This blog will introduce you to different words that refer to the same concept. It is important for kids who are learning English as a second language or just want to become more familiar with it, because this topic often arises when teaching grammatical rules and pronunciation.

Opposite words for kids are words that have the same meaning but opposite spellings. The “50 opposite words” is a list of 50 different opposites to help teach children how to spell, and also learn their vocabulary.

Opposite Words for Kids

For youngsters, we offer a large variety of opposing terms. These are basic and easy to learn words. These are simple to learn for school-aged children. 

Kids’ Words That Are Opposite

Words Words that are diametrically opposed
Long Short
Good Bad
Love Hate
Expensive Cheap
Hot Cold
Poor Rich
Right Left
Wet Dry
Thin Thick
Fast Slow
Bright Dark
Low High
Open Close
Strong Weak
Full Empty
Happy Sad
Hard Easy
In  Out
Little Big
Go Come
Clean Dirty
Simple Complex
Brave Scared
Invisible  Visible
Silent Noise
Night Day
Give Take
Up  Down
More Less
Enter Exit
Difficult Easy
Dim Bright
Blank Full
Funny Serious
Healthy Sick
Heavy Light
Normal Strange
Start Finish
Victory Defeat
Sweet Sour
Wide Narrow
Ask  Reply
Powerful Weak
Messy Neat
Ugly Pretty
Polite Rude
Few Many
Ancient Modern
Amateur Professional
Junior Senior
Special  General
Supporter Opponent
Poverty Wealth
Lie Truth
Alive Dead
Above Below
Busy Free
Buy Sell
Bottom Top
Male Female
Gay Straight
Black White
Birth Death
Big Small
Calm Excited
Centre  Outside
Careless  Careful
Clear  Cloudy
Comedy  Tragedy
Correct  Wrong
Cruel  Kind
Defeat  Win
Devil  Angel
Early Late
Peace War
Child Adult

Kids’ Words That Are Opposite

Additional Grammar

The “opposite words for class 3” is a game that helps children learn their opposites. It also helps with vocabulary, spelling, and reading comprehension.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the opposite word for child?

A: To be a child is to not have any parents.

How do you teach opposite words to children?

A: The best way to teach children opposite words is teaching them the meaning. This will allow you to use a word in context and introduce it as an opposite of another word, such as good being bad or happy being sad. Otherwise, try telling children stories that go along with the meanings of these words so they can associate each story with their appropriate meaning.

What is opposite in simple words?

A: Opposite means in regards to your position, or when you are looking at something from a different angle.

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