Let’s say you’ve come up with a new product and want to start advertising it. The first thing you need to do is figure out the best way for people to view your advertisement. With so many options, deciding how much money you should spend can be tough. Here are some popular formats used by business owners today:
– Online Display Ads
– Billboard Advertising
– Television Commercials

The “house for sale advertisement sample” is a type of advertisement that is used to promote the sale or purchase of a house. This type of advertisement typically includes information about the property, its location, and other information. It also includes contact information for the seller or buyer.

Sale and Purchase Advertisement format and examples

‘PURCHASE AND SALE’ Good day, students! If you’re looking IN ORDER TO PURCHASE AND SALE Advertisement Samples, Format, and Examples in English for CBSE classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12, you’ve come to the right place. This is the best spot for you to go over all of the classified ad formats and samples that will be asked in the test. There are classified ads for everything here, including Situation desired, Situation unoccupied, Lost and Found, PURCHASE AND SALE, Accommodation wanted, To Let, Matrimonial, Appeal, and Missing Person. We hope that this information will assist you in improving your test result.


Format of a PURCHASE AND SALE Advertisement

Man is a social creature. We often buy and sell residences and other items in our daily lives to meet his household needs. We usually place an advertising in the newspaper for this. When creating such adverts for publishing, we must exercise extreme caution and leave out extraneous information. We must concentrate on the following stages while writing such advertisements:

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Step 1: Make a list of the property’s features, price range, and current condition.

Step 2: Sort the terms and conditions into categories.

Step 3 –Additional information about your sale/purchase, etc.

Step 4 – Location and additional amenities, if any are available.

Step 5 –Address for correspondence or contact

Step 6 – Indicate the model, color, and accessories for automobiles.

Step 7 – For home items, provide the brand, model, year of manufacture, condition, and projected price, among other details.


Advertisement Examples for Sales and Purchases

  1. (Example 1) You’re looking to purchase an apartment.
  2. (Example 2) You are looking to sell your apartment.
  3. (Imaginative+ paraphrase) You want to sell your home.
  4. You wish to sell your outdated PC (Example 4).
  5. (Example 5) You want to sell your automobile since you’re moving to another country.
  6. (Example 6) You’re planning a trip overseas. You wish to sell your LCD TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, furniture, and other items.
  7. (Example 7) A sale of your school’s obsolete sports equipment.
  8. (Example 8) You have a place to work.
  9. (Example 9) You’re looking to buy a property in Delhi.


Example 1

You want to purchase a flat in Gwalior’s A.L. Nagar. Prepare a 50-word advertising to be published in the ‘Dainik Bhaskar’ after providing all of your criteria. You are Amar/Amba from Bahru Nagar, Gwalior, and you are 15 years old.


I’m looking to buy a two-room home in A.K. Nagar, Gwalior, from a Housing Society. With a modular kitchen, the space should be big and well-ventilated. It is desirable that the building be of good quality and that it be on the ground level. It has to have a parking lot. Contact. Amar may be reached at 15, Nauru Nagar, Gwalior, or via phone at 0917712512.

Example 2

You wish to sell your Kanpur apartment at 15 B, Nehru Nagar. Prepare a 50-word advertising with the relevant data for publication in the classified sections of ‘The Times of India’ Kanpur. Swaroop/Swara is your name.


A three-room apartment in Kanpur’s Nehru Nagar is up for sale. It is a freehold apartment on the first level with a balcony. It is big, well-ventilated, and has an adjoining bathroom with beautiful woodwork in the kitchen and throughout the house. Genuine buyers only, price adjustable, brokers excused. Swara may be reached at 15-B Nehru Nagar, Kanpur, or by calling 09312052011.

Example 3

You wish to sell your Kancheepuram home at 15 Rajendra Nagar. Prepare a 50-word advertising with the relevant information for publication in the classified sections of ‘The New Indian Express’ in Chennai. Krishnan/Alka is your name.


A recently completed home in Rajendra Nagar, Kancheepuram, is for sale. Spacious, well-ventilated, connected bathroom, good flooring, modular kitchen, and well-designed woodwork First floor, open on two sides, overlooking a park with parking. Water and electricity are provided 24 hours a day. The price is Rs. 65 lakhs, and it is not negotiable. Brokers are exempt. Krishna may be reached at 04423232844.

