very useful metal.
  5. The ring I’m wearing is composed of gold.
  6. The brass is yellow in color.
  7. My sister has a cellphone.
  8. A badminton racquet is in my possession.
  9. For the cake, I’ll need some water.
  10. My father has a diamond store.

Noun Worksheet/Exercise for Children

Here is a noun worksheet for kids with two practice questions.

Question 1: Find out which Types of nounss are the underlined words.

  1. Make certain you choose a prestigious university.
  2. Carefully stack the cartons.
  3. Girish came into a hyena gang in the woods.
  4. Christie authored a lot of novels.
  5. Certain individuals seem to have an easy time achieving success.
  6. Our squad is on a winning run that hasn’t been broken.

Question 2: Choose the proper choice to fill in the blank.

  1. A swarm of bees (swarm, Shoal, fleet, group)
  2. A bouquet of roses. (A bed, a parcel, a bundle, or a clump)
  3. India is one of the world’s most populous nations (land, countries, city, state.)
  4. A large number of had assembled to watch the game. (persons, kid, female, boy)
  5. There was no traffic control because there was no . (persons, police officers, guys)
  6. A powerful animal is a . (a cat, a dog, an elephant, and an owl)

For youngsters, there is a Noun in English PDF.

Children’s noun Download a free PDF of a noun for children (2920 downloads)

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The “identifying nouns in a paragraph with answers pdf” is a worksheet that will help children identify nouns in text. The sheet includes instructions on how to use the worksheet and examples of words that are identified as nouns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is noun and its types with examples PDF?

A: Nouns can be classified as proper nouns, common nouns, and indefinite articles. Proper names are always capitalized in speech when they function as a single word such as Microsoft or Chris. Common nouns are words like cat or car which have no specific meaning but carry some general connotation of what that thing is. Indefinite articles (or adjectives) associate things with groups of people or concepts without specifying who the group is specifically–for example, this one refers to everyone on Earth while that one would refer to all women living today.

What are the types of noun for Kids?

A: There are many types of nouns for kids. Some of them include things like animals, vegetables and fruits, colors and objects in nature.

What are the types of noun with examples?

A: The types of noun are common, proper nouns, adjectives and verbs. A few examples of these would be the, is, a or even the word itself!

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