Hilsa is a popular fish in Indian cuisine that can be cooked in various ways. It has a white meat, with the taste of mild spices and coriander leaves. The name Hilsa comes from “hila” which means scales on its back or belly, because its body looks like an hourglass when viewed from above. Ilish Fish for School Kids is a recipe book written by Mohit Choudhry to make cooking easy for kids at home using simple ingredients.

Hilsa is a small fish found in the Indian Ocean. It is often eaten by people who live in coastal areas of India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Hilsa is also called as Ilish Fish in USA.

Short Paragraph on Hilsa or Ilish Fish for School Kids

Ilish, also known as Hisla, is a popular fish in Bangladesh and India. It is Bangladesh’s national fish. This fish is quite popular. It’s quite tasty. It has a very strong link to Bengali heritage. People prefer to eat Hilsa fish with panta vat on the first day of the Bengali year, or Pahela Baishakh. 

There is a Bengali saying that says ‘Mach e Vat e Bangali,’ which translates ‘Fish and Rice are Bengali favorites.’ Hilsa fish has a few unique qualities. It isn’t found in a typical pond or haor. It can only be found in large rivers. The Padma River is known for its delectable Ilish. 

Regrettably, the number of Ilish fish is declining every year. This is the result of a swarm of hungry fisherman. They’re capturing the children and their mother, Ilish. In 2003, the Bangladeshi government established a rule making it unlawful to capture all young and mother Ilish, and anyone who do so would be imprisoned. 

This legislation altered the situation somewhat, but it did not safeguard the fish in any way. Bangladesh and India have a huge demand for this fish. As a result, it has the potential to be exported globally. It also has a sizable business. Our magnificent Hilsa fish must be protected by all of us. 

Shorter paragraphs

Hilsa is a fish that is eaten in Kerala. The name of this fish comes from the Malayalam word “hilsha,” which means “fish.” It is also known as Ilish Fish. Reference: hilsa fish name in kerala.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about Hilsa fish?

Is hilsa and ilish fish same?

What is ilish fish called in English?

A: This is a difficult question, but Ill try my best to answer. In American English, its called the orange roughy. However, in British English and Australian English its name is actually fishwife.

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