This quiz will help you remember how to read an English sentence with one word substitutions.

“One Word Substitution in English Grammar, Examples, Quiz” is a blog post that includes an exercise to practice the one word substitution technique. The post also includes examples and quiz questions.

One Word Substitution in English Grammar, Examples, Quiz

Good day, readers! Hello, and welcome back to Performdigi. We’ll talk about One Word Substitution in English grammar in this post. Worksheets and activities with answers have been supplied. You will get a basic grasp of English One Word Substitution if you read this subject thoroughly and complete the homework. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What is the meaning of one-word substitution?

A single word is substituted for a collection of words in One Word Substitution.

1. Words are used to describe experts and individuals with a variety of characteristics, habits, and talents.

Phrase One Word
One who has limitless power Autocrat
Someone who walks on a tightrope Funambulist
An specialist in handwriting Chirographer
The doctor who attends to the birth of a child Obstetrician
Corns in the feet and hands are treated by a doctor. Chiropodist
A doctor who specializes in female reproductive health. Gynecologist
The root canal and nerve therapy specialist Endodontist
The Orthodontist is a dentist who straightens teeth. Orthodontist
A bone specialist is a physician who specializes in the treatment of bone disorders. Orthopedician
The Ophthalmologist is a doctor who specializes in treating eye disorders. Ophthalmologist
A gum specialist is a doctor who specializes in treating gum disease. Periodontist
A Cardiologist is a physician who specializes in the treatment of cardiac ailments. Cardiologist
A Dermatologist is a physician who specializes in the treatment of skin problems. Dermatologist
The All-Powerful Omnipotent
One who knows everything Omniscient
Someone who is everywhere Omnipresent
One who has the ability to fling his voice Ventriloquist
Those who converse while sleeping Somniloquist
Participant in a discourse or conversation Interlocutor
One who is asleep while walking Somnambulist
Someone who goes on a night stroll Noctambulist
One who vehemently opposes established ideas and customs Iconoclast
One who concentrates his mind on himself Introvert
One who focuses his thoughts on others. Extrovert
Someone who can be both inwardly and outwardly at the same time. Ambivert
a person who insists on rigorous adherence to regulations Martinet
Someone who believes in aggressive self-promotion. Egoist
a person who does not drink alcohol Teetotaler
One who exemplifies bravery and fearlessness. Intrepid
One who is readily convinced by others Credulous
a person who is able to use both hands Ambidextrous
Someone who is well-versed in delicious cuisine and wine. Connoisseur
One who is incapable of change Incorrigible
Known for its negative characteristics Notorious
Perfectly, highly competent artists have attained the pinnacle of their craft. Consummate
a sassy, loud-mouthed woman Virago
Someone who is too passionate, chivalrous, and irrational. Quixotic

2. Words are employed to express a variety of preferences and dislikes.

Phrase One Word
a flatterer who is a boot licker Sycophant
Someone who is passionate about food and beverages. Gourmet
Manly adoration kind Philanthropy
Someone who enjoys book collecting Bibliophile
Someone who loves and respects the British Anglophile
Someone who loves without being passionate about it Philanderer
Favoritism for women Philogyny
Someone who adores males Androphile
One who is fond of knowledge (hence pursues it) Philosopher
Someone who despises males Misandrist
Preoccupation with men (madness) or obsession with guys (obsession) Romania is another example.
Someone who despises women Misogynist
Whoever despises man kind Misanthropist
One who loves his homeland Patriot
Love for one’s nation that is excessive Exceptional patriotism
Someone who despises marriage Misogamist
One who enjoys speaking Loquacious
Dislike is strong and deep. Antipathy
Experiencing identical emotions at the same time Sympathy
Mentally associating oneself with someone or something else Empathy
Something or someone makes you melancholy or pity-filled. Pathetic

3. Words applied for practices & views related to religion, marriage, and family.

Phrase One Word
Having to do with marriage Matrimony
a person who believes in God’s presence Theist
One who does not believe in God’s existence. Atheist
One who believes in the concept of a single God. Monotheist
a person who believes in several gods Polytheist
A person who thinks that God is the unification of all the universe’s energies. Pantheist
Religious insanity Theomania
The Gods vs. Gods conflict Theomachy
Only having one marriage (having only one wife) Monogamy
Having two marriages at the same time (having two wives) Bigamy
Multiple marriages are a common occurrence (having many wives) Polygamy
Self-fertilization is a phenomenon that occurs often in plants. Autogamy
Within one’s own tribe, one may marry. Endogamy
Marriage outside of one’s tribe is frowned upon. Exogamy
Having a number of husbands Polyandry
Individuals with both male and female sexual organs Hermaphrodite
a gift from your father Patrimony
A name that is based on the surname of the father. Patronymic
Fatherhood Paternity
A fatherly figure. Patriarch

4. Various words are used to describe different governing systems.

Phrase One Word
One-person government (royal) Monarchy
Two agencies govern the country. Diarchy
A few strong individuals rule the country. Oligarchy
Military-industrial complex governance Stratocracy
God’s direction in government Theocracy
State agencies govern the country. Bureaucracy
The nobility governs. Aristocracy
Rich people run the government. Plutocracy
The people’s government Democracy
A country’s governance structure that suggests a father-child relationship. Paternalism
One-man rule is unquestionably effective. Autocracy
Government is not present. Anarchy
A male-dominated or controlled system Patriarchy
The mother’s authority or control Matriarchy
Control or self-rule Autonomy

