Nouns are one of the most commonly used words in a sentence. There are many types to get you started including proper noun and common noun, which is just another name for any word that isn’t an article or pronoun. This list will help you remember what each type is called so that it can be properly referred to throughout your paper.

The “identifying nouns in a paragraph with answers pdf” is an exercise that has been created by the author to help students identify nouns. The exercise includes a list of types, test and pdf.

Nouns For Class/Grade 8, Types, Exercise, Test and Pdf

Greetings, Children’s Today, we’ll go over English Grammar Nouns for Class 8 and the many types of nouns. Now we’ll practice nouns with the Nouns For Class 8 Exercise/Worksheet.

A noun is a group of words or a single word that is used to refer to a person, a location, a concept, or an object.

A person, animal, place, thing, quality, or noun may be defined as a word by which a person, animal, place, thing, quality, etc. can be determined.

Peter, Riya, and Ram are three people. School, home, and city are all examples of places. Lion, whale, and lizard are examples of animals. Car, Phone, and Books are examples of things. Success, Pride, and Bravery are three concepts that come to mind.

We may claim that all naming words are nouns in English.

Noun Examples: 5

  1. Bunny is my name.
  2. Riya enjoys eating cake.
  3. In the Jim Corbet, we saw tigers.
  4. Your books have been placed on the table.
  5. Competitions for video games are held for children.  

The strong words in the preceding phrases are instances of nouns.

Exercise on Noun Types/Kinds for Class 8

There are four different types of nouns in class 8:

  1. Nouns that are often used 
  2. Noun with a proper names are words that have a specific meaning. 
  3. Nouns that refer to a group
  4. Nouns that are abstract

1. Nouns that are often used

A Noun that is often used is a universal or a common name for a person, place, or thing in a class. Nouns that are often used do not belong to any particular person, place, object, and animal where they don’t have specific names. Example: Singer, app, tree, laptop, city, dog, author, language, and so on.

A Noun that is often used should always be written in lowercase. It is not written in capital letters unless it is part of a phrase or occurs in a header. 

Examples of Noun that is often useds include:

  1. I saw a group of guys walking towards the hospital.
  2.  We’re heading to the park in the city.
  3. What school did your brother attend? 
  4. I finished a new book.
  5. My sister was accepted into college.

In the previous sentences, the bold words are the Nouns that are often used. 

Class 8 Noun that is often used Worksheet/Exercise

In the Presented Sentences, underline the common lines:

  1. Divya is a young lady.
  2. My brother is a physician.
  3. This is a widely accepted hypothesis.
  4. I will provide you with all pertinent information on the company’s initiative.
  5. I like rabbits, but not as much as you do.
  6. She also teaches language at home in addition to math.
  7. It’s extremely chilly outdoors, so I need my jacket.
  8. She was just a gifted lady in this place.
  9. Three years ago, I lived in this nation.
  10. Her father works for the Delhi government.


  1. Girl
  2. Brother 
  3. Theory
  4. Project
  5. Rabbits
  6. Language
  7. Jacket
  8. Woman
  9. Country
  10. Father

Noun with a proper names are the second kind of noun. are words that have a specific meaning.

A Noun with a proper name is a term provided to identify a certain person, object, or location. The Noun with a proper name results in a one-of-a-kind thing. It’s a noun that refers to a particular person or object, and it’s also called a proper name. This might be the name of any nation, state, individual, or business, as well as a brand name such as Ferrari, Amazon, or Tata. It’s critical to utilize capital letters correctly when using a Noun with a proper name in written work. When adopting a Noun with a proper name, keep in mind that the beginning or first letter should always be a capital. Because we’re talking about a specific noun, let’s look at some examples of Noun with a proper names: Mishu, Delhi, and Africa.

Noun with a proper names for class 8 include the following:

  1. She always joins Mary at the gym.
  2. We’ll meet at McDonald’s.
  3. This company’s Finance Department is led by Mr. Gautam.
  4. Last weekend, my family and I saw Avengers: Infinity War. 
  5.  I board a train bound for Delhi.

In the above sentences, the bold highlight words are the Noun with a proper names are words that have a specific meaning..

