In one of the most bizarre and unfortunate recent events, a student in China discovered that he was not actually attending school but rather working at his local Walmart.

A funny incident in my life happened when I was trying to start a fire.

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Funny things happen all the time in our lives. However, there are those situations that we will never forget. I can recall a few amusing instances that make me giggle every time I recall them. One of the most amusing situations that I will relate here occurred when I was a third-grade student.

My grandma and I were spending our summer holiday in Kolkata. She shared a room with an uncle. When the train arrived in Kolkata, we disembarked and began strolling. My mother’s hand was in mine. However, I inadvertently grabbed the hand of another lady. She was accompanying us on our stroll.

She was the mother of a son who was the same age as myself. After a few minutes of walking, I saw that my mother was traveling in a different direction than I was, and that I was walking with another lady. I was perplexed and couldn’t think of anything to say or do. I studied her features. She returned the stare, bewildered as well. I yelled at my mother.

My mother arrived, and the uncertainty was gone. They both laughed, and I did as well. This experience is still fresh in my mind, and it makes me chuckle a lot. My mother brings up this event from time to time.

A Funny Incident in a Short Paragraph

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A funny incident that i will never forget was when we were in the cafeteria and I dropped my tray on the floor. Reference: a funny incident that i will never forget.

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