Learning to use prepositions is one of the foundations for better language skills, and this learning tool has been a staple in classrooms for generations. It may seem like it’s just an exercise in rote memorization with few benefits, but schools are starting to rethink how they teach kids about prepositions so that students can understand why these important bits of grammar exist.

Prepositions are words that use to before a noun. They show where something is located or what it is attached to. There are many different prepositions for kids and the list below has examples of each preposition.

Prepositions for kids, Examples, List, Worksheet

Prepositions for kids: A preposition is a word that comes before a noun (or a pronoun) and indicates the relationship between the noun (or pronoun) and the rest of the sentence.


A preposition is a word that comes before a noun or a pronoun to indicate its relationship to other words in the phrase.

Take a look at the following examples:

  1. The river is crossed by a bridge.
  2. I’m terrified of lizards.

The highlighted words in the preceding phrases demonstrate how the noun or pronouns relate to the person or object.

  1. What is the location of the bridge? over the river
  2. What is it about lizards that makes me so afraid?


Prepositions for Children’s List

of in to
for with on
at from by
about as into
like through after
over between out
against during without
before under around
among above across

Prepositions That Are Beneficial

Here is a collection of prepositions organized by Time and Date, Travel and Movement, and Location.

Date and time:

At dawn, at bedtime, at dinnertime, etc. in, on, at, by, from, to, till, till, during, for, since, before, etc.

The train departs at 10 a.m., for example.

On Wednesday, August 15th, on Diwali,

For instance, on Christmas Eve, all of the visitors came.

In the mornings of August, during summer vacation,

For instance, I’ll be able to do my assignment in an hour.

Movement and Travel:

from, to, on, in, into, onto, at, out, and so on.

We travel by bus, automobile, boat, plane, bicycle, and foot, among other modes of transportation.

For example, we took the bus from one location to another.


between, towards, among, behind, across, along, etc. at, in, over, under, above, between, over, under, above, above, above, above, above, above, above, above, above, above, above, above, above

We live on a farm in the country, in a little community.

At is a word that is often used to describe little towns and villages. It’s a term that’s used to describe nations and huge cities.

Radha, for example, lives in a suburban town in England.

Exercising Preposition

1st Exercise

Amit is a sloppy young man who made many errors when transcribing the following section for the book. Each line has a grammatical error. Make a note of each mistake and make the necessary fixes in the area given.

  • Vimal walked into a chemist’s store one day and stated, .
  • “Do you have anything to help with a headache?” .
  • The pharmacist put a bottle inside a self-contained self-contained self-contained self-contained self-contained self-contained
  • He withdrew the cork while holding it in Vimal’s nose. .
  • Vimal couldn’t stand the fragrance since it was so intense.
  • He inquired, “What have you done?” “It’s almost suffocated me.”
  • “However, hasn’t the medication relieved your headache?”
  • “You moron!” My mother was the one who had a headache.”

All of the words you’ve changed are prepositions.

2nd Exercise

Underline the prepositions in the following sentences:

  1. The city of Kolkata is located on the banks of the Hooghly River.
  2. He was among the throng.
  3. We took cover under the tree.
  4. The chocolate should be shared amongst the two females.
  5. The elderly guy spends the whole day in bed.
  6. Ice cream is one of my favorite foods.
  7. During their summer vacation, they went to Paris.
  8. They’re discussing the upcoming football game.
  9. In the World Cup, India is up against Pakistan.
  10. We rowed across the lake in a canoe.

3rd Exercise

Highlight the proper prepositions –

  1. Our aircraft is soaring through the clouds (around, above).
  2. A new bookstore has opened (across, between) the street.
  3. Tom is out on a run (with, or after) his dog.
  4. Shekhar is strolling (along, with) the beach.
  5. The snowball is sliding down the hill (up and down).
  6. On his birthday, his parents gave him a bicycle.
  7. Our servant killed the mouse (with, by).
  8. The stool is situated (in-between, between) the two tables.
  9. Fill the jug halfway with soup.
  10. He (belongs to, is a member of) a poor family.

4th Exercise

Prepositions should be used to fill in the blanks.

  1. I apologize for the delay.
  2. He hails from a low-income household.
  3. He took a stroll along the river’s edge.
  4. Take a spoonful of sugar from the huge tin.
  5. He took a stroll along the river’s edge.
  6. Tomorrow is the first day of my new work .
  7. She resides in Mumbai’s Dadar neighborhood.
  8. Take your coat from .
  9. Her birthdate is on
  10. Priyanka purchased an outfit by herself.

5th Exercise

One word has been eliminated from each line in the following sentences. Fill in the blanks with the words.


The King of Mewar was Rana Sanga (OF)

  1. With folded hands, I welcomed him.
  2. My parents have agreed to the party and have given me permission.
  3. Aunt Polly inquired, holding a silk thread.
  4. I’ve asked several pals around for supper.
  5. Rahul took his dog to the park one day.

6th Exercise

Atul – Kapil, where are you going?

Kapil – I’m heading to the market to .

Atul – What are you going to acquire on the market?

Kapil – I’m going to get my younger sister a pair of jeans.

– Atul What is the name of your sister, ?

– Kapil Archana is the name of my younger sister. She is a fourth-grade student. She enjoys dancing a lot. She is an excellent student.

Atul – Please convey my best wishes to your sister.

Kapil – I’ll do it, but she doesn’t speak to outsiders.

Children’s Prepositions PDF

Children’s Prepositions PDF

Children’s Prepositions PDF free download (654 downloads)

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The “list of prepositions worksheet” is a list of prepositions that are commonly used in the English language. The list includes examples and definitions for each preposition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 20 examples of prepositions?

A: The prepositions are commonly used to describe a noun or pronoun that is before another word. Below you will find 20 examples of prepositions and the words they refer to.

What are prepositions for kids?

A: One of the most important things to learn is grammar. The rules in English are different from other languages because it has been developed over time by many users, and therefore there is a lot of variation between their thinking process. There are prepositions for kids at http://www.kids-prepositions.com/ that can teach you how to construct sentences correctly

What are the 50 most common prepositions?

A: Its hard to give a single number for the most common prepositions. There are many different ways of counting them, and theyre not all strictly in order. Nonetheless, these 50 words typically appear before over 700 million words every day on average across six continents

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