A school garden is a special place for students to learn about the world and grow their own food. A recent study found that schools with gardens produced higher test scores than those without them. Students who have grown vegetables, fruits and flowers in their own plots of land understand cycles of life better and are more likely to want to protect natural environments outside of school.

The “my school garden paragraph for class 7” is a paragraph that discusses the school garden and how it has been used as a learning tool. It also talks about how the students are able to grow their own food.

Paragraph on School Garden

In 100 words, write a paragraph on our school’s garden.

Our school has a garden at the entrance. Because of its ideal location, this garden has enhanced the appearance of the whole institution. Whenever a new student arrives at the school, he is awestruck by the beauty of the garden. Aside from our garden, we’ve planted roughly 100 more flower plants throughout the campus.

With the guidance and suggestions of our instructor, we completed it in a row. This is something we did last year. And this has altered the whole school environment. Our school has a natural beauty to it. It’s a little yet lovely garden. We put up a lot of effort there. We provide water and maintain the garden insect-free.    

150-word essay about your school’s garden

A school garden should be present in every school. At our school, we have a lovely garden. It was created by kids and instructors working collaboratively. We began working on the project last year. We learned about this from our agriculture instructor, and it piqued our attention. Inside the school, there were plenty of unoccupied areas. We approached the headmaster about it, and he was extremely pleased.

We chose a spot with a length of 25 feet and a width of 20 feet. For a little garden, that was not a small place. We provided water for three days there. We followed our agriculture teacher’s advice. To work in the garden, we formed a group. We went to the local nursery to get plants once the ground was ready.

We chose to plant the garden’s only flowers. We went out and purchased a lot of plants, which we then planted in the garden. We put forth a lot of effort to provide water and maintain the garden tidy. It is now a really lovely garden.    

In 200 words, write a paragraph on a school garden.

We have a beautiful garden beside the administrative building at our school. This garden was created with the help of all of the pupils. It was our headmaster’s idea from the previous year. He gathered five leaders from five classes, as well as a large number of volunteers eager to help in the garden. They entrusted us with the whole procedure. The first week was spent preparing the area for the creation of a garden.


First and foremost, we placed the water there. We received funds from the school to purchase plants. We three students visited the local nursery to learn more about plants. We chose to exclusively plant flowering trees. We listened to everyone’s suggestions and decided to purchase Rose, Dahlia, Sunflower, Marigold, and Rosemallows for our school garden. However, we were unable to locate the Dahlia in any of the nearby nurseries.

We purchased around 60 flower plants and delivered them to the school grounds. The next day was a school holiday. We, a group of ten kids, went to the school to plant the plants. It was a difficult job. Our full-time guide was our agriculture instructor. In the school, we now have a vast and lovely garden. It was only feasible because of our collective efforts.  

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My school garden paragraph for class 6 is a place where students can grow their own food and learn about the different types of plants that are available in the world. Reference: my school garden paragraph for class 6.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a garden paragraph?

A: A garden paragraph is a sentence where the main idea of what you are writing about wraps up in the end, and then it has more detail. Its an easy way to write without having to think too much about your sentences.

What is the purpose of a school garden?

A: A school garden is a place where students can grow food, learn about the surrounding environment and go on outdoor adventures. It provides healthy meals for the students of that school to eat throughout the day. Additionally, it helps teach lessons in an engaging way without requiring teachers or other people from outside of the classroom.

Why do you like your school garden?

A: I like the fact that it is free from chemicals and pesticides.

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