Social media has a huge impact on the lives of students and children. It’s important to find your voice, learn about how to use it responsibly, and be mindful of its potential impacts. This paper explores these topics from an educational perspective

Social media has been a great tool for students and children to reach out to friends and family. However, there are also some downsides of social media that must be considered. This is a 5 minute speech on the upsides and downsides of social media for students and children.

Speech on Social Media for Students and Children in 800+ Words

In this article, you will find an 800-word speech about social media for students and children. This speech informs individuals on the benefits and drawbacks of social networking.

In 800+ words, I give a speech about social media.

Dear Principal Teachers, our colleagues and guest. Good morning to all of you. Today on this day, I am going to share my thoughts through a short speech on Social Media. In our daily life, we see that advanced & new applications and platform are coming in use.

I’ll mention them by name until we locate Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other applications that link individuals in a matter of seconds. With these platforms, everyone, whether a youngster or an adult, is gathered. We all refer to these applications and websites as social media as a collective.

Today, web-based life is by far the most popular means of communication. It has also become an important part of contemporary human existence. It is a significant means of keeping people connected.

Any incidents happening in the country or overseas are broadcast live on the internet. Online networking may be done using a variety of devices, including a PC, a tablet, a laptop, and so on.

WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms are the bedrock of internet-based life. Any news may be transmitted around the country and beyond in a matter of seconds using this method.

Various types of tasks are carried out through online networking. Any essential news may be delivered to a large number of people in a matter of seconds, and data can be supplied to them.

Today, we may communicate with our relatives or friends who live in another country and collaborate simply sitting in one corner of one country.

Many other types of instructional channels for training and education are now available on YouTube, where anybody may receive any kind of information and share their knowledge with others. These days, anybody may do any task while sitting at home thanks to modern technology.

By filling out a framework, giving money, sending or receiving messages, chatting with others, and so on, anybody may learn things efficiently. When there was no internet and no internet-based existence, people would get a large amount of data after months or years.

Previously, people would submit a letter in the case of an incidence, and someone else would obtain the information, which took a long time. Many of the jobs that are completed in seconds these days were completed over months.

Individuals use the internet to manage and advise about their businesses, and this individual may also make money on the internet. Young people and instructors are increasingly preferring the web-based experience these days.

Kids may learn a lot from home, and educators can share their knowledge with others over the internet while sitting at home. They may also win money as a result of it. Individuals may also do social work by sharing their information. 

Nowadays, anybody may demonstrate their abilities and earn money by using online social networking sites. If you need someone’s image, video, or other information these days, you can probably obtain it via the internet.

Nowadays, everyone finds online networking to be a fascinating pastime. Individuals are connected to their family members and other people via it, and they value it.

Dear listener, everything in the world has its benefits or advantages, as well as its undesirable consequences or drawbacks. Every social networking platform has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

From the perspective of a student, all of these social networking sites and platforms have suddenly become a major source of distraction for younger people and students. Teens are also receiving them and are glued to Facebook and Instagram at all hours of the day and night.

This habit has an impact on the student’s life and career. The majority of the time, students are occupied with social media tools with their peers. This feature was made possible by the use of a modern phone and a fast internet connection. Students and young people squander their time on these social networking platforms without thinking. It is really simple for boys and girls to get access to these networks.

Students and the younger generation are increasingly concerned about their internet connections. They are more interested with expanding their Facebook network than with keeping up with their studies, schooling, and other educational pursuits.

One of the worst things that is rising as a result of these websites is vulgarity. The brains of children are so malleable at this age, and these sites have a negative impact on the minds of teenagers, leading them astray.

Dear audience, at the conclusion of my lecture, I can state that many people get hooked to social networking sites on the internet. As a result, individuals get disconnected from reality and repeatedly engage in online activities, resulting in mobile mania and an escape from reality.

This is the most egregious effect of modern living on the internet. We should all take advantage of this and not squander our valuable time in the process.

Thank You.

The “the power of social media essay” is a speech given by a student who has utilized social media to communicate with her classmates. The speaker talks about how students and children are using social media for good as well as bad.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the impact of social media on students?

A: Social media has the potential to positively impact students, many ways. It can provide a way for students to connect with friends and family members who live in different cities or countries. It also provides outlets for people of all ages and backgrounds to share their thoughts on current events, which is important because it gives those from diverse walks of life stories that relate back home. Lastly, social media allows individuals like educators to reach out and teach others about topics they are passionate about so they can help shape education policy at large.

What are 10 points social media?

A: Ten points social media is a method of gathering information on the internet. It consists of ten questions, each point (or point) in question being answered by the next most popular platform and then repeated until all platforms have been used.

What is the effect of social media on students essay?

A: Social Media has had a negative effect on students and it has been getting worse over the years. Students are more reliant than ever before on social media to get information. There is no interaction anymore, theres just mindless scrolling text that they share with their friends at the expense of everything else in life

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