As a school peon, I have duties that vary from carrying books to watering plants at the back of the school. There are many shifts during the day and it is hard to keep track of our hours worked.

The “essay about school peon” is a piece of writing that students are required to write in order to complete the class. The essay tells the reader about the role, responsibilities and duties of a school peon.

Our School Peon Essay for class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Our institution Ratan Singh is our school’s peon, and he has written an essay on him. He is an integral element of the school. He is a tall and powerful man. He is a highly busy and intelligent young man. He was born and raised in the village. He’s dressed in khaki.

He is the earliest to arrive at school and the last to go. He is the one who starts the school in the morning. He cleans up the desks and chairs. He enters the principal’s chambers. He maintains a spotless environment. He adds flowers to it as a finishing touch. To make it nice and tidy, he dusts it. He also enters the office. He makes sure that everything is in order.

When he rings the bell, the school day begins. After each session, he rings the bell. His task is quite difficult. He is responsible for the Principal, instructors, and clerks. He is a dedicated worker.

He may often be spotted walking about the campus. In his work, he is completely honest. He is really kind and nice. He may be nasty to the lads at times.

His earnings are really poor. He survives on his wits. He doesn’t know how to read, write, or perform math, yet he gets the job done to the satisfaction of the Principal, the teacher, and the office staff.

As a result, he is a significant figure in the school. He is sincere in his efforts. He is a dependable and timely individual.

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The farewell speech for school peon is a speech that is given to the person who has been in charge of taking care of the school. It is a way to say goodbye and thank them for all their hard work.

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