It’s an easy mistake to make, but a key difference between the two is that strong verbs are used for actions and weak verbs are used for states of being. The following list includes some examples of each as well as their definition in English.

The “weak verbs and strong verbs list pdf” is a list of common English language verb types. The list contains the most commonly used weak verbs, as well as some of the more commonly used strong verbs.

Strong Verb and Weak Verb, Examples, List, Pdf

On the basis of the technique by which they produce the past tense from the present, verbs are split into two classes:

  1. Verbs with a lot of power.
  2. Verbs that are weak


Verbs that are powerful

Verbs which form their past tense by simply changing the vowel without adding ‘ed’, ‘d’ or ‘t’ are called Verbs with a lot of power.


Present Past
Come Came
Write Wrote
Speak Spoke
Go Went
Give Gave
Arise Arose
See Saw
Being Began
Know Knew
Grow Grew
Drink Drank

Verbs that are weak

Verbs which form their past tense by adding ‘ed’, ‘d’ or ‘t’ to the present are known as Verbs that are weak.


Present Past
Walk Walked
Want Wanted
Spend Spent
Bring Brought
Catch Caught
Teach Taught
Laugh Laughed
Believe Believed
Sell Sold
Buy Bought
Seek Sought

How can you figure out whether a verb is weak?

  • A weak verb is one that bears the letters ‘d’ or ‘t’ in the past tense.
Present Past
Believe Believed
Burn Burnt
Flee Fled
Sell Sold
Think Thought
Catch Caught
  • Verb ending with ‘d’ which turn into ‘t’ are Verbs that are weak.
Present Past
Bend Bent
Lend Lent
Spend Spent
Build Built
Send Sent
  • Verbs ending with ‘d’ or ‘t’ which shorten the vowel in the past are Verbs that are weak.
Present Past
Bleed Bled
Feed Fed
Meet Met
Shoot Shot
Breed Bred
Lead Led
Speed Sped
Present Past
Cast cast
Hit Hit
Let Let
Rid Rid
Shed Shed
Split Split
Thrust Thrust
Cut Cut
Hurt Hurt
Put Put
Set Set
Shut Shut
Spread Spread


The following is a collection of weak and strong verbs in PDF format. Download the Strong Verb and Weak Verb PDF (1471 downloads)

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The “150 weak verbs” is a list of 150 words that can be used as strong or weak verbs. The list also includes the definition, examples, and an image for each word.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are strong and weak verbs?

A: Strong verbs are those that have more than one syllable and end in a consonant. Weak verbs are those with only one syllable, often ending in d.

What are strong and weak verbs give example?

A: The following are some examples of strong and weak verbs.

What is a strong verb example?

A: To listen is a strong verb example.

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