When it comes to sports, there are many different rules and regulations that must be followed. Even if you’re not typically good at the sport of your choice, managers can get creative with a variety of uniforms and props in order to make things more exciting for their audience.

The “sports day descriptive writing” is an activity that helps students understand the process of writing a story. It can be used for any type of story, but it is most commonly used for one about sports day.

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On the 15th of March, GVM School had its DAY OF SPORTS. The editor of the school magazine requested Juhi, an XII-class student, to write a thorough account of the incident for the school magazine. In a maximum of 125 words, write a factual description/process writing.


Sports keep a sound mind in a sound body. They have got optimum importance for our health. SO the spots are becoming a part of the school curriculum in every state of India. Schools organize DAY OF SPORTS in their schools to encourage and participate in the students for their balanced growth. GVM School celebrated its DAY OF SPORTS on 15th February. The programme was started by welcoming the chief guest. It was followed by the march past. The synchronized comment of the students was a feast to the eyes. The junior. Students participated in the sack race, Tomato race, and aerobatic display. The children provided much fun to the pspectators. Then there were skating and cycling shows. Athletic and Karate events drew out many ‘oohs and ‘aahs’ from the crowd. Then the sprinter’s programme came to an end by distribution prized to the winners. The chief guest stressed the closure of the event. After light refreshment, all left in high spirit.

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The “essay on annual sports day for class 5” is an essay that has been written by a student. The essay was written on the topic of annual sports day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a sports day report?

A: I am a sports bot. You can talk to me about anything related to sport, like how youre going for the Olympics or playing football in your schools team.

How do you write an annual sports report for school?

A: The best way to do this is to either write up a list of headlines or create an infographic that you can share with your classmates.

How would you describe sports day?

A: A day when people can enjoy themselves by participating in sports.

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