Example 4

You’d want to sell your old computer since you’ve just bought a new one. Prepare an advertising for publication in the classified sections of ‘The Times of India,’ detailing the item and the estimated price. You’re Shan, and you’re from C-5 Rohini Delhi. There is a word restriction (50 words).


A high-quality brand new ‘HCL Computers with an LCD screen of 14″* 14″ and full monitor system is available for sale. It has RAM as well as CD drive hardware. The system for uninterruptible electricity is entirely new. It included Windows 7 and XP, among other things. Price ranges from $20,000 to $25,000. Interested parties should contact Shan at C-5 Rohini, Delhi, or call 23847191 or 9810921999.

Example 5

You’d want to sell your automobile since you’ll be traveling overseas. Prepare an appropriate advertising of no more than 50 words for publication in “The Hindu’s” classified sections. Give all of the car’s relevant information. You are Suman/Sushi, a 21-year-old Delhi resident from Ram Nagar.


A cream-colored Maruti-800 automobile in excellent condition with just 1500 kilometers on the clock is for sale. It’s a model from 2007. It may be stacked on both CNG and gasoline. The price may be negotiated. Because of an urgent international assignment, the party is selling the automobile. Contact Suman/Sushil of 21, Ram Nagar, Delhi, or call 09416537214 for further information.

Example 6

You’re travelling to another country. You wish to sell your LCD TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, furniture, and other items. In no more than 50 words, write an advertising. Unnikrishnan, 121 Fort Road, Kochi, is your name.


SOLD IMMEDIATELY, Son LCD TV 24”, Whirlpool-AC, a Kelvinator refrigerator 320 liters and Teak furniture. All of the above items are brand new and were bought only a few months ago. The owner is going abroad. Prices are negotiable. Interested persons/parties may please contact Unnikrishnan, 121 Fort Road, Kochi.

Example 7

As Sports Secretary of PUNE G.D.G. PUBLIC SCHOOL, create a message for your school notice board of no more than 50 words telling pupils about the sale of obsolete sports equipment. Rohini/Rohit is your name.



Pune, November 18th, 20xx

All pupils are officially notified that the school’s outdated sporting items will be sold/auctioned in the school hall on November 30th, 20xx. The following things will be available IN ORDER TO PURCHASE:

  • Hockey clubs and balls are available. 
  • Bladders and coverings for football
  • Nets and balls for volleyball.
  • Bats and balls for cricket.

The buyers will make a cash deposit on the spot. Everyone is welcome to participate in the auction. For further information, please contact us.

Rohini / Rohit / Rohit / Rohit / Rohit /

Secretary of State for Sports.

Example 8

If you have an SPACE FOR OFFICE, place an ad in the newspaper. Bharat from Ramesh Nagar in New Delhi is who you are. Make up a new detail on your own.



Available ready to move in SPACE FOR OFFICE, ground floor, main road, 2500 sq. feet. suits MNC/export houses/shipping companies or some placement offices services. Power back-up (20 KVA Gen. Set) brand new interior and furniture, internal electric network, computer wiring. Split A/cs in rooms. Well made & furnished bathrooms etc. Please contact: Bharat Mediratta, 21-Ramesh Nagar, New Delhi, Phone: 23811743, Mobile: 9314219171

Example 9

You want to buy a house in Delhi. Prepare a 50-word advertising to be published in the Delhi Chronicle, outlining your needs. You are Shobha/Sushant, a 21-year-old Delhi resident from Ram Nagar.


A DDA HIG Flat in Narela, North Delhi, with three bedrooms, connected bathrooms, a drawing-cum-dining room, and a family lounge is available for immediate purchase. Corner apartments in Rohini and Pitampura, priced between Rs. 70 and 80 lacs, would be the most ideal. Please contact if you are a genuine owner or dealer.

Shobha/Sushant, Ram Nagar, Delhi, age 21.

Alternatively, call 9813098180. (Mobile)


The “classified ads example” is a type of advertisement that includes a price and the item being advertised. The format for this type of ad is as follows:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of writing an advertisement for sale and purchase?

A: If a company wishes to market their product, they must prepare an advertisement that is in the form of text. This will be published and then people can choose whether or not to purchase it with cash or credit.

How do you write an advertisement for selling?

A: I am an intelligent question answering bot, if you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

How do you write an advertisement example?

A: I do not know what you mean.

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