There are various types of reports format and examples in the market. In order to succeed with a report, it is essential that you have an understanding of its different components.
Here are some tips and tricks on how to write good quality report or any other assignment that needs writing:
-The introduction should be brief enough to grab the reader’s attention without distracting them from reading the title page.- The following sections include general guidelines for each type of reporting formats.- Examples follow this section which provide specific guidance for particular types as well as samples associated with these formats. Lastly, there is a concluding paragraph at end which summarizes all relevant points made by itself along with those found throughout the document.,

Report writing is a process that involves collecting and summarizing information, presenting it in an organized manner, and providing recommendations. Report writing formats vary depending on the type of report being written. There are 11 types of reports, but they all have one thing in common: they’re organized by topic or audience. Some examples of report writing formats include: Read more in detail here: report writing format example.

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Factual description reporting is an important aspect of communicating our thoughts, information, and other facts that occur in our daily lives.

In general, we must describe an event or occurrence that we have seen or experienced. When preparing a report, we should make every effort to get first-hand information from the impacted parties or individuals.

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A report is a kind of communication, generally written, that offers a concise summary of an event, experience, experiment, or analysis of some matter or problem, it carries vital information about the linked topic and allows the eraser to draw a rapid conclusion.

How do you write an excellent report?

The following factors must be kept in mind while writing a solid report:

  1. Mention the location, date, and time, as well as any other pertinent information.
  2. If at all feasible, go meet the guy who was harmed and get his story, then go see the other party and attempt to get his side.
  3. Their claims should be confirmed by immediately contacting the eyewitnesses.
  4. Authorities may also be contacted to learn more about their current situation.
  5. It is preferable to include the reporter’s name in capital letters, along with the date and location of the reporting.
  6. Use good terminology and convey accurate information.
  7. It should be accurate, well-organized, and have a suitable title or header.

Format for Report Writing


Points to Keep in Mind

Report on the News:

  1. Give it a catchy title.
  2. Include all pertinent information.
  3. It should include the headline, date, news source, and reporter’s name.

For a factual account,

  1. While writing, we must maintain objectivity.
  2. The details should be organized and logical.
  3. Name of reporter, date, and location
  4. The content should include the following:

When and at which location

What is the reason behind this?

  1. There are no grammatical mistakes.

a workshop, a seminar, or a lecture

  • What was done by whom and for whom?
  • Invitees, etc., as well as the Chief Guest
  • An interactive session with a question-and-answer format was discovered (if any)
  • Expert opinions
  • The end outcome.
  • Day, date, location, and duration, for example.
  • It was necessary to carry out certain tasks.
  • Thank you vote

Accidents, natural disasters, and civil unrest, to name a few.

  • Inventive title
  • a few details
  • If there are any causalities, damages, or other issues, these should be mentioned.
  • Result/Comments.
  • If there is a cause, it should be stated.
  • eyewitness testimony
  • Action has been taken, and steps have been implemented.

Cultural/Sports/Other Events/Workshops/Seminars, and so on.

  • An appealing title
  • Date, venue & time, etc.
  • Highlights from the show.
  • Report on the previous year (if applicable)
  • The Chief Guest’s Message
  • Overall reaction
  • The goal of the occasion
  • Guests of Honor/Special Invitees
  • Aids that were utilized
  • Experts’ perspectives
  • Thank you vote


  • This is an appropriate title.
  • Duration, venue, date & places covered
  • Activites carried out
  • Overall, it was a success.
  • What was it, and who did it?
  • Objective
  • Poster, Banner, and other materials were utilized.
  • Overall, it was a success.
  • Camp/Exhibition/Visit, and so on
  • Organizer or sponsor, if applicable
  • A description that emphasizes the facts is a possibility.
  • Overall reaction.
  • The location, the time, the date, and the destination are all important factors to consider.
  • The total number of people/visitors, etc.
  • Observations, if any

Report Types/Kinds of Reports

Note: Reports may be classified into three groups.

