Marking punctuation is easy, it’s just a matter of knowing how to use the right marks. The following are examples of some common punctuation marks and their uses.

The “punctuation examples with answers” are a set of punctuation marks that have been used for centuries. The purpose of the article is to give examples and answer questions about the use of capital letters and commas.

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Compare and contrast the following statements. 

  1. “Rahul is an idiot,” Ravi says.
  2. “Ravi is an idiot,” Rahul says.

It is evident from these two statements that punctuation marks may change the meaning of a sentence.

Punctuation is used to effectively express the content of a phrase as well as the appropriate pause to employ when speaking or reading it. It highlights a sentence’s significance.

Punctuation refers to the proper use of the different stops in writing.

Children’s punctuation marks

Full stop (.)
Coma (,)
commas inverted (“”)
an exclamation point (!)
Interrogation Signs (?)
Apostrophe (‘)

We’ll now look at the most popular punctuation mark.

The longest delay was signified with the complete Stop. It belongs at the conclusion of a declarative or imperative sentence.

Close the door, for example.

Today is a lovely day.

In a sentence, the comma denotes the smallest pause.

Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Hyderabad are examples of metropolitan cities.

commas inverted are used to mark the exact words of the speaker, or a quotation.


  1. “Please have a seat.”
  2. “Come in and have your food,” Mother said.

After interjections, exclamatory phrases, and sentences, the exclamation symbol is used.

Examples include: Alas!, Bravo!, and Ah!, It’s pouring!, You did an excellent job!

  • Interrogation Signs (?)

The Interrogation Signs is used to mark direct questions.


  1. What exactly are you looking for?
  2. Maulvi inquired whether I had been to the Qutub Minar.

The apostrophe is used to indicate ownership.


  1. The father of the child.
  2. The pen of Sandeep.
  3. Lunchbox of Priyanka

Capitalization of Words (ABC)

It is written with a capital letter –

  • To start a new sentence.
  • Every line of a poem’s opening word.
  • All proper nouns, to be exact.
  • To begin the first word within the commas inverted of direct speech.

Punctuations for Kids (PDF)

Children’s punctuation Download the free PDF version of Punctuation for Kids (566 downloads)

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The “what is punctuation” is a question that many people ask. Punctuation is a set of symbols used to help make sentences easier to read and understand. It can be found in text, on signs, and on paper. There are different types of punctuation marks. The following are some examples of punctuation:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use punctuation marks and capitalization?


How do you use punctuation marks for kids?

A: Punctuation marks are used to indicate pauses, or changes in thought and speech. They can also help with clarity of text, as well as helping people understand the tone of a sentence better.

How do you use punctuation marks with examples?

A: I do not use punctuation marks.

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