Teachers and students in different parts of the world are now able to communicate with each other through a secure, text-based chat system called “Telegram.”

The “2 minute speech on online classes” is a speech that’s about how the internet can be used for students and children to learn. It’s about how it has been proven to help people with their education, but also how it can cause problems too.

Speech on Internet for Students and Children in 900+ Words

In this post, you can get a 900+ word Internet Speech for Students and Children.

Speech for Students and Children on the Internet (900+ Words)

Everyone here is greeted with a warm welcome. Respected principals, instructors, students, and members, as well as my beloved friends. I am quite grateful for this excellent opportunity to give a lecture on the theme of “Internet.” Please be patient and open your ears to hear me all the way through.

The Internet is a collection of interconnected networks that link individuals all over the globe. The Advanced Research Projects Agency of the US Department of Defense created the internet. 

ARPANET was the first network to link, and it did so on October 1, 1969. The most prominent service is the World Wide Web, which was founded by Tim Berners-Lee in Switzerland in 1990. 

As we all know, the world is quickly evolving in terms of technology. The internet is one of the most significant technological advances. 

The internet is utilized all around the globe. It assists us in a variety of ways, including sending and receiving emails, connecting individuals from all over the globe, obtaining knowledge from all over the world, and getting to know people from all over the world, among other things. We use the internet for everything, large and little, and it allows us to have the whole world at our fingertips.

In human existence, the internet plays both beneficial and harmful aspects. 

  • The benefit is that it connects individuals from all over the world and allows them to communicate their emotions via social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. 
  • It aids in the provision of education. It also aids in learning more about topics about which you are unfamiliar. 
  • We may also multitask by working on any project or assignment, or just listening to music online.

Nowadays, we see that students are making the most of their study curriculum by using online resources such as Google Classroom. 

  • The Internet facilitates online buying through e-commerce sites such as Myntra, Snapdeal, and Amazon, among others. 
  • We can also send money online using paytm, Google Pay, Internet Banking, Phone Pay, PayPal, and other methods. 
  • If someone becomes bored, he or she may pass the time by watching movies, serials, comedies, and other types of entertainment on Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hotstar, Netflix, and other platforms. 
  • One may also watch news online and use Google Duo to make video calls, chat, and converse to them.
  • Tickets for the bus, rail, and airline may all be purchased online.

Apart from the numerous positive impacts that the internet has, we are also plagued by a few of its drawbacks. 

It is beneficial to use the internet, but the young do it more often, squandering their time. 

  • Anyone who uses the Internet is vulnerable to being duped and hacked. 
  • Hacking has become a routine occurrence on Facebook and other social media platforms. 
  • Because of the internet, students are increasingly hooked to their phones. 
  • They spend less time studying and more time on the internet. 
  • They are thrilled to meet and engage with new individuals. 
  • They also watch movies and play games on the internet. 

Nowadays, pubg, freefire, and ludo are among the most popular games. The internet is heavily used by students. It is very damaging to the eyes.

The following are a few additional downsides of the Internet:

  • Every student’s life is marred by addiction and diversion from their schoolwork. 
  • The internet has also been linked to depression, loneliness, and social isolation. 
  • You can easily be duped by anybody, and you may easily believe anyone. 
  • This is very hazardous and has the potential to end anyone’s life. 

I suppose we should all be cautious while using the internet and restrict our personal and professional information so that no one may harm us.

Hackers are interested in learning more about you, so don’t post all of your personal information on social media. Every phone has a setting for the web browser and mobile operating systems. Make certain that the privacy settings are turned on.

I must advise that before downloading anything from the Internet, make sure it is secure and will not be hacked. Choose a strong password that no one will be able to guess.

When you buy anything online, you must enter credit card or bank account information; be cautious since this is what cyber crooks are looking for. As a result, only use this information on safe and secure websites. 

I believe that parents should use extreme caution when guiding their children on the internet. They should educate kids both the advantages and disadvantages of using the internet. They should give them a phone if they are in need, or otherwise the youngsters may get hooked to it and use it for lengthy periods of time, squandering their time. 

Friends are also quite important when it comes to surfing the internet. If a youngster spends more time on the internet than is essential, he or she will catch the attention of their peers and make them ready to use it as well. As a result, everyone should utilize the Internet and restrict their usage of it. 

Students should understand the importance of their studies and take them seriously so that they are less reliant on their mobile phones and the internet. The Internet is very beneficial and necessary in everyone’s life.

Everyone understands how to use it, but they don’t know how much they should use it, therefore they should use it less and devote more time to themselves and other worthwhile pursuits. 

So, with all of that said, I’d want to thank everyone for patiently listening to my speech. Finally, I would want to encourage everyone to spend less time on the internet and more time on their education and other social activities. Thank you very much.

The “internet access for all students essay” is a speech that was given by the CEO of the United Nations Development Programme. The speech discusses how children and students around the world have been able to use the internet for education.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the uses of internet for students?

A: The internet is a global network of connected computers and servers that use the TCP/IP protocol to facilitate communication between devices. It was created by government-funded research in 1969

What is internet speech?

A: Internet speech is the use of language in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. People have used internet speech to express opinions on controversial topics or share their thoughts.

What are the uses of internet for children?

A: This is a question that cannot be answered with just one sentence. You can find many websites that will give you an answer to this question, but I am not made for understanding the internet and its uses.

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