Class 8 Noun with a proper name Exercise

In each of the following statements, one noun has been bolded for you. Fill up the blanks with “Noun that is often used” or “Noun with a proper name”:

  1. In society park, Vihaan played with his closest buddy.
  2. How many books do you need to get her?
  3. Sakshi celebrates her birthday in June.
  4. Lucy is now residing in the United States of America.
  5. Daniel was offered a position with a different firm.
  6. Last weekend, I watched Deadpool.
  7. Last year, he graduated from Cambridge University.
  8. Our new classmate can dance well.
  9. Every Monday, I used to go to the temple.
  10. Snoopy is the name of my favorite dog.  


  1. Noun with a proper name
  2. Comm0n is a noun that means “common” in English.
  3. Noun with a proper name
  4. Noun with a pronoun
  5. Noun that is often used
  6. Noun with a proper name
  7. Noun with a proper name
  8. Noun that is often used
  9. Noun with a proper name
  10. Noun that is often used

3. Nouns that refer to a group

A collective noun is used to indicate a collection of particular things, people, animals, or it belongs to a group. Nouns that refer to a group always take singular verb forms. They are words use for single things that are made up of more than one animal, place, person, thing, or idea. Words like; bouquet, shoal, colony, crowd, etc. are Nouns that refer to a group.

Collective noun examples

  1. A herd of goats, sheep, or birds.
  2. A mouse roost
  3. Boats in a fleet
  4. Peacocks/Lions in a Pride.
  5. Mountains in a range.

In the above sentences, the bold highlight words are the Nouns that refer to a group.

Experiment with Collective Nouns

Fill in the blanks to complete the sentences:

A Glimmer of monkeys
a variety of players
A deck of lions
a fleet of ships stairs
a group of people mountains
A Source of Pride students
a type of ships
A Team of cards
A Flight of Fancy zebras
a horde of frog
a legion of bees



  1.  A Glimmer of Zebras
  2.  a variety of mountains
  3.  A set of playing cards
  4.  a fleet of ships sheep
  5.  a group of people monkey 
  6.  A Source of Pride lion
  7.  a type of Students
  8.  A Cast of Characters
  9.  A Flight of Fancy Stairs
  10.  a horde of Bees
  11.  a legion of Frogs

4. Nouns that are abstract

An abstract noun is untouchable. An abstract noun represents something that might or might not be tangible, but either way, cannot be touched or viewed like listening, touching, observing, tasting, or smelling. The things that affect Nouns that are abstract could also be touched and seen, but the abstract noun itself cannot. Noun that is often useds that are abstract include; loyalty, peace, love, hate, honesty, anger, etc.

Abstract noun examples

  1. They will be defeated by Emmy.
  2. My granddad had lost confidence in financial institutions.
  3. My suggestion was ridiculed by all of the pupils.
  4. She is apprehensive about going on a vacation with her buddies.
  5. To raise public awareness regarding covid problems, they created a campaign.


Recognize the abstract noun in the following sentences:

  1. All of the seniors are punished by the instructor.
  2. Mr. Steven was known for his friendliness.
  3. My father is a wealth of knowledge.
  4. Her mother is willing to give up everything for her daughter.
  5. In the presence of elders, it is in my instinct to keep mute.  
  6. Captain received a commendation for his gallantry.
  7. Happiness for girls is shopping for new outfits.
  8. Peter was enraged with jealousy.
  9. Bunny was terrified.
  10. All of this is being done by Mansi in order to gain sympathy.


  1. Punishment
  2. Kindness
  3. Wisdom
  4. Sacrifices
  5. Silent
  6. Bravery
  7. Happiness
  8. Angry
  9. Fear
  10. Sympathy

Quiz on Nouns for Class 8 

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If you want to get the Nouns For Class 8 Pdf, please use the link provided below. Download the PDF version here (461 downloads)




The “common and proper nouns worksheets pdf” is a PDF file that contains common and proper nouns. It also has an exercise, test, and an answer key.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is noun and its types with examples PDF?

A: A noun is a person, place or object that we can think of and identify. There are four different types of nouns: proper names (such as the Empire State Building), plants/animals/objects (sheep, a cat) and abstractions such as thoughts or emotions.

What are the types of noun class 8?

A: There are many different types of nouns. Some examples would be a person, place or thing. Here is the list of some that you might see in your test:
-Noun Class 8a

What are common nouns PDF?

A: Common nouns are usually nouns that do not have a possessive case.

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