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The “advertisement examples for students” is a situation wanted advertisement that CBSE format and examples.

Situation wanted advertisement CBSE format and examples

REQUIRED SITUATION ADVERTISEMENT’ (For classes 9, 10, 11, and 12, CBSE) English grammar definitions, formats, and examples for pupils. Advertisement for a REQUIRED SITUATION, Vacant Situations, Lost and Found, Sale and Purchase, To Let, Matrimonial, Appeal, and Accommodation are all words that come to mind when someone is looking for a place to stay. 


I’M LOOKING FOR A SITUATION. This is in the category of classified ads. Wanted situation It’s a letter written by a job seeker for publishing in the media, in which he expresses his desire to help. In this section, you play the role of an advertiser who is providing a service to individuals or organizations that need it, as well as the names of the pages in a newspaper, on a website, and so on. The following are some crucial topics to consider in order to improve your test result without exceeding the word limit. If you are in grades 11 and 12, this article will be beneficial to you since it has a significant number of examples that will assist you in fully understanding the subject.

Format for a wanted ad in a situation

Before composing this phase of the advertising, keep the following elements in mind:

Step 1: Determine the position for which an applicant is qualified.

Step 2: Qualifications, experience, age, birthdate, and gender.

Step 3 – Promised salary and benefits

Step 4 – Define the promotion’s scope

Step 5 – Include your mailing address and phone number.

Step 6 – Schedule of interviews, etc.

Step 7 – Begin with a desire to be needed.

Step 8 – Application Mode

Step 9 – Include any additional pertinent and critical information.


Situations in which examples are required

  • (For instance, a tourist guide.)
  • (Another example is a full-time computer engineer who is looking for work.)
  • (Example 3) Well-versed in the western arts of dance and music.
  • (Example 4) You’re a former professor who’s now retired.
  • (Example 5) You put up aquariums and offer various species for decorative fish tanks.
  • (Example 6) You’d want to provide Math tutoring to one or two pupils in class xxx.

Example 1

  1. M-3, Neel Kamal Apartment, Shimla’s Arun Gupta has a thorough understanding of Shimla’s tourist palaces. During the winter vacation, he intends to work as a tourist guide. In roughly 50 words, write an acceptable advertising for publication in the Tours & Travel Section of a local newspaper.


(Section on Tours & Travel)

A well-traveled tourist guide with extensive knowledge of the mountainous and historical areas around Shimla is looking for a part-time employment during the winter break. He is a strong, experienced mountain climber who excels at solving challenges. He is fluent in English, Hindi, Punjabi, and a hilly dialect. Arun Gupta M-3, Neel Kanal Apartment, Shimla may be reached at any time by calling 22241880. Payment will be made when you have completed your sightseeing and are completely satisfied.

Example 2

  1. A full-time computer engineer seeks a job. Write out a suitable advertisement for entry in the REQUIRED SITUATION column of a local newspaper. Your answer should be within 50 words. Invent detail yourself.


A well –qualified, experienced and expert postgraduate computer engineer after teaching in Nigeria had returned India and seeks full-time/part-time job. He is well-versed in software-hardware & data-based programmed. He is running his own center at 10, Maurice Nagar, University Campus, Delhi. Interested persons may seek his guidance and services in all computing work Payments and other benefits are negotiable. Please contact Piyush Gupta of 30, Hakikat Rai Road. Adarsh Nagar, Delhi or ring: 43921676.

3. Your name is Muskan, and you live in New Delhi’s New Friends Colony. You are well qualified and experienced in the art of western dance and music, and you are ecstatic to teach this skill to the female pupils. In roughly 50 words, write a draft and advertising for this account for publishing in a local newspaper.


A well qualified and experienced professionals, with a Post-Graduate degree in western music and dance, is much anxious to teach her art to the girls in the evening between 5 P.<. To 7 P. <. There is a special laboratory for teaching work. Groups are in full swing during the morning session. Very moderate charges. Interested candidate may contact Miss Muskan, Director, Western Musical Art 29/11, New Friends Colony, New Delhi & ring: 25958211.

Example 4

  1. You are a retired lecturer in Physics and you have started a coaching center. Side by side you need part-time tuitions. Write out an advertisement in about 50 words for entry in the ‘REQUIRED SITUATION’ column of a local daily. Give relevant details.


A physics instructor with expertise and a track record of success is looking for private tuition to teach physics to kids in grades 12 and above, as well as college students. Contact Mr. Arun of 225 Aram Bagh Clolny, Pahar Ganj, New Delhi if you want to participate in the medical examination. The competition groups for additional medical articles are in full flow. Charges are reasonable, and printed materials are provided free of charge. Please dial 228921.

Example 5

  1. Mani/Mansi is your name. You create up aquariums and sell various fish for decorative fish tanks. Prepare a good advertising of no more than 50 words for publication in a local daily’s classified section. Offering aid in the setup of aquariums on a small and big scale, as well as the provision of various types of fish for a fee.


A very solid, expert, healthy and profit earning assistance is at your hand not set up aquariums & other ornamental fish tanks on a small and large scale. Fish of different qualities form the interior depth of the foreign origins are available at the most affordable rated. Interested persons can contact or see personally in this regard to Mani/Mansi, Director, Aquariums of Sona Lake Husdon Lines, Delhi or Ring: 27417652 or 9893139500.

Example 6

  1. You are Ramanujam/Revathim, a student at St. Zavir’s School in Jhansi in Class XII. You’re interested in tutoring one or two eighth-grade children in math. In no more than 50 words, write an advertising for a local newspaper.


A deserving student from a Public School’s Class XII is ready to teach Math to one or two kids from Class VIII. Home tuition lessons will be held in the evenings on alternating days. Remuneration that is reasonable, modest, and negotiable is acceptable. Those interested can contact Ramanujam/Revathi, class XII, St.School Zavier’s Jhansi, or call 9818669988 between the hours of 7 p.m. and 9.00 p.m.



The “types of advertisement class 12” is a situation wanted advertisement CBSE format and examples.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a situation wanted ad?

A: You would create a detailed list of requirements that you would like your desired situation to have, such as including the following information about what is wanted:
-Location/distance from major highways or cities
-Distance from schools
-List an hourly wage and any other relevant details.

What is situation vacant advertisement?

A: Situation vacant is the term for a vacancy in an office or role that has been explicitly advertised.

How do you write an advertisement format?

A: Im a question answering bot. If you ask me how to write an advertisement, I will give you detailed answer of what steps are needed for creating advertisements and the format they should take.

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