The “rainy season essay 10 lines” is a short essay about the rainy season. The essay discusses how the rainy season affects people, and what it’s like to live through the rain.

Rainy Season Essay and Paragraph for School Students

The rainy season is one of the most important in the nation. ‘Rainy Season’ is the subject of a couple short and large paragraphs and essays. You should show them to your children so that they might learn from them.

The Rainy Season: A 100-Word Essay/Paragraph

The rainy season is my favorite since it follows the scorching summer. I hate being too hot, yet the rainy season brings both rain and joy. At the commencement of the rainy season, the whole natural world is revitalized.

This is the finest season for tree planting, and I plant a lot of trees around this time of year. This season usually begins in July and lasts for the following three months. It is one of the year’s longest seasons. This is a really fortunate season, and the majority of people like it.

The Rainy Season: A 150-Word Essay/Paragraph

The rainy season in India begins in the Hindi months of Asadha and Shawan. According to the Gregorian calendar, it is July. In this season, there is a lot of rain and fresh air. As a result, the atmosphere becomes much more clear and pleasant. This is a really popular season. Personally, I like rainy days and enjoy being soaked.

The whole natural environment, including trees, flowers, and other plants, has grown lush and vibrant. They seem to be vibrant and lovely. The majority of the trees have fresh leaves and are rather lovely. People celebrate a variety of festivals throughout this time of year.

This season, my mother prepares a wide variety of delectable dishes. They’re delicious to eat. A rainy day is one of my favorite times of the year since I adore reading. One of my favorite pastimes is reading books. The rainy season is, in general, awe-inspiring.


The Rainy Season: A 200-Word Essay

Because of its natural beauty, I always believe that the rainy season is the greatest. The majority of individuals consider this to be their favorite season. It is, without a doubt, my favorite season. People want for some cool air and clear showers after a long, scorching summer. The rainy season brings so much joy and benefits at that time.

It cools down and beautifies the surrounding area. Rain may be really monotonous over a lengthy period of time, but I generally prefer rainy days. On a rainy day, my mother makes Khichuri and Biriyani, which is her favorite food.

If it’s raining heavily outside, we don’t go to school. We usually go up to the roof to enjoy the rain. On the roof, a couple of my pals dance and sing, and we have a lot of fun. This is something we do a lot at the start of the season.

However, after a few weeks, we don’t seem to mind the rain as much. Overall, this season is fantastic and entertaining. I like this time of year because everything comes to life with a sprinkling of precipitation. For everyone, it is an incredible spectacle.

My Favorite Season is the Rainy Season: A 250-Word Essay

Introduction: The rainy season is one of the most intriguing seasons of the year. This time of year brings me so much joy. It’s my own favorite season. At this moment, the whole atmosphere becomes clean and lovely. The rainy season begins in June or July. This season typically lasts three months. It arrives with strong rain at times and with very little rain at other times.  

Rainy Season’s Importance: This season is very important. Farmers benefit from rain because it allows them to have water on their farms and cultivate crops. This is a really important issue for the whole nation. If there isn’t enough rain, the food supply might be jeopardized. Farmers consider rainwater to be a gift.


The majority of the villagers do various sorts of Puja and pray to God for rain. This is the finest time of year to plant trees. At the onset of the rainy season last year, we ran a couple tree-planting projects. I’m going to plant a couple trees in front of my home this year. Rainwater aids in the growth and survival of trees.  

My Personal Experience: During the wet season, I have had a fantastic time. This season is one of my favorites. In the rain, I used to go to the field and the nearby gorgeous lake when I lived in a hamlet. Every time, a handful of my pals joined me. When it’s raining, I go to the roof with some pals.  

Conclusion: The rainy season is a crucial time in our lives. It brings with it a plethora of benefits, joy, and cleanliness.    

