Victory Day is celebrated on 16 December. It marks the first use of military force by what was then East Pakistan against West Pakistan in 1971, which ultimately led to Bangladesh’s independence from Pakistan.

Victory Day of Bangladesh is a day on which the Bangladeshi people celebrate their independence from Pakistan. It is celebrated on 26 March every year.

Short Paragraph on Victory Day of Bangladesh

In 200 words, write a short paragraph on Bangladesh’s Victory Day.

Bangladesh is an independent nation that earned independence from Pakistan in 1971 after a violent war. East Pakistan was the name at the time, and it was a part of mainland Pakistan. Pakistan gained independence in 1947, whereas Bangladesh did so on December 16, 1971.

The Pakistani army surrendered on December 16, which is why this day is known as Bangladesh’s triumph day. It is a public holiday in the United States. There are just a few festivities in Bangladesh that are as exciting and joyful as this one. This day is celebrated by people of all ages.

We gained freedom after a nine-month battle in which many lives were lost. There are several contests held at all of the schools and institutions. Debates, dances, music, and athletic events are all part of the curriculum. After that, they plan a prize-giving ceremony. On this day, the instructor tells the magnificent narrative of freedom.

On this day, the people of Bangladesh mourn all the martyrs who gave their lives to create Bangladesh a free nation. After a long and arduous struggle, our nation has been established. As a result, Bangladesh’s Victory Day is very significant in Bengali culture. It is quite significant. This history of Victory Day should be taught to every child and student.

For All Class Students, a Short Paragraph on Bangladesh’s Victory Day

Bangladesh’s triumph day is December 16th. After a nine-month epic fight, Bangladesh triumphed against the Pakistani army in 1971. Previously, Bangladesh was known as ‘East Pakistan’ and was a part of Pakistan. However, the dictator of ‘West Pakistan’ was treating the people of Bangladesh unfairly. 

As a result, the state began to revolt against the monarch. Finally, on March 26, 1971, Pakistani overlords in Dhaka commit genocide against the people of Bangladesh. As a result, the nation enters a state of war. The ‘Liberation War of 1971’ is the name given to this conflict. Over 3 million Bengalis were slaughtered by the Pakistani army throughout the conflict. 


As a consequence, we now have an independent and free country known as ‘Bangladesh.’ Finally, with 93,000 men, the Pakistani army surrendered to the Indian Chief in Dhaka after the war. It is the nation’s most important day. Bangladeshis commemorate this day with a lot of joy and festivity. 

It provides joy into our lives. The major sites to celebrate this are schools and colleges. On this day, the Bangladeshi flag may be seen all around the nation. Every child should be aware about Bangladesh’s Victory Day. 

Additional few paragraphs:

Victory Day is the day of victory in Bangladesh. It is a national holiday and celebrated on 16 December each year. The day celebrates the triumph over Pakistan in the 1971 war of independence. Reference: victory day paragraph for class 4.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we celebrate the Victory Day of Bangladesh?

A: The Victory Day of Bangladesh is a day when the country celebrates its Independence from Pakistan in 1971.

What Is a Victory Day?

A: A Victory Day is a day that celebrates the end of World War II in Europe. There are special events and celebrations related to this in many countries.

How many victory days are there in Bangladesh?

A: There are no specific numbers for how many victory days there are in Bangladesh.

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