In the first grade, there is a 3rd grader named Samantha who loves reading. She was in her bedroom when she heard tree smashing car 150 and ran to see what had happened. When she got outside, all that remained of Tree Smashes Car 150 were two small branches sticking out from the chest of an unfortunate squirrel.

“Car on tree story” is a short paragraph about a car that smashed into a tree. The text will be written in the third person point of view, and it will include an illustration.

Short Paragraph writing on Tree Smashes Car 150

It was pouring outside. You were heading home from school when you seen a massive Neem tree come crashing down on the sidewalk and the road, crashing into a car lying on the pavement. The traffic came to a complete halt. In 100-125 words, describe the chaotic traffic scenario.


It rained severely late last night. I was on my way home from school. It was a breezy day. There was a strong wind blowing. It culminated in a spectacular collision between man and nature. Someone had parked his automobile on the sidewalk, which caused the incident. Due to severe winds, a massive Neem tree suddenly collapsed on the pavement, totally destroying the automobile. Fortunately, no one was killed since the vehicle was empty. The crash created major traffic congestion on the highway. No one had came forward to claim the automobile, thus the owner looked to be gone. There was a lot of traffic congestion. The traffic came to a halt. The cops arrived after about half an hour and cleared the traffic. The issue has been stabilized.

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The “if a tree falls” is an old saying that means what happens if something bad happens. This saying comes from the story of a man who was carrying his son and saw a tree fall in front of them. The man said to his son, “If a tree falls, we will run.”

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