5. Words used to describe various types of murders and manias.

Phrase One Word
The assassination of one’s spouse Mariticide
The murder of parents Parricide
The annihilation of an entire race Genocide
The murder of a newborn kid is a heinous crime. Infanticide
The assassination of a king Regicide
The assassination of a human person Homicide
The act of murdering oneself Suicide
The assassination of a parent Patricide
The assassination of a mother Matricide
The assassination of one’s sibling Fratricide
The assassination of one’s sister Sororicide
The assassination of one’s wife Uxoricide
Consumption of alcohol is compelled by a morbid urge. Dipsomania
An irrational desire to steal Kleptomania
An irrational desire to steal books Bibliokleptomania
The irrational desire to create a fire Pyromania
The irrational belief in one’s own power, significance, or holiness. Megalomania
A woman’s irrational and overwhelming desire Nymphomania
A man’s irrational and unrestrained desire Satyromania
A person with a single-track mind is someone who only thinks about one thing at a time. Monomania
The need to deceive others Mythomania
Obsession with anything is a kind of insanity. Mania

6. Words associated with spoken and written works

Phrase One Word
A book that contains all of an author’s published work. Omnibus
A letter from a faraway location Telegraph
Language that is less formal and grammatically rigorous. Colloquial
Talking around is a technique for communicating in a non-direct manner. Circumlocution
Talk that is kind and forgiving Magniloquent
Words are used in a way that is expressive. Eloquent
Speech or writing with a pretentious tone Grandiloquent
A celebrity’s signature (signature of oneself) Autograph
Before you begin, take a walk or make an introduction comment. Preamble
The act of writing one’s life narrative Biography
The act of writing one’s own life narrative Autobiography
Light has written the story. Photograph
A few well-chosen words that convey a lot of information in a short amount of Laconic
A monologue spoken to oneself. Soliloquy

7. Words are associated with certain types of objects, events, and locations.

Phrase One Word
A spot where the sun can shine and people can sunbathe. Solarium
Fish and other aquatic creatures may be housed in a glass container. Aquarium
A place to put your feet or a platform for a speaker Podium
The section of a theatre where spectators and listeners sit. Auditorium
An optical instrument that may be used to produce a variety of celestial pictures and effects. Planetarium
A facility for the care of chronically unwell people. Sanatorium
A gallery is a location where artifacts are displayed. Museum
Every autumn, trees lose their foliage. Deciduous
What happens to you occurs to you. Incident
That which is the responsibility of someone or something Accident
That which is borne by Western nations Occidental
The institution to which one goes to school or college Alma Mater is a university in the United States.
A vehicle that moves on its own. Automobile
It’s a self-contained machine. Automatic
A carriage for a baby Perambulator
A wheelchair-accessible carriage Ambulance

8. Various words are used to describe different types of food consumers and eating behaviors.

Phrase One Word
surviving on nothing Omnivorous
surviving only on fruits Frugivorous
One who only eats fruits Fruitarian
a person who does not consume animal meat Vegetarian
a person who eats human flesh Cannibal
a person who likes food in a sensuous way Gourmand
Someone who has a disgusting eating habit Glutton
surviving by eating meat Carnivorous
Grass-based living Herbivorous
surviving only on fish Piscivorous
a person who consumes a wide variety of foods Omnivorous
Phrase One Word
A gaze back or a glimpse into the past Retrospect
A gaze forward or a glimpse into the future Prospect
Look inwardly or examine one’s intentions. Introspect
to investigate thoroughly Inspect
A skeptic’s gaze or an evaluation of one’s motivations Suspect
Keep a close eye on your surroundings. Circumspect
to wander about aimlessly Amble
When two things happen at the same time Coincident
For a long time, something has been happening again and again. Chronic
Someone or something from another era Anachronism
to emigrate from one’s own country Expatriate
To go for a tour around an area, particularly in a ritualistic manner Circumambulate
A very precise timepiece Chronometer
Make it such that everything happens at the same moment. Synchronize
An device that keeps track of tiny time intervals. Chronograph
The ability to move in any direction Omnidirectional


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One word substitution for pte exam is a technique used to make sentences longer. The technique uses a word that is similar in meaning as the target word, but with one letter changed. In this article, I will provide examples of how the technique can be used and also provide a quiz on it. Reference: one word substitution for pte exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is one word substitution give any 10 examples?

A: One word substitutions are where you replace a given word with another one, usually to make the sentence more interesting or relevant. For example, hes could be replaced by shes, Im mad as hell could be changed to something like my mom is crazy.

What is called one word substitution?

A: One word substitution is a technique in which the existing text of an original work is replaced with one-word substitutes. This can be done through a computer program, or manually by hand so long as it has been pre-determined beforehand what each replacement word would mean.

How do you learn one word by substitution?

A: To learn one word by substitution, you take a sentence and replace each letter of the word with another. For example, He went to the store could be broken down into three words — h,e and g. Youd then substitute each letter in turn for its partner letters until only one is left.

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