  1. Reporting for the Press
  2. I’m writing a story for School Magazine.
  3. Process writing or factual description


Reporting for the Press

The following suggestions can assist you in writing a decent newspaper report:

  • Headline
  • Source (By putting the journalist’s name underneath the headline)
  • Reporting location and date
  • The first paragraph


Important Considerations

  1. The event’s name and who arranged it
  2. Date, time, and location
  3. The debate’s topic
  4. Presentation
  5. Result and progression

Examples of Report Writing


Bhuj was recently shattered by an earthquake, which resulted in massive loss of life and property. The social service section of your institution provided significant financial, material, and service assistance to the victims, which was much appreciated by the public and government organizations. Write a 100-125 word report for a major newspaper. You are Anil/Aruna from Surat’s B/B Public School.


IN THE EARLY HOURS OF JANUARY 26, A DEVASTATING EARTHQUAKE HIT MANY PARTS OF GUJARAT, INCLUDING THE ENTIRE KUTCH REGION. It had a magnitude of 7.2 on the Richter scale, with Bhuj as its epicenter. Houses collapsed, killing and seriously wounding numerous people. Many individuals have become homeless as a result of the disaster. There was no place to hide save for the sky above their heads. They were robbed of all they had. They didn’t have anything to eat. There was death and devastation of persons and goods everywhere in a matter of seconds. Over 50000 people were murdered, and many more were wounded.

The social work department at our school encouraged students and parents to help these persons. We had previously contributed a large sum of money, Rs. 2 lakh, to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund through check. Many of our senior students had volunteered to assist with rescue efforts. We’ve formed six teams of 30 students, each with six instructors, to assist with rehabilitation work in Bhuj. They want to make a plea to the whole country, and they want to share the sorrows of the individuals who have been touched. Everyone must help these victims of natural disaster in every manner they can.


In the school auditorium, there will be a musical performance.

Your school has recently arranged a In the school auditorium, there will be a musical performance.; Write a report in 100-125 words on this programme, for your school magazine. You are Mahima/Mahesh, Cultural Secretary of ITARSI, VASANT VIHAR PUBLIC SCHOOL. Invent the details.



Itarsi, March 4th, 20xx

ITARSI, VASANT VIHAR PUBLIC SCHOOL arranged a In the school auditorium, there will be a musical performance. on 1st March, 20xx. It also included the dance festival. All the schools of the zone participated in the same. The programme was a inaugurated by the State Minister of Human Resources.

Various groups of dancers performed their separate routines (Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Ghoomer, Lavanim Bhangra, Kuchipuri, Mohini Attam, Chhau, and Bamboo dance). Classical, western, instrument, Hindustani, and Sufi music were all showcased by certain teams. There were Qwalies, Geet, and Bhajan (light vocal music) performances, as well as group songs and recitation contests. It had been a spectacular and merry evening.

In both dance and music, our school teams took first place.

An Account of a Fire in a Slum Area

On Saturday night, you observed a fire in a slum neighborhood near your community. You were deeply shocked by the pitiful sight. Write a report for your school magazine in 100-125 words. You are Lakshmi/Lakshman, a Madurai-based student at P.D.L. International School.


Lakshmi / Lakshman, a student, Madurai, 4th March 20xx

An Account of a Fire in a Slum Area

Our city (colony) is bordered on all sides by slums. I’d moved into a ghetto. In the early hours of the morning, a major fire broke out in one of the sum colonies, which I observed. The night watchman, it was discovered, sent a timely warning as soon as he saw rays of smoke emanating from a cottage. The fire department was called, and occupants from all of the juts raced out with buckets of water, but the fire could not be put out. The fire spread in the blink of an eye, and the whole colony was engulfed in flames. The colony’s members were sobbing uncontrollably. The huts were completely demolished. Two ladies and two children were set on fire and died as a result. Their whole estate was reduced to ashes. I was really shocked by the pitiful sight. In the school assembly, I recounted the whole story. Your students volunteered their time and provided material assistance to the victims. The government has promised to assist the victims in every way possible.



Report writing is a process that involves compiling information, analyzing it, and presenting it in a way that can be understood by others. Report writing topics are broad and cover many different areas of study. Reference: report writing topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of report writing?

A: The format of report writing is that its a type of academic essay, which one can either be written in the third-person or in first-person.

How do you write a Grade 11 report?

A: I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you an answer that is more detailed than any report on the subject could ever hope to be.

What is report writing and example?

A: Report writing is the act of composing an essay, paper or other document on a topic assigned to you by your teacher. It can be about anything from simple descriptions and explanations for what was learned in class to more complex issues that have been thoroughly investigated through research papers.

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