I am a speech-to-text device. I can answer any question, no matter how complex or simple it is. Today, my master asked me to write down what the students and children would say about friendship on their own in 800 words.

The “motivational speech for friends” is a speech that talks about the importance of friendship. The speaker uses personal examples to show how important it is to have friends in your life.

Speech on Friendship for Students & Children 800 Words

We’ve included an 800-word speech about friendship for students and children in this article. This page may be used for school and college projects, as well as for the International Friendship Day event.

In 800 words, a speech about friendship for students and children

Dear Sir or Madam, Good morning, Sir, Sir, Sir, Sir, Sir, Sir, Sir, Sir, Sir, Sir, Sir, Sir, Sir, Sir, Sir, Sir, Sir, Sir, On this occasion, I’d want to make a speech on friendship. In front of all of you, I’ve selected this subject to share my thoughts on the value of friendship.

Friendship is the most vital and necessary connection that is always welcomed. It is normal for people to be unable to function without the company of friends and colleagues. Finding a sincere, honest, and loving friend in the world is truly a question of luck. A trustworthy buddy is a unique gift from God to everyone of us. 

A faithful buddy gives purpose to our otherwise pointless lives and provides us the way to achievement. They are the friends who make our lives easier, more enjoyable, and exciting. They don’t laugh at our missteps; instead, they teach us the way by providing ongoing support. 

No matter how busy they are, the buddy who lends a helpful hand is always willing to assist their colleagues and friends in difficult times. Friendship is a priceless bond that can never be bought or sold in this world.

It is dependent on the affection that two friends have for one other. It is never dependent on the world’s worldly pleasures. True friends are genuine delights in life who never forget about one other and are always willing to provide a helping hand.

As humans, we need encouragement to overcome challenges that arise in our personal and societal lives as a result of changing circumstances. True friends play a crucial part in our lives and help us get through difficult times. Life is incomplete without a real buddy. Having real friends in life is crucial, even if you have a joyful and rich life.

A fantastic buddy is someone with whom we can freely discuss all of our life’s tiny and major pleasures, secrets, and troubles. Friendship is the kind of connection that shields us from emotional issues by encouraging us to reveal our inner ideas and emotions. True friends never criticize their buddy; instead, they assist him in overcoming his flaws. 

Furthermore, there are situations when there are few disagreements and a misunderstanding arises. For a long time, we’ve seen friends exacerbate little disagreements. So, in this scenario, I believe we should choose the path of forgiveness. If a buddy does something bad and believes he has made a mistake. The buddy should do the task at the same time, and he should terminate their relationship over this trivial thing.

Whenever they choose the other road, they lead it to the light at the end of the tunnel. The best or true colleagues and friends always recognize his complete rights and counsel him to choose the appropriate road with the truth.

They take all of our errors seriously and attempt to guide us in the proper route. We may argue that a loyal friend is more valuable than the world’s most valuable stones, such as diamonds. 

We all need true relationships, and friendship is one of them. Throughout our lives, we all need real companions with whom we may spend our days joyfully. They provide us true delight by being there for us on good and bad days and sharing our joys and sorrows. True friendship is difficult to come across in life.

We have all recognized Krishna and Sudama’s sincere and historical friendship for a long time. However, some individuals are self-centered and only associate with those who are wealthy, clever, or have a high social rank for their own gain.

Such buddies seldom provide assistance during difficult times; instead, they want to enjoy them. They abandon their pal when he or she is in need. True friends, on the other hand, never abandon their friends and are always willing to assist them in times of need. 

Many self-centered individuals gravitate toward nice people in order to make them their friends. Real friends, on the other hand, are only put to the test during difficult times since true friends never abandon their friends, whilst bad friends always do the reverse. When creating friends in life, we should constantly look out for such people. In times of crisis, loyal friends always come to the aid of their pals. 

Sir, towards the conclusion of my address, I’d want to emphasize the importance of one key, and that key is trust. Trust is essential in all relationships, but it comes easily in friendship bonds. Mutual trust and understanding are always the foundations of genuine friendship.

Confidence and understanding grow as the connection develops. Our dearest buddy has a deeper place in our hearts than our parents or siblings at times. We have complete faith in our good buddy and blindly follow his judgments, knowing that he would never lead us down the wrong road.

Thank you very much.

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2 minute speech for students on friendship” is a short, powerful speech that can be given to any audience. The speaker will share his/her thoughts on what friendship means to them and how it has impacted their life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start a friendship speech?

A: To start a friendship speech, you need to pick up the friend and hold them in your arms.

What should I say in a friendship speech?

How do you write a best friend speech?

A: A best friend speech is a type of script where someone talks about the qualities they see in each other and why their friendship has deepened. This can easily be written by examining your own emotions on the relationship you have with them, so theres no hard-and-fast rules to writing it.

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