The process of writing on a grand-mother’s birthday is an example of how the act of giving can yield unexpected and powerful dividends. On her 60th, my mother received a letter that had been written by me as part of our weekly family ritual for 27 years: three sentences about what I loved about her. The letter was dated September 26, which also happened to be my 18th birthday, so it marked one year from when we started writing letters and counting down until she turned 60.

The “grandfather birthday celebration essay” is a process that has been going on for a while. The process of writing on the day of the grandfather’s birthday anniversary, will be discussed in this blog post.

Process writing on Grandmothers birthday anniversary

Your grandmother’s 80th birthday was celebrated with tremendous zeal by your family. This event required a great deal of planning. In 100-125 words, provide a factual summary of the festivities.


In the year 1930, my grandma was born. She has reached the age of eighty. Last month, our family celebrated her 80th birthday with tremendous fanfare. The planning for the event began a fortnight ago. The home was painted white and adorned with maps and photographs. Cards for the invitations were produced. We kindly welcomed everyone of our families, friends, and neighbors. In the morning, a ‘Havan’ was performed. In the afternoon, a women sangeet was held. At night, the cake was sliced and candles were lighted.

Everyone in attendance wished the grandma a long life. The grandma was given clothes, books, glasses, sticks, and umbrellas. The party went off without a hitch.

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The “descriptive essay on my grandmother” is a process that I have been writing on for my grandmother’s birthday anniversary. It is about how she has impacted my life and the impact she still has today.

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