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On the International Day of Yoga, students all around the world celebrate this day by practicing yoga. It is a way to improve your health and have fun at the same time. The article talks about how in India, it’s celebrated with great joy and happiness.

Speech on International Yoga Day for Students in 800 Words

In this piece, you can find an 800-word speech for students on International Yoga Day. On World Yoga Day, this convincing speech encourages individuals to practice yoga on a daily basis.

This Speech may be used by students for school events and exams.

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On International Yoga Day, I gave a speech (800 Words)

Good morning to all of the dignitaries who have been invited. As we all know, our college is commemorating Yoga Day this year, same like previous year. I’d want to provide a brief presentation on Yoga, its science, and its core.

Every year on June 21st, the whole globe celebrates International Yoga Day by participating in yoga-related activities. When will International Yoga Day be observed in 2020? As we previously said, it is commemorated every year on June 21st, beginning in 2015.

If you’re wondering why Yoga Day is observed on June 21 and how Yoga Day began, then according to Indian tradition, the Sun becomes Dakshinayan following the summer solstice.

We all know that June 21st is the most important day of the year. The sun rises early and sets late on the 21st of June. This is why the 21st of June is designated as International Yoga Day.

Each year’s Yoga Day has a predetermined theme. Every year, Yoga Day has a different theme. This year, however, due of the global pandemic, COVID 19, individuals have been assigned a subject that promotes health and wellness.

The topic for International Yoga Day 2020 is similar to that of the previous year. “Practice yoga with your family while you’re together,” was the theme.

These topics have been given annually from the beginning. I’d want to tell you about them all by their names.

  • Yoga for World Harmony and Peace was the 2015 International Yoga Day theme.
  • The International Yoga Day  Theme of  2016 was: Connect with the youth & young
  • Yoga for Health was the 2017 International Yoga Day theme.
  • Yoga for Peace was the theme of the 2018 International Yoga Day.
  • The 2019 International Yoga Day theme was Yoga for the Heart.
  • Yoga at home, Yoga with family was the theme of the 2020 International Yoga Day (Yoga at Home and Yoga with Family) It happened at COVID19.

Now, in a nutshell, I’d like to discuss yoga. It is the link between the body and the mind, or a method of harmonizing the mind and the body. Yoga started in India and is consequently recognized as “Yoga” around the globe.

Yoga is now widely known and practiced all around the globe, which is a fantastic thing. We learn about many-body rugs in yoga, such as the movements that maintain us fit, such as sitting, standing, leaning forward, leaning backwards, and standing upside down.

Yoga’s benefits are now known all over the globe. Yoga is very useful, and it may be used to treat a variety of ailments, including respiratory issues, stomach issues, and disorders of the digestive system. It aids in the elimination of negativity and mental illnesses from our bodies. It aids in the reduction of tension and the raising of consciousness.

This attention, particularly for youngsters, aids in the development of strength and focus. It is claimed to be the finest remedy for respiratory difficulties, as well as for disorders such as stomach discomfort and infection. It also helps to improve a person’s image since, by definition, if a person is disease-free, he will seem nice and healthy.

I’d like to provide a quick overview of yoga’s advantages.

• Yoga has a power that is unrivaled by any other kind of exercise.

• The most significant aspect of yoga is that it does not need any form of yantra. Yoga is a one-of-a-kind physical practice that may cure any condition without the need of medication.

• Yoga requires just 20-30 minutes of everyday time in the morning or evening to keep you from becoming fatigued throughout the day.

• Yoga is a great and helpful workout for kids since it keeps them active and healthy while also calming and strengthening their minds.

• Yoga may help you lose weight if you do it regularly.

• It alleviates mental worry, preventing mental stress and disorders such as hypertension from manifesting in the body.

• When you do yoga, you develop pleasant ideas in your head while also putting your mind to work.

Dear all dignitaries Now I want to end my words and finally want to say that it would not be an exaggeration to say that yoga is necessary for us in every way. It is very good for our body & physical, spiritual and mental health.

Only yoga can provide mental satisfaction, calm, and energetic emotions, allowing us to live a stress-free existence that pushes ahead with good energy every day. As a result, 177 nations approved a resolution calling for Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to commemorate International Yoga Day on June 21.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write International Yoga Day speech?

A: In order to make the speech, it is important that you know what International Yoga Day means.

How do you start a yoga Day speech?

A: The first step to beginning a yoga day speech is finding an appropriate time and setting in which you will have complete privacy. You can find this by asking your self what kind of mood do I feel like? Are my body feeling tired or am I looking for something peaceful? Solitude might be better for the yoga day speech than company.
The next step is deciding how long you want the yoga day speech to last, whether its 30 minutes or 1 hour. This should depend on if there are any breaks necessary during the talk because people need food and water as well as other parts of their bodies that require restorative care while they listen to speeches about health practices such as Yoga Day talks

What is International Yoga Day explain in brief?

A: International Yoga Day is celebrated on the first day of spring in most countries around the world.

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