Tiger Grants is a nonprofit that helps fund schools in Cambodia. It’s founder, Michelle, started the organization to help kids and their families by giving them grants they can use for their daily needs such as rice and clean water. Tiger also provides education services like literacy classes to provide future opportunities for these children.

Save Tiger for Kids and Students is a nonprofit organization that works to save the endangered Bengal tiger. The “save tiger poster” is an image of a Bengal tiger with the slogan “Save Tigers.”

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Save the Tiger (paragraph)

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In the forest, the tiger is a beautiful and essential animal. Every day, the number of tigers decreases. We need to raise awareness about this, and the government should take efforts to make it a reality, so that the tiger may be saved. The Sundarban in India is home to a huge population of tigers. The Sundarban Royal Bengal Tiger is well-known around the globe. It is a one-of-a-kind animal that makes a significant contribution to the jungle’s environment. It is critical to keep them alive in order to maintain a healthy biodiversity. Otherwise, extinction would have a negative influence on the ecosystem.

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The tiger is a regal animal that is well-known around the globe. We are heartbroken to learn that they will go extinct in the near future, since the number of tigers continues to decline year after year. They play a critical role in maintaining the ecosystem’s equilibrium. Their importance in the food chain cannot be overstated. Experts are concerned that this species may go extinct at some point, which would be bad news for the ecology.

The lack of a tiger will have a significant negative influence on the ecology. Now is the time to raise awareness and educate the public about the significance of tiger conservation. We won’t be able to preserve them otherwise. We must support programs that are working hard to rescue them. The ExxonMobil Foundation established the Save the Tiger Fund in 1995, and they are currently working on it.

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According to many polls, the number of tigers worldwide is declining every year. Even specialists are concerned about the likelihood of the tiger becoming extinct. This instills fear in the hearts of tiger fans. Even though there have been several tiger-saving funds established to generate finances and assist in the conservation of tigers, tigers continue to be slaughtered and their numbers are decreasing year after year. The tiger isn’t simply another wild creature. They play a critical role in the environment. They provide a significant contribution to maintaining the ecosystem’s equilibrium. If they go extinct, it will have a significant impact on ecological diversity.

When the Dodos became extinct in Mauritius, for example, a kind of tree ceased growing, and the tree became extinct as well. Everything, as you can see, has its own influence. The tiger is more than simply another gorgeous animal in the jungle; it is intimately linked to the forest’s air, water, and soil conditions. If we don’t conserve the tiger, it will be a major menace to humanity. India and Bangladesh have the world’s largest tiger populations. The world is familiar with the famed royal Bengal tiger.

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