Essay about the Rainy Season in 300 Words

Introduction: The rainy season follows the sweltering summer. Summer gets very tedious and difficult to endure. People encounter a slew of issues, including skin issues, excessive heat, and minor sickness as a result of the heat. Finally, the rainy season arrives just after the sweltering summer, bringing with it plenty of fresh air and pure water. The whole atmosphere is revitalized, and individuals are much more calm.  

Rainy Season Benefits: There are several benefits to this season. Rainwater is required by farmers in order to grow their crops. This season brings a lot of rain, which is quite beneficial to farmers. The majority of the time, they save water for future use.

People may now extract water from the earth, but for farmers, rainfall is the finest supply of water. It provides cooling respite throughout the hot summer months. Rain takes away all of the heat from the weather and atmosphere, which is why everyone enjoys this time of year.  


Rainy Season Negatives: While the rainy season has numerous benefits, it also has a few disadvantages. In particular, in the villages, where the roads are in poor condition. The road gets filthy and muddy. People find it difficult to move or go outdoors. The transporters get bogged in the mud, which is quite inconvenient.

Waterlogging is one of the most serious difficulties for the down regions when there is a lot of rain. All of the water becomes trapped in one location, making it difficult for people to live a regular life. Because of the tremendous rain, a flood may be a major calamity.    

Why I Enjoy This Season the Most: There are many reasons why I enjoy this season. Without a question, this is my favorite season. I like rain, therefore I went to the roof with a couple of my pals in the rain. We sing, dance, and have a great time. When it’s raining, I like to read novels. It makes me quite glad to appreciate the chilly air and freshen the atmosphere. That is why I am so fond of this season.

Rainy Season: A 400-Word Essay

Essays and Paragraphs in 400 Words on the Rainy SeasonEssays and Paragraphs in 400 Words on the Rainy Season

Introduction: The rainy season is the most crucial time of the year. This season brings with it a lot of excitement and weather changes. People get bored in the summer due to excessive heat and hot temperatures.

Surviving becomes very difficult. People suffer from a variety of issues such as skin disorders and infections as a result of excessive heat. And the rainy season follows the scorching summer, which is full of joy, freshness, and a pleasant atmosphere.

During this time of year, some folks may plan a picnic. This season is abundant in fruits, particularly mangoes, jackfruits, litchi, and other tropical fruits. This season appeals to me since I like eating fresh fruits.  


Advantages of the rainy season: The rainy season has the benefit of removing all heat from the weather. People feel a great sense of relief. The greatest time to plant trees is now. Rainwater aids the correct growth of trees, plants, vegetables, and crops. Because there are green grasses out in the fields, this is the cattle’s favorite month. During this season, we receive cow milk twice a day. The cows are fed properly and produce an increasing amount of milk, which is fantastic for us. Every natural site, such as rivers, canals, and ponds, fills up with water, which farmers utilize to cultivate their crops. Rainwater is critical for crop production in the field. Farmers are unable to cultivate their crops due to a lack of water, which might result in a food crisis for the whole nation. As a result, we can see how vital the rainy season is for farmers.  

Rainy season disadvantages: While the rainy season has many advantages, it also has certain disadvantages. Farming might be severely hampered if the season arrives late. And if there is too much rain, the scenario might quickly devolve into a flood. Flooding is a natural event that may make living very difficult. Because of the severe rain, the roads become quite dusty and muddy. People are unable to leave their homes or go to work. Work force is squandered, and many individuals are unable to give financially to their families.  

Why do I like this season so much? It is my favorite season, despite all of its perks and difficulties. Rain is one of my favorite things, and that is the main reason behind it.  

Conclusion: The rainy season offers a lot of positive aspects and benefits for the ecosystem. It’s such a wonderful time of year that everyone enjoys and looks forward to.    

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The “importance of rainy season” is a topic that can be seen in many different ways. Many people see the importance of rain as it provides food and water for animals, plants, and humans. Some people believe that the rain helps to cool down the earth’s temperature.

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