Singular and plural are tricky concepts for kids. With this worksheet, your students will learn how to properly use these words in a sentence as well as some examples of when you should use each word.

The “singular and plural worksheets with answers pdf” is a PDF document that has three pages. The first page includes the singular form of words, the second page includes the plural form of words, and the third page has examples of how to use both forms.

Singular and Plural for kids, Examples, Worksheet, PDF

The single number refers to a noun that exclusively refers to one person, animal, location, or item.

Examples include a guy, a bird, and an apple.

The plural number refers to a noun that refers to more than one person, animal, place, or object.

Boys, birds, and apples, for example.


English grammar articles

In English grammar, the active passive voice is used.

In English grammar, there are two types of numbers: singular and plural.

The plural form of most nouns is formed by adding an’s’ to the single form.

Singular Plural
day days
horse horses
shoe shoes
table tables

The plurals of nouns that finish in a ‘hissing’ sound, such as ‘ch,”ss,”sh,’ and ‘x,’ are formed by adding ‘es’ to the singular.

Singular Plural
bench benches
branch branches
watch watches
glass glasses

Some nouns ending in ‘y’ have their plurals formed by altering the ‘y’ to a ‘ies’.

Singular Plural
army armies
baby babies
country countries
diary diaries

Some nouns with a ‘o’ at the end generate plurals by adding a ‘es’.

Singular Plural
mango mangoes
potato potatoes
mosquito mosquitoes
tomato tomatoes

Plurals of nouns ending in ‘f’ or ‘fe’ are formed by altering the ‘f’ or ‘fe’ to’ves’.

Singular Plural
calf calves
leaf leaves
loaf loaves
life lives

Some nouns modify the whole word, whereas others do not.

Singular Plural
man men
tooth teeth
mouse mice
ox oxen

We say

Singular Plural
ray rays
way ways
donkey donkeys
key keys
holiday holidays

We say

Singular Plural
deer deer
sheep sheep
fish fish

English grammar exercise/worksheet for kids on singular and plural

Exercise 1: Fill in the blanks with the singular form of the following. 

  1. Exercise 1: Fill in the blanks with the singular form of the following.
  2. Insects –
  3. Deer (deer) –
  4. Methods –
  5. – Bodies
  6. Tales –
  7. Ladies and gentlemen –
  8. Ladies and gentlemen –
  9. Males –
  10. Mice (mouse)

Exercise 2: Complete the following questions.

  1. Mosquito – plural –
  2. Singular of Mice (mouse)
  3. Geese singular –
  4. Geese singular –
  5. Geese singular –
  6. oxen – plural –
  7. is the plural form of louse.
  8. Roof – plural –
  9. Roof – plural –
  10. is the plural form of tooth.

Exercise 3: Change the plural forms of the following phrases to singular forms.

  1. The infants are sound asleep.
  2. The potatoes have been placed on your plates.
  3. My toes are completely white.
  4. Are your T-shirts in good condition?
  5. The games begin at 6 p.m.
  6. Some grass is being consumed by the sheep.
  7. The knives have been placed on the tables.
  8. The kids are constantly having fun at the parks.
  9. Buses are running late.
  10. Glasses are worn by the males in the automobiles.


For children, singular and plural are used. Obtain a PDF copy (2004 downloads)

Download the PDF for free.

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This is a PDF that has the singular and plural forms of words for kids. It also includes examples of how to use them in sentences, as well as a worksheet with questions. Reference: singular and plural pdf.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are singular and plural nouns PDF?

A: Singular nouns are those that have only one form, such as cat. Plural nouns are words which take two forms, like dogs or girls.

What is plural and singular for kids?

A: Plural is the number of items in a set, example: The kids are playing and Singular is how many things there are.

What is plural number for kids?

A: The plural form of kids is kids.

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