Child labour is an issue that faces many countries and organisations around the world on a daily basis. While some children exploit their situation for financial gain, others are forced to work due to poverty or social stigma in those regions. What’s more important is how we can help these vulnerable children take back control of their lives and start living freely again.

“The speech on child labour for students and children in 100 words” is a speech that talks about the issue of child labour. It is written specifically for students and children.

Speech on Child Labour for Students and Children in 800 Words

In this article, you’ll find an 800-word persuasive speech about child labor for students and children.

In 800 words, a speech about child labor

Dear Sirs, Teachers, Colleagues, and Honorable Guests, Dear Principal, Sirs, Teachers, Colleagues, and Honorable Guests! Today, I’m giving a lecture about child labor, which is a really important issue for me.

We are all Indian citizens, and our nation is vast. Our nation is home to people of diverse faiths, castes, costumes, and sects. Since gaining independence, India has established a number of new milestones for achievement.

Even still, there are several issues, the most pressing of which are population growth, casteism, inequality, unemployment, inflation, and so forth. Youngster labor, or extracting work from a child, is a major issue that is becoming worse by the day. 

We all know that a youngster up to the age of 14 is very sensitive, much like wax. The youngsters in this age group attend school to study and learn. If a boy or a youngster of this age range is kept, it is referred to as child labor. We have laws against child labor in our nation, yet it continues to exist in a number of areas.  

It is unjust and unlawful to keep a kid working or to take labor from a youngster. Our country’s laws prohibit such behavior. Our constitution also forbids it and forbids it from happening.

Taking employment while you’re under the age of 14 is against the law. We are all aware that this is the era of study and education, not of labor. In some nations, stringent legislation prohibiting child labor has been enacted. It is prohibited in our nation, yet it continues. 

People are aware that this is unjust, and we should all refrain from doing so. Our culture also assists youngsters in attending school and leaving the labor force. 

Sirs, if we all work together for this cause, we will be able to eliminate it. Child labor is a social embarrassment. Our society will not be able to become unjustly free as a result of this. We must remember that instead of forcing the youngster to work, we are doing them no favors by providing food or money. We’re playing with their future if we don’t.

I In order to eliminate child labor, we must first alter our minds. We should all avoid employing children in our workplaces and homes.

(ii) To combat child labor, we must adopt strict and stringent legislation.

(iii) If you come across a case of child labor, go to the local police station first.

(iv) People must speak out against the hard hearts that protect child labor. 

(v) The ordinary man should be aware of child labor and take steps to avoid it in his community.

(vi) Our society should devote significant resources to educating disadvantaged children in order to prevent them from being forced into child labor.

(vii) People working in factories and shops should reconsider for the sake of mankind and swear that they will not hire a youngster.

(viii) Before purchasing any thing, we should inquire about its technology with the merchant. This will aid in the creation of a vigilante atmosphere in society. Anything created using child labor should be avoided.

(x) Our country’s education system has not improved since its inception. Which youngsters in remote and isolated locations are still unable to read and write. 

(xi) A large group of crooks abducted the kids and sold them as slave labor in various locations around the nation.

Sir, our government has also made significant efforts to eliminate child labor. The government has passed various laws to eliminate child labor in the nation. But one thing is clear: we cannot eradicate this evil without both of us and our whole society.

I The Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act 1986 – The Child Labour Act was passed by our government in 1986 to prohibit children under the age of 14 from working. It will be regarded a criminal crime if it is not completed.

(ii) The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) of Minors Act of 2000 – This legislation states that if a person pays salaries to children or compels them to do so, they will face severe consequences.

iii) Children’s Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act of 2009 – This legislation was passed in 2009, and it states that children aged 6 to 14 would get free education in public schools and that 25% of places in private schools will be designated for children with disabilities.

Finally, I can say that child labor is a big issue in our nation, and if it is not addressed quickly, it will become a barrier to our country’s progress.

Children who should laugh, play, and learn throughout their youth will find themselves working really hard on a huge amount, jeopardizing our country’s future. As a result, we must speak out against child labor now in order to put an end to this inhumane practice.

Thank you very much.

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Child labour is a widespread issue in the world today. There are many causes of child labour, but one cause that I found to be interesting was the lack of education for children and students.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a speech about child labour?

A: Uh, uhh. You know Im not really sure what a speech about child labour is but can you repeat the question?

What is child labour write a short note?

A: Child labour is any type of work done by a child below the age of 18, as defined in law. This includes children working on family farms, even if they dont do any heavy lifting or dangerous tasks that would put them at risk for injury.

What is child labor in one word?

A: Child labor is when children are used to work in a job that adults should be performing.

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