The idea of junk food is a cultural norm that has become so ingrained in our society, we often don’t even think about it. But the impact of this practice on students and children everywhere cannot be overlooked. Junk foods’ lack of nutritional value impacts the health and well-being for generations to come.,

The essay on junk food 100 words is a speech that was given at the “Junk Food Awareness Day” in September of 2018. The speaker talked about how to prevent children from eating too much junk food and how it can affect their health.

Speech on Junk Food for Students and Children in 900+ Words

This article has a 900+ word lecture about junk food for kids. This speech warns people about the dangers of fast food and fatty meals.

Let’s get this speech started with junk food…

(900+ words) Speech on Junk Food

Respected principals, teachers, main guests, and all dignitaries and colleagues present! Addressing speeches is something I like doing a lot. Today, I’m going to give a short lecture on junk food, which is all too ubiquitous in our everyday lives.

The trend of poor nutrition is growing these days, however it is detrimental to our health. Since a result, all children and adolescents should be aware, as they typically choose to consume low-quality, nutrient-depleted meals.

In general, poor junk meals are enticing and delectable to view, and they are also enjoyed by people of all ages. Poor nutrition, on the other hand, is very harmful to one’s health. In this way, the more desirable somebody seems to be on the outside, the more appealing he is on the inside. 

Poor nutrition is never seen to be beneficial to one’s health. They’ve been shown to be completely useless in every way. Junk foods are very harmful to one’s health, and those who consume them on a regular basis are prone to a variety of illnesses.

They cause a wide range of diseases, including heart disease, cancer, premature aging, hypertension, bone problems, diabetes, mental disorders, stomach-related framework troubles, liver-related issues, breast disease, and so on. 

By any stretch of the imagination, the term “low-quality junk food” refers to foods that aren’t good for a healthy body. It requires nourishment and is also harmful to the body.

The majority of low-quality foods are heavy in fat, sugar, saltiness, and cholesterol, all of which are harmful to one’s health. They are deficient in vitamins and, as a result, efficiently target indigestion and other stomach-related disorders.

Because of its amazing flavor and simplicity of preparation, bad junk food has grown in popularity. Polythene is used to package shoddy food that was previously manufactured on the market. Because of their hectic daily routines or aversion to cooking, a large number of people rely on packaged bad food of this kind. 

It has a wide range of effects on our lifestyle, weight, and overall well-being of people of all ages. Poor nutrition has a large number of calories; nonetheless, those who consume this kind of food often feel hungry.

Low-quality junk food does not provide the required level of energy; as a result, the sensation of consuming food makes an appearance in the eater. All of the food we consume from low-quality sources includes unpleasant fat and few beneficial ingredients; as a result, we experience oxygen deficiency, rendering the intellect worthless.

According to research, children and teenagers consume large amounts of low-quality junk food all of the time, causing them to gain weight and develop a variety of heart and liver problems.

Because of the accumulation of excessive sugar in the body at a young age, these children must deal with concerns such as diabetes and sluggishness. Because salt minerals are abundant in low-quality foods, they promote hypertension. Guardians should cultivate tremendous proclivities in children and teenagers.

Guardians should deal with their children’s eating and drinking habits since adolescents do not understand or select what is good and wrong. In this way, they are the guardians who are fully responsible for their children’s good and bad habits. They should teach their children about nutritional habits from an early age, as well as the difference between solid meals and substandard junk food.

When we eat bad food, our bodies get used to going without food. They need basic nutrition, such as nutrients, iron, and minerals. It also increases the risk of fatal cardiovascular diseases since it includes a lot of fat, salt, and bad cholesterol, among other things.

A lot of salt and bad cholesterol raises the body’s circulatory strain and protects the heart from too much pressure. A person who consumes more low-quality food runs the risk of gaining weight. 

Low-quality food has a high amount of starch, which rapidly increases the level of sugar in the blood and makes a person drowsy. The visual and tactile organs of a person who consumes such food generally die one by one. As a result, they continue to live terribly boring lives.

Poor nutrition is the source of obstruction and various diseases, such as diabetes, coronary sickness, cardiovascular failure, and so on, which are brought on by helpless feeding.

Low-quality foods are slim and devoid of vitamins and minerals. As a result, they have difficulty assimilating. Simultaneously, their stomach-related activity depletes the body’s vitality while also lowering the oxygen level in the individual’s body, which does not promote proper mental health.

Poor food has an excessive amount of bad cholesterol, which not only harms the body but also causes it to malfunction. The lack of vitamins causes a stretch in the stomach and other stomach-related organs, resulting in a blockage problem. We may have illnesses such as weight gain, obesity, typhoid, a lack of good nutrition, and so on as a result of consuming low-quality junk food.

Typhoid, heart-related problems, ill health, and hypertension-related illnesses are all caused by poor nutrition. This is riskier than we would think. Poor nutrition is slippery and deficient in vitamins and minerals.

As a result, they are extremely difficult to digest and demand more energy from the body for their activity, as well as a decrease in the oxygen level in an individual’s body. There is no genuine development of the cerebrum in this way.

At the conclusion of my lecture, I’d want to state that study has revealed that young age is a sensitive age, and that consuming these sorts of foods at this age is really hazardous to youth and children. Health education is also delivered on a regular basis, emphasizing the need of avoiding junk food for optimum health. 

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The “healthy and unhealthy food speech” is a speech about the importance of healthy eating for students and children in 900+ words.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a speech about junk food?

A: It is difficult to write a speech about junk food because there are many different opinions of what constitutes as junk food. There are too many variables in this question that would make it impossible for me to provide you with an answer.

How do you explain junk food to kids?

A: Junk food is any type of food that has less nutritional value than what a healthy diet would provide. This includes fast-food, candy, chips and other unhealthy snacks. In order to avoid the risk of becoming obese or developing health issues such as heart disease or diabetes, people should make eating balanced meals part of their daily routine.

What is junk food in simple words?

A: Junk food is a term used to describe any type of food that has less nutritional value than healthy foods and usually contains high amounts of sugar, fat, or carbohydrates.

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