My neighbour is a boy who used to be my best friend. We both grew up in the same small town and have been friends since we were kids. Our lives have taken different paths, but one day I saw him get off of his bike with blood on his face after some bullying went wrong at school.
Since then, he has never said another word to me-not even when I apologized for what happened as much as possible that one time we ran into each other outside our homes by accident and just stared at each other without speaking-and every day since then I’ve felt this terrible guilt inside me because it feels like something bad always happens whenever I see or think about him these days. Nowadays, all he does is stare out the window while doing homework (he’s now an eighth grader) so maybe there are things going on behind those brown eyes that no one knows about except for maybe God himself.-By Emily Wu?
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My neighbour is a man who has been living next door to me for the last two years. He is very friendly and I have gotten to know him well. In my essay, I will discuss how we met and our friendship in 200 words.

Short essay on my neighbour in 200

(Short essay about my neighbor in 200-250 words; 10 lines on my neighbor are also provided after the essay; you can easily compose a 150-word essay using the picture provided below; this essay is written in English for students and children in grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.)

The person with whom one has the most social interaction is one’s neighbor. They are companions in one’s pleasures and sorrows. A good neighbor is a gift, while a terrible neighbor is a curse. Our fortunate fortune is that our neighbors are respectable.

Mr. Rajesh Sharma is our next-door neighbor. His home is just across the street from ours. He is well-mannered and has a nice disposition. He’s constantly happy when we see him. He is the father of three boys and a girl. Every member of his family is well-behaved and sophisticated. They are always willing to assist their neighbors in whatever manner they can.

Mr. Sharma works at the institution as a professor. He typically departs for university at 10 a.m. and comes home by 5 p.m. He is a guy who lives simply and thinks deeply. Hup is usually seen wearing khadi kurta pajamas in the morning and evening. He enjoys playing chess. He is a guy who has libertarian beliefs. He is held in great respect across the colony. He serves as the President of the Colony Welfare Society.

Mrs. Sharma is a kind and religious person. She is a God-fearing woman with a pleasant personality. She is quite modest. She, like her husband, is well-liked by the colony’s ladies.

His three boys are well-behaved as well. The youngest is a classmate of mine, while the other two are Engineering college first-year and third-year students. Their kid is a petite, soft-spoken girl. We are blessed to have such wonderful neighbors like them.

My Neighbour has ten lines.


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My “neighbour essay 10 lines” is about my neighbour, who lives in the apartment next door to me. He’s a really nice guy and we get along well. Reference: my neighbourhood essay 10 lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a paragraph about my neighbor?

A: The best way to write a paragraph about your neighbor is by asking them some questions and then summarizing the answers you get.
Begin by identifying who they are, what their name is, and where they live. You can do this with specific questions or just general ones like Whats your favorite food? or Where were you born. A good thing to ask about would be something simple such as their parents names so that you know if any of them have been mentioned before in previous conversations with them. Next, it might be helpful to figure out when they tend to leave for work in order for you know when around your house may be the most convenient time for talking without disturbing anyone else at home. Finally, remember not all information should always stay between two people! If theres anything else that comes up later on whether its important or not (for example new personal info), keep track of everything in case someone needs access to certain bits and pieces later on down the line!

What is a good neighbor essay?

A: A good neighbor is someone who respects the property of others, and does not take advantage at people.

How do you write a neighbourhood?

A: A neighbourhood is typically a residential area near or around an urban core, where people live and work. Neighbourhoods are often smaller than cities but can be larger than